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LeBron James Cries To Ref: ‘That’s A Flop!’ In The Most Ironic GIF Ever

Feeling down about another Miami Heat victory? We can’t blame you.

This may help. LeBron James pleading to Joey Crawford — or maybe it was another referee, or maybe it was just thin air — emphatically crying, “That’s a FLOP.” As you know, he is an expert on the subject. He was referencing a possible Tony Parker flop. The truth is, it probably was a flop.

But when you’re the Behemoth Fraidy Who Cried Flop, nobody listens to you, because you deserve nothing but scorn and a heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Spurs.

LeBron James Flop Tony Parker Joey Crawford

h/t CJ Fogler

  • Evil Genius

    Can you upload the Tony Parker flop so we may judge?

  • Simple observation

    You mean u couldn’t see the 2 obvious flops by him last night that resulted in 2 miami fouls?? What game were u watching. Just watch anytime Parker goes to grab his mouth like he got elbowed

  • Smarter Than This Guy

    This guy shouldn’t even be a writer. “Probably was a flop”? No, it clearly WAS a flop, LeBron didn’t even hit him close to his mouth either time and he grabbed his mouth to sell the foul. Pathetic thing is he did it twice, but I don’t see him getting a $5,000 fine by the NBA. And I also don’t see a GIF posted about his flop on this page. Of course not. I hope the HEAT win. So guys like this bigot will shut up. But then of course you’ll get them saying “Miami cheated by doing this, that, and that.” “Miami paid the refs.”

  • ET

    Lebron flops way too much but Tony Parker is in a flopping league all his own. Should be a big fine against Parker considering his history and the circumstances.

  • Hockey Girl

    Don’t know about Parker, but LeBron flops a lot and gets a lot of the calls in his favor even if the majority of the time he is the one fouling. Overall everyone in the NBA flops and some more than others. In the end it just leaves me having no respect for the game…..players in NHL would probably kick the living crap out of LeBron.

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