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Kobe Bryant Can’t Believe LeBron James Passed Up The Final Shot At The All-Star Game… Twice

LeBron James passed up two big shots at the All-Star game, twice, in the West’s 152-149 win over the East. And Kobe Bryant gave him an earful about it. Twice.

In the first sequence, with the East down by two, a play was drawn up for Deron Williams. But after Williams’ potentially-tying three came up short, the ball was tipped back out to him, then ended up in James’ hands. Faced with a double team, LeBron forced a pass into the corner that was picked off, and the game was seemingly over. Kobe, in apparent disbelief that a player as good as LeBron wouldn’t shoot from almost half court with two guys on him, quickly let The King know that you can’t pass in that situation if you want to be considered the best: you have to be the one to shoot. At least, we think that’s what he said. Decide for yourself: here’s video of the first sequence.

LeBron would get another chance, though. After Blake Griffin hit only one of two free throws, the East found themselves down three, with a chance to send the game to overtime. Would LeBron take Kobe’s challenge to heart, and do what most psychotically competitive Great Clutch Players (like Kobe himself, or MJ, or Larry Bird) would have done in that situation, which is demand the ball in the timeout and take the three himself?

Nope! He’d… inbound the pass. Kobe, once again, was in disbelief that this was happening, and went up to LeBron and, once again, had to say something. LeBron deferred to Dwyane Wade, Wade missed his three-point attempt, and the game ended. Here’s video:

Now, does it really matter that LeBron passed up the final shot, twice? It probably shouldn’t. This was an exhibition game. No one played defense. Blake Griffin was shooting threes. Pitbull performed at halftime. Still, Kobe’s “WTF” reaction was great, and telling. A player like Bryant simply could not believe that a player like LeBron didn’t want to decide the game — even if it was just an exhibition — himself.

  • Hoops Guy

    you’re right on the money with this article . i was hoping someone would be discussing this. you could see Kobe jawing with LeBron after LeBron threw the ball away. How does LeBron not shoot in that situation??? Especially when he had been so hot in the fourth quarter. Makes no sense!


    yeah man.. I really like lebron.. but he needs to get some stones man.. even with the dunk comp too !

    and this wasnt about being unselfish.. he bitched out.. so annoying.. im happy even if he misses.. but to not even attemptthe shot is ridiculous

  • Fundthemental

    In the 2nd video you can actually see the disappointment in Lebron’s demeanor walking back to the bench. He’s thinking about Kobe getting in his ear on that last play. Even if it was an exhibition match these professionals still push each other

  • http://twitter.com/jaimeflores_1 Jaime Flores

    yes…35 ftr with a double team in your face and your teammates standing around are Kobe’s specialty…what else would you expect!.

  • Irukaumino26

    Seriously Lebron, what the hell.  You made like 3 3′s in that 4th quarter, you were the BEST OPTION!!!  SHOOT THE DAMN BALL!

  • ScalSquad

    I like this site. The article is great and unbiased. I say that as a lebron fanatic. And the comments arent filled with ignorant people. All valid points. My personal take. I hate kobe, but you could tell he was trying to be a mentor here. He wasnt gonna leave Lebron open or give it to him, but he still wanted lebron to prove himself and have confidence in taking the last shot.  He’s passing the torch.

  • http://twitter.com/Gary333 Gary Lee

    And that’s why Kobe has so many rings and respect by his peers and why LeBron is referred to as LeChoke!!  And I hate both guys, but I respect Kobe!

  • Tao Jones

    Lebron really disappointed me.  He seemed so scared.

  • LeChoke James

    Lebron chokes when you need it most!

  • The Real Truth

    Hmmm, nice story however it is very inaccurate with accounts. The shot by Williams was drawn up for him to take the shot because he had been the hottest from 3 land OVERALL. Lebron was the setup guy because he was the best passer on the court. The shot would have also put them UP BY 1, not tied the game. The jawing from Kobe came on 3 occasions(all happened in the last 35secs of the game). One where Lebron was fading out of bounds and took a 3 that almost went in, the other where he threw the ball away in the last seconds, and the last just before he inbounded the ball to dwade at the buzzer. The dejected look on Lebron’s face where his hands are over his head came when he was walking BACK onto the court with 1.1 sec left to play, not when he was going to the BENCH. He was pissed that he turned the ball over, not what Kobe was saying. Though he was annoyed that Kobe kept saying “shot it, you’re Jordan right?, Comon man, com’on man, blah blah”. The pass that was picked off, well if anyone thinks he should have taken that shot is kind of crazy. He was 40 ft from the basket and doubled teamed. Who in their right mind would hoist up a shot from there with 0% chance it would go in? I was at the game is the reason why I do know what was being said, sitting about 5 rows up at center court.

  • blopez44

    I love king James, but he is starting to disapoint me, it seems that on close out games, “he has no balls, he does not have true grit”. If he wants to be one of the great basketball players he need to be able to take the last shot, if it goes in great if not, so what, there is always another, don’t be scared Lebron 

  • Tequedesboig

    it si not just a exhibition …..it is a lla star game jorrdant wanted to do it with larry and magic ,as kobe wanted with jordan ……Lebron just shit on hiself…

  • 33sdf3rw33efr43

    Blackwhitemeet.C0Mit’s a nice pl’ace for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bo’unds or extre’mes in front of true lo’ve

  • Just passing by

    There was 3.9 seconds on the shot clock when he made the cross court pass that was intecepted.  Durant was already looking for his man and leaving the double team on James.  Taking the shot from 40ft. is not the only option, Lebron should have made a move to the basket.

