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NBAWAG Spotting

Mavericks Cheerleaders Pretty Much Naked At This Point

On Saturday, the first home game of the season for the Dallas Mavericks, the team’s cheerleaders made their 2012-13 debut. And not since the 1994 Knicks City Dancers has an NBA cheerleading squad challenged the status quo so readily with a choreographed outfit.

The Daily Mail noted that the “briefness of the Mavericks [cheerleaders'] new ensembles could raise some eyebrows.” Dan Devine over at Ball Don’t Lie characterized them as “white, very sparkly and very limited in terms of torso coverage.” Me? I just think they’re fun.

Look how much fun they are!

  • jay

    i like the new uni’s ;)

  • chris

    i dont see a problem

  • troubledtimes

    Maybe never seen a naked women.

  • Anonymous

    Not complaining

  • lynn


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZYB77UND4MVDAMH2RGY3TQAIXY Asu

    Are they wearing panties? If so I like it and you deal with it.

  • http://twitter.com/DwightVsShaq Alex Marlatt

    Fine by me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001421891934 Gordon Parsons

    I never liked basketball BUT that’s about to change. SCHWING !

  • http://twitter.com/eseamhead Earnest Seamhead

    All my exes live in Texas.

  • jp


  • roger

    Typical Mark Cuban bullshit! But what else would you expect out of a bullshit city like Dallass…

  • Anonymous

    Everything is bigger in Texas – well, almost everything.

  • Sara

    How are they any less revealing than any other pro dance uniform? Jeeze ppl just wanna b*tch and moan these days

  • Ryan

    Hmm, too much clothing here for me.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, but will the Mavs make the playoffs ?

  • J.R. Ewing

    You must be from houston…

  • Anonymous

    This is why men have so little respect for women. I don’t care how fit your body is,it is obvious that they are making the game about them. Put some clothes on and have some respect for yourselves as ladies. I would not want this display in front of my young children, especially my daughter. DISGUSTING AT ITS BEST!

  • Anonymous

    What man would?

  • rboyk

    Dignity? Respect? These outfits are no less than what most women are prancing across every beach in America in. Ladies, get over it. The only women complaining are the ones who can’t get away with putting on this outfit! Nice outfits!

  • IHateDegenerates

    Fucking degeneracy. You’re all promoting lust and perversion. Our nation is devolving to the level of niggers.

  • IHateDegenerates

    You’re right about that.

  • Shannanigan

    That is an asinine reply…

  • Anonymous

    Works for me.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. The Cheerleaders win.

  • drena

    Definitely don’t see the problem. If you are comfortable with your body you have the right to wear whatever you want. If you don’t like it flip the channel when they come on. Both my children cheer and its what you teach them at home about respect. Respect is more than the clothes you wear. Its how you carry yourself what you will or will not take from others. Get a life people…. Love the outfits ladies you rock

  • drena

    Definitely don’t see the problem. If you are comfortable with your body you have the right to wear whatever you want. If you don’t like it flip the channel when they come on. Both my children cheer and its what you teach them at home about respect. Respect is more than the clothes you wear. Its how you carry yourself what you will or will not take from others. Get a life people…. Love the outfits ladies you rock

  • John D

    Ever been to a beach? Watched a Victoria’s Secret commercial? It is a human body. They don’t respect themselves because they wear skimpy clothing? It sounds to me like you have some issues with men since you have no problem grouping all men together when stating that men don’t respect women

  • glue

    Looks like a 1960′s go-go outfit. I don’t think the outfits are cute. There’s no movement to them and white? Boring. Poor girls, far more attractive than those outfits allow.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UEH32QDVGXPXF4UEV7D4X4B3HE AquaGyrl

    I did not say all men, I said, “that is why men”. As long as a man treats me respectful I have no problem with them, I don’t group any sex or race together based on how one or a few conduct themselves. I live in the real world John D., not a bubble.

  • Stodds

    Most cheerleaders just have a skirt and little top on. This string covers their belly button but people think it is more revealing? They just get that assumption or thought because of the cut. Makes it look more revealing because its like a dress where most is missing. It’s no more revealing than most cheer leader outfits and the idea is new and sexy.

  • Cameron

    Somebody’s going to have to tell me why what they’re wearing is any worse than say this: mhd_2.jpg or say this: Three+Laker+Girls+in+short+yellow+skirt+smile.jpg

  • J. H.

    They’re welcome at my house, anytime.

