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NBAWeird But True

LeBron James Didn’t Seem To Think His Birthday Cake Was Worth $3,500

LeBron James had a bit of a problem with his $3,500 birthday cake. No, it had nothing to do with the cost of the cake, but it had everything to do with… Oh, wait, yeah, the cost pretty much had everything to do with it.

When King James’ party people picked up the birthday cake they ordered from a South Beach “mom-and-pop” bakery, they supposedly didn’t seem pleased enough with the effort to tweet and/or pay for the cake.

Apparently, the James people thought that the cake would be free, offering up James’ star power as a way to to provide free publicity for the baker, Alethea Hickman, in exchange for the five-tier birthday cake. What a beautiful world this man lives in.

According to Hickman, though, when the birthday party came and went, her cake never ended up making it onto James’ Twitter account. In fact, the King tweeted photos of another cake that wasn’t Hickman’s. Now, she’s looking for some cash and an explanation as to what went wrong.

Jared Galbut, the party planner working for James, however, did have an explanation for why Hickman on why her cake was slighted.

Galbut said James’ people decided Hickman’s work wasn’t fit for the king: “It just wasn’t what was expected. When LeBron’s people saw it, they just didn’t want to use it and decided to bring their own cake. I can’t tell LeBron James what birthday cake to eat. It’s LeBron James, for Christ’s sake.”

As for how much Galbut would pay Hickman if he were asked, he just said: “That cake couldn’t be worth more than $600. It’s flour, eggs and water.”

Great, now that we know what goes into the cake, it’s probably time to talk about the process of baking, decorating and producing such a massive, fit-for-a-king type of cake. You have to believe that this woman deserves something, right? Even if it’s a tweet with a half-eaten piece of cake. The caption is up to you, King James. But as long as you can say you tweeted a photo of her cake, that should do it, right?

[Ball Don't Lie, via Miami Herald]

  • Anonymous

    How many people are on “The King’s” payroll that do nothing but kiss his a s s

  • Dale

    LeBron and his lackies are beyond reality.  Figures they’d screw this bakery because he has such a sense of entitlement. 

    “We should all just get on with our crummy lives and get on with life.”   Oh, I’m sorry, that’s what the King told us all we could do after he dogged it in the fourth quarter of the finals and some people had the nerve to complain.  He only makes several million dollars a year and we shouldn’t be so hard on the pussy.  

    I live in Akron and go by the King’s home every once in a while.  He still has the security guy out there in his little booth guarding the “castle”   Or maybe making sure the King’s mother doesn’t pawn off the furniture for booze.   Or maybe to keep Delonte West from sleeping in LeBrons bed with mom.

    From Akron.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UUSGJFN6KYIQJI46SJ3MPI6WE JZ

    u make like 50 mil a year pay the 3 K and stfu.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UUSGJFN6KYIQJI46SJ3MPI6WE JZ

    imagine we all lived like this? hey barber i am not thrilled with my haircut so i am not paying for it and not tweeting a picture of your work either

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WDWBOM3U3CUS6IDBRCUB3ITGAI theone6643

    I never get the give celebrity something for free line of thinking. If any can afford to pay for the damn thing it is LeBron who makes millions of dollars a year. 

  • forever21

    Why does everybody call LeBron James the King ??? Just Like Dwight Howard being called Superman, its stupid and the  fact that neither player has won a NBA Title makes it absurd 

  • nesw

    Who? I don’t watch baseball.

  • Jimmycakes

    because a free 3k cake to a celebrity will bring in 30k  in sales you never would have had if you didn’t give away the first thing. That’s how it works.

  • MicheleW.

    I dont agree. There’s no guarantee of 30K or 20K 0r ANY K by giving a free cake away. He’s got money, pay for your stupid cake.  He’s an asshole!


    So, if you go to a store and take something you don’t pay for, what do you call that?

  • JuanVelez6

    Everyone is blaming Lebron James for this. Lebron’s team NEVER asked Mrs.Hickman for a Cake nor less a FREE one. The hotel in the other hand did without not knowing Lebron James people had already order his favorite cake from where he always orders Divine Delicacies.

    Hickmans cake gets delivered earlier. Then The people at DD bakery delivers the cake, the Lebron James people say we didn’t order that cake. This is our cake. The Hotels respect their decision in not using the cake. Next day the Mrs.Hickmans sees how her cake was never brought out to him.

    Then she goes and tries to get attention going to local channels to bash the hotel and that Lebron people didn’t like her cake. Her cake was tasteless and ugly. Not sure why she has been in the food channel, obviously she didn’t win!!!!

    She shouldnt be upset!! Everyone in Miami knows. At least me that Divine Delicacies creates all of the Big “3″ cakes for years. I think it’s fair what the Shelborne hotel it’s paying her $500 because that cake does NOT look like it cost $3,000. She is inflating the price to make a big deal Because they did promised her publicity they couldn’t guarantee. But out of this and she has gotten the worst publicity to her business after her poorly showcase of her cake. I myself would never buy a cake from Hickman after this. Her cakes are over price and cartoonish looking. She has given Lebron James and his team a very bad reputation this past days and it’s not fair!! The hotel should be the blame and herself for a very and I say horrendous cake.

    I loved the Cake his team paid and ordered from his prefered bakery Divine Delicacies.

    Lebron haters research before you blame him.

  • a thief is a thief

    juan don’t act like you could afford a 3,500 dollar cake with money you make picking strawberries…. get off this dudes nuts, this lady isn’t at fault for Lebron’s poor reputation. I am pretty sure it has to do with Quitting in the fourth quarter. Quitting on Cleveland. Embarrassing an entire city of die hard fans, and dubbing himself “king”. the dude is the king of all losers… Bottom line. You must be a loser cause the way you talk it is like you are swinging from his left nut.
    Think for your self and stop sticking up for this poor excuse for a human being…. he could be the greatest basketball player of all time, he could donate some bikes to some kids, but that doesn’t outweigh all of the terrible egotistic things he has done. Sorry bro. Start saving pennies to get you 3,500 dollar cake, unless you plan on stealing it like this asswipe did 

  • EdgardBeasly

    ok so i’m just catching up on all the updates but the articles CLEARLY state that 2 different groups ordered the cakes. Passion for pastry was contacted but reps from the hotel while Divine Delicacies what hired buy the team. so if she really has an issue she should take it up with them. Lebron didn’t order the cake so why should he pay for it? it seems to me like there was a communication issue between the team and the hotel. If Divine Delicacies makes all the cakes for the team’s events why wouldn’t they make this one?

    The Cake that She did was Horrible, If I was in charge of the party I wouldn’t have taken out the cake to Lebron either. It looked like a mess! After all she did get some attention after crying to the media. Now everybody in the world knows to never order a cake from her.

    Everyone Leave Lebron out of this!!

  • Anonymous

    who is this king lebon james guy? you’re right, i can google to find out. and i will because wouldn’t know of him otherwise. isn’t 3.5 k for a cake standard for like a decent wedding cake? upper range, but standard?

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