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America: Was This A Flagrant Foul On Tyson Chandler, Or A LeBron James Flop?

In the midst of a scorching second quarter for the Heat, Tyson Chandler set a hard screen on LeBron James near mid-court. The King’s back was to Chandler, and the shoulder-throwing pick sent LeBron flying to the floor. There was some whiplash involved, which is why LeBron acted like he had been shot in the neck. But was this a flagrant foul, as it was charged to Chandler? A regular foul? A flop of epic proportions?

This was one of two questionable flops by LeBron in the second period — a 12 minute span that saw the Heat explode for 30 points while holding the Knicks to 13. But this call was the most controversial, and showcased either terrible pain or incredible acting skills on the part of James:

Jeff Van Gundy had a typical Jeff Van Gundy response to this, which was to be outraged and question the very fabric of space-time itself. And though Chandler did lean into the pick, surprise played a much bigger role in sending James to the ground than actual physicality.

The same can not be said for an earlier foul call that also went LeBron’s way. He and J.R. Smith were battling for a loose ball near the sideline, when LeBron set the flopping standard that he would break just minutes later:

Perhaps these are ridiculous flops. Perhaps LeBron is just playing smart playoff basketball. Either way, it seems to be working — he has 23 at halftime, which is also the number of points that the Heat are up with just 24 minutes to go.

Videos by CJ Fogler

  • Jonathan Cantor

    That was the worst officiated quarter I have ever seen in an NBA game. The fact Molloy (he called a tech on melo for throwing the ball to a ref…) is calling a playoff game shows how bad the NBA needs quality officiating.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Diaz/824599800 Brian Diaz

    It’s neither a flagrant foul nor a flop.  It’s an illegal pick.  Calling it flagrant is simply the refs knowing that Lebron’s fight to finally get a ring is the story of the year, so they’re making sure he makes it past the first round.  

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sad that the refs alllows Lebron to flop just because they want him to have a ring. Once Lebron gets a ring the NBA will be making a shit load of money

  • Ranger1

    THEY SUCKS Both Heat and Crew!!!! WORST S…. T I  have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Cantor

    I mean everyone sets illegal picks, Lebron complained it was a blind pick. What is the point of setting a screen if the defender knows it is coming. The NBA is an absolute joke. 

  • Anonymous


  • Sjaak

    If its a blind pick is shoving necessary? Right call.

  • Nate Hernandez

    The NBA always lets the superstars get away with fouls. People always say it’s because the offiicials understand the superstars’  tendencies. But Lebron and Wade seem to get preferred treatment especially LeBron. It’s a tough game to officiate, but this is getting old. LeBron is such a physical player and ithat makes it tough on the refs but I remember 3 years ago when Cleveland played Orlando and the officiating was horrible. LeBron got away with so many fouls.

  • Nydrums324

    Lebron apparently forgot about that pick he set on John Lucas a couple weeks ago

  • Joe

    LeFraud needs to be hit, HARD.  If refs are going to be calling flagrants on bs flops, might as well make it worth it.  Knock the crap out of the creep. 

  • joey b

    For the way Lebron reacted Tyson should have just punched him on the back of the head instead

  • Phillipjpark

    I really believe that players, especially superstar players) are encouraged to Flop. The whole Miami Heat team flops, especially in the Playoffs. On youtube you can find videos of Lebron flopping multiple times, D Wade and Chris Bosh, too! The Chris Bosh one where he acts like he got punched in the face by Dirk is really disgusting. 
    Im sure that before the playoffs the Heat practice flopping to make sure they sell it nicely to the refs.

  • Phillipjpark

    Jeff Van Gundy is so important as a commentator it’s not even funny. He tries (but fails, unfortunately) to keep the NBA honest and he calls out when the refs and players are wrong. Go to youtube and see his history with calling out flops, he always makes it clear that it’s wrong and the stupid commentator to his left is always like ‘Hmmmnn, well looks like it was a real foul’- because he doesn’t have BALLS like JVG.

  • Phillipjpark


  • Lamonteecurb

    Hey hey leave d way alone he got a ring and a finals MVP he more than kobe with his 1 ring as go for dirk gizzle parker too dude now u can get on bron all u hatters want we didnt draft labron we draft wade now go back on u tube and show how zo was blockin everythang or or how walker bogus shot was busing dirk oh let me guess i guess it was because of shaq too hun lol the big guy had playoff lows stop it bron is rich with a ring and with one go go heat

  • Lamonteecurb

    First of all im a heat fan and im tired of broke lames hattin on labron yall cant whip him can u try i bet wade bron and bosh will b champs togather 1 day yeah mybe labron did flop last year hatter i ber labron can get better lookin females than most hatters and wade they got that paper now hun wade got a ring he beat dirk ass before so what its 1-1 now go back on utube and find how eade dunked on the whole dallas team or how shaq got lost in that finals dude yall got bill problems at your house labron dont wade dont and wade girl and babymamma looks better than yalls

  • Lamonteecurb

    Go go heat we bangeg the look at these heat hatters got the nba on lock and the streets most hatters come from the mid west like the windybcity is really better than miami…..not or wiscosin i mean those places are like boring overatted like the bulls but to u it the heat hun we will over come e will over come 1 dayyy…. that the heat new song martin king labron the king weather if he wins a ring or not if he gets 5 Mvps hes going into hall of fame heat hatters get your money up like d wade ok then b a hatter lol.back to the nba we will win another ring what ever it takes if we gotta flop do it let thevworld b mad so what theres people that cant eat in the world nor have a warm home to go too this world is a joke not the nba

  • Mike

    I have no idea what you just wrote. That may be the single most incoherent post I’ve read in a long time, and as much time as I spend on the internet, that’s saying something. Congratualtions to you, sir

  • Mike


  • doitall7

     LOL right on Phillipjpark

  • doitall7


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Jordan/1115466752 Ryan Jordan

    Dive! Dive Dive! Ooooga ooooga! Surface Surface Surface!

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