  • JB

    “that is why men” doesn’t mean “all men”??? Talk about parsing words. Sounds allot like “Depends what the definition of “is” is?” to me. AuquaGryl obviously misses the whole point!!!! Men like to view fit women’s bodies, been that way for eons, not going to change, and has nothing to do with “RESPECT”!!! Just a scapegoat of the left feminist bunch.

  • http://twitter.com/SirJustinFromVA Justin Richardson

    you sound like a fat b i t c h

  • Anonymous

    And you Justin are a perverted slimmy ass bastard! Continue watching your porn, nobody gives a damn about your stupid ass

  • Anonymous

    No you chose to read what you wanted to in to my comment, and since you don’t know a damn thing about me, keep your feminist bullshit to yourself. Look at whatever piece of ass you want to, you aren’t my man and thank God you’re not!

  • rob

    what’s wrong??? these girls are great looking and they have better than exceptional bodies, so let them do their thing in the uniform that best suits them.

  • http://profiles.google.com/hawkcw4 Ed Durffee

    Who and whatever you are, your continued foul mouthed comment do in fact paint you as that B_____. You made a mistake and your attempt to make that the fault of others only paints you deeper into that label. Let it go and be what you say you are.

  • http://profiles.google.com/hawkcw4 Ed Durffee

    Some people whinning here would have you believe someone is holding a gun to their heads and forcing this on them. The fact is, they compete hard to become a chearleader and plz dont even suggest the ladies dont know they are going to be dressed or undressed, which ever way you see the glass, and that they will be dancing before large audiences. Ask anyone of them if they want to quit.

  • orochiteam

    Aquagyrl? Is that some kind of thing where you blame your fatass on water weight?

    Oh and you must like dating blind or gay men. There’s not a single, straight guy, out there that doesn’t like ogling at women. Sucks to be fat and b—–y with no men looking at you.

  • ikraziie

    Check out camera guy in grey in first pick.. Quite obvious he doesn’t mind either =D

  • Anonymous

    Ed your opinions don’t matter to me, continue to comment all you want. You are a non-factor, don’t call someone a bitch if you can’t take the response you receive back. I don’t have to clean up anything I write, my opinions are mine just like yours belong to you. You aren’t even in my world, so really I could care less. You do make for a good laugh though. LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Orchi whatever your name is, you must be the one who likes gay men, and you probably couldn’t get someone of value if you paid them. Must suck to be you and your depleted, ate up, shit face looking piece of nothing. How about you try Jenny Craig and get your blubber off, you big ass whale. Weight may be your problem, certainly isn’t mine, nor is finding or keeping a man; but hey take your thumb out your ass and find another way to get a cheap thrill. SAP

  • 12voltman1

    I waiting for naked Cheerleading but this will do in the meantime.

  • Michele Seven

    I am a 45-year-old mom and I gotta say, “them’s sexy!!!” But I really don’t know what the big deal is. Weren’t the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders outfits just as tiny back in the 70′s? Anyway, I think it is absurd that my Christian girlfriends on here get so irate over “indecency” and yet are gung-ho to blow up Iraqi and Afghani children…more sex, less war is my thought. And if you don’t like it, go get yourself a dog and a coke while your husband and sons ogle. Or, get on a treadmill, change your attitude, and your man won’t need to be looking at them because they won’t compare to you!

  • Jennifer A. John

    You are a Fat Bitch

  • Jennifer A. John

    “There’s not a single, straight guy, out there that doesn’t like ogling at women”. That is a LIE! There are good guys out there who don’t resort to smutdoms who have self respect as well as respect for women….and further more, you are a dumb ass because there are many men who loooove what you consider fat.

    You’ve discredited your second sentence in your last paragraph by adding your last sentence. Women and Sluts come in all shapes and sizes and you don’t have a patent on beauty. So, while you’ve elected to allude to her being fat and bitchy….there’s men chasing fat “bitches, ogling them, marrying them, treating them like queens etc. If that was not so, there wouldn’t be a need for fat women pornorgraphy, strippers, fat wives and so on. And further more, Not all women who are small, skinny, petite or even fit as a fiddle are attractive. And there are many men who leave their skinny wives and cheat with or marry those fat bitches!!!!! As a matter of fact there are many “gay men” who are way more attractive than some of these hags out there. Which probably contributes to the reason that there are so many men in the closet.

    Disrespectful ass POS

  • Jennifer A. John

    No AquaGyrl315, let him keep his thumb in his ass…..every time he pulls it out, he sucks all the mess off, hence the reason he talks so much shit!

  • Jennifer A. John

    Digest your own fodder!

  • Jennifer A. John

    ummmm….a lot of these women are not fit, just petite. And furthermore, men of all shades ogle women of all shades, shapes and sizes, and you don’t have a patent on beauty either. Also, AquaGyrl is right…..that IS a Huge part of the reason why many, many, many males disrespect females. You may sleep with them, but, you almost never claim those women who set it out for the whole world to see! Yes, it does have a lot to do with RESPECT!!! Why is it then that those girls showing all what they’ve got cannot keep a man. Why is it then that when you get a chance with those sluts you ogle, you then try to get her to stop showing herself to the world???
    And common sense seems to escape you here as she doesn’t have to say “some men” as an indicator that she doesn’t mean “all”……how could she have meant all when we all know that there are Millions of gay men out there??? So, my question to you is: did YOUUU mean “all” men when you stated that “Men like to view fit women’s bodies”???
    and one more thing, there are trillions of trannies out there entertaining many unsuspecting men because they realize that they can reel that promiscuous mofo in because he lusts after many people he believes to be females….They are everywhere now and Many of them look waaayyyy better than some of thes cheerleaders. Although, some of these cheerleaders are males now as well. There’s a quite a few runway models who are male and have topped the female models and you’d never have known by looks, voice, or mannerisms that they are male!
    How could any non gay man today continue to lust when there’s so many males in these magazines, movies, on the beaches, cheerleading squads etc, who are posing as females??? opps, I almost forgot, many of you are deep in the closet….SCARY!

  • Jennifer A. John

    Yessss it is! I am diligent about taking care of myself, work out six days a week and is quite pleasantly fit/chiseled….however, that means absolutely nothing when it comes to the lustful ways of many men, as they’ll sleep with the fit and what they deem unfit, and unattractive as well. Many of my friends are totally fit as well and do not allow themselves to be pieces of meat just because they have Great Bodies. It’s all a matter of Morals and choices.
    These women “crave” attention and then get seriously depressed when they find that they’ve shown their goods so much, that these men want to see some other slut and quickly move on to the next attention getting w***e.

  • Jennifer A. John

    Huh???…..the fact is: they Do Not compete hard! Nowadays one Only has to be willing to take their clothes off. And many of these cheerleaders if not all are hoping to get a chance to date one of these rich athletes. Hence the reason they don’t want to quit……until they score. Many of them become sex groupies for these athletes and eventually tossed aside like garbage for the next set.

  • Jennifer A. John

    You sound Verrrry Thirrrrrsty! “better than exceptional bodies?!!!”……..boy please!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice!! All the old, fat hags and cowardly women’s groups who won’t speak out about Muslim “Honor Killings” and beheadings and girls shot just for going to school can complain about the cheerleaders.

  • Chauncy

    More tits the better. Bring them to Princeton!

  • Anonymous

    Very True if they could wear it they would..

  • Anonymous

    Very nice bodies #GoGirls

  • Anonymous

    You probably wear the same kind of outfit to the gym looking for attention yourself ..

  • Anonymous

    Unless your daughter lives on an island with no cable tv its to late she see this everyday on TV so stop hating and hit the GYM !!

  • Anonymous

    hahah then why are you so concerned what they are wearing if you dont like it dont look ..

  • Anonymous

    ED all i know is Fat ones are the only girls mad at that the cheerleaders they wish guys would look at them like cheerleaders when they are at MCD’s getting that Number 1 .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UEH32QDVGXPXF4UEV7D4X4B3HE AquaGyrl


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UEH32QDVGXPXF4UEV7D4X4B3HE AquaGyrl


  • Anonymous

    @AquaGyrl315:disqus why are you still on here do you need attention !!

  • Anonymous

    haha that was funny lol , I said number 1

  • Anonymous

    I like the Outfits , your the one on here hating so why don’t you go and and have another burger Stupid ASS !!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UEH32QDVGXPXF4UEV7D4X4B3HE AquaGyrl

    You are one stupid individual

  • Anonymous

    Haha you said I was stupid , are you mad at someone you don’t even know , Don’t let a stranger piss you off Big Girl , go drown yourself in a tub of that good chocolate ice cream you like so much ..

  • Anonymous

    @AquaGyrl315:disqus