  • Chi-Town

    I’ve been looking for this discussion all morning.  I thought it was just me.  Lebron suck!   Lebron is always M.I.A.  during crunch time.  If Lebron learned how to demand the ball, he would not be in Miami, because the Cleveland Cavaliers would have won a championship.  But Lebron is in his confort zone, being Dwyane Wades bitch.    

    Good job Kobe!   You have good leadership skills.  You know how to turn girls into Men. 

  • Dabullz97

    Loved watching LeBron walk off court talking to no one when buzzer sounded as everyone else shook hands.  Whether or not you think Kobe was right to call LeBron out in the final seconds (I think he was), LeBron was clearly punked by Kobe.

  • Dvsgss

    Shut the fuck up. Your English sucks, don’t try and fucking critiZe the article.


    and that my friends is what separates LEGENDS & CHAMPIONS from a great player that has  potential but never makes it to the mountain top!  lebron has the physical capacity but not even close to what really makes the difference…the MENTAL capacity ~ not that we need another EXCLAMATION mark on why lebron is NO WHERE near Kobe’s talent ~ but here we are again LOL KOBE MVP :D  

  • JohnnyDogooder

    Watch Kobe’s reaction when Deron Willaims airballs it. Kobe puts up his hands like, really? Is this all you got Lebron? Immediately when LBJ passes it again, he looks back at him and starts to talk to him in disbelief. Interesting.

  • Qawilson1

    The ball should of been in Carmelo’s or Wade’s hands not Lebron’s.  They have the courage to shoot in crunch time.


    yeah what you talking fool.. there was plenty of time for him to make a move and go to the basket or get himself free for a better look at the 3 …  im not against him.. hes my fav player but hes got issues with taking on the responsibility of taking the lasst shot and living with the result…

  • http://twitter.com/2itterD david gipson

    I don’t understand LBJ….He promotes himself as the greatest of all time-after him there WILL be no other! Even when he did the way-over dramatic annoucement  just to go another team…always making the highlight reel when the train’s just a rollin’…but when it comes down when the game’s or the series’ on the line,he seems to dish it off on someone else instead of doing down in NBA lore to make the winning shot like Jordan,Bird,Magic,Kobe or even Dirk….like he scared of screwing up…but whadoiknow?

  • AS

    melo’s wide open not 4 feet away from lbj

  • Jpsullivan32

    I’ll be the first person to say that La Bron should have shot the ball. That being said, this myth that LBJ has never been clutch has got to stop. Last year in the playoffs he balled out against Boston and Chicago; and if you go back to his Cleavland series against the Detroit Pistons he was all clutch. The bottom line is MJ did change the game. Now every player has to be just like him to be considered great. Dr J wasn’t a GREAT closer; neither was Clyde Drexler, Magic, or Isaih Thomas. Pre MJ’s basketball God status you could appreciate great players for their individual and unique talents. Man I miss those days

  • MagicThomas

     Magic wasn’t a closer?  Isiah wasn’t a closer?  WTF are you talking about?  Half-wit.

  • Tigeroreilly

    you guys have such selective memory which i hate… lebron’s late game performances have been a MIXED bag, he has had great performances: the entire Chicago series last year, the Detroit series where he ties it to send it to overtime then scores 25 in a row in OT.  He has also had some sad looking failures. I just hate when people take half a story, ignore what they want to ignore, and present it as fact. Lebron is neither clutch, nor a choke artist, he’s halfway in the middle. Hopefully Kobe’s taunts bring something out of him though cuz this is getting a little old.

  • Tigeroreilly

    ha, just saw that i was beat by jpsullivan.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe has done for these new guys what Jordan refused to do for him and his generation.  The problem is Kobe cant fully commit to helping Lebron while Kobe is still active and at this pace Kobe has quite a few years left.  Lebron might be too old by the time Kobe can fix him.

  • Mjkdlbkb

    Seem as if Kobe was passing the torch putting it in his hand and lebron was scared to take it. Crazy part is you can tell Kobe was angry at him even mello was looking like wtf? Kinda like Jordan passing the torch to Kobe.

  • Szs

    uhh hey Lebron, Carmelo was WIDE OPEN.

    Carmelo = Underrated
    Lebron = Overrated

  • http://www.facebook.com/arne.maes Arne Maes

    look at the stats not the rep Thomas

  • Guest111

    jeremy lin should have taken the last shot. stupid queen james.

  • http://twitter.com/TwelveInchFinch Creflow Dollars

    Kobe and the other players’ reactions showed a lot about how they view LeBron and it doesnt seem to be much different from the fans.  Everyone sees the limitless potential and cannot understand why he hasnt become the ultimate killer he’s “supposed” to be

  • Cubbycastro1

    Lebron James is a pussy in the fourth quarter!  Go Bulls!!

  • smitty

    You were not at the game 5 rows up center court.

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