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LeBron, Kobe Respond To Michael Jordan One-On-One Comments

Earlier today we showed you the video of Michael Jordan declaring his theoretical dominance over any player, living or dead, in a game of one-on-one. Although he did say that Kobe Bryant might beat him, because Kobe stole all his moves.

Now Kobe and LeBron James have responded.

Quite diplomatic of them both … although Kobe’s was the more pointed of the two. LeBron just basically says that he’s not going to get worked up over something that will never happen, unless someone builds an actual working hot tub time machine.

Of course no one brings up the obvious point: that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his prime beats anyone, including Jordan. As we saw in “Enter the Dragon”, he has the speed, agility and height to shut down anyone. As we saw in “Airplane!”, he has the killer instinct (“LISTEN, KID! I’ve been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA …”). And as we saw in every game he played wit the Lakers, no one stops the sky hook.

  • Kobe’s Game Face

    Lebron is not the competitor that Kobe or MJ are. Somebody challenges you to one on one, you acknowledge that. I’d beat him, I’d destroy him”, something. “It’ll never happen” is not an appropriate response for a true competitor.

  • reybquick

    Kareem was not in Enter the Dragon. He was in Game of Death.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t an actual challenge though. They’re never going to 1v1.

    A true competitor actually competes instead of bogging down with hypothetical situations.

  • Kobe’s Game Face

    Of course it wasn’t an actual challenge. It doesn’t need to be. MJ in that very interview claimed that he could beat Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, etc.. players decades older than he. It’s just a pure competitor mentality and heart of a lion. NOBODY beats me! LeBron is a really good player, but he just doesn’t have that. He literally said as much in an interview about Kobe a few years back. Paraphrasing “Kobe has that killer instinct, I wish I had that.”

  • NBA

    MJ he cant just handle Lebron is being better than he ever was!!! and Kobe didn’t still mj moves he made his own moves I mean like why would he do that. but he didnt right now i bet if Jordan was younger and her faced Lebron he would lose im just saying the truth. I think mj is a fake he would have never won those 6 nba rings if it wasnt for pippen,rodman,harper,and many more but i think he would have won at least one or two by himself!!!!!!

  • king of basketball


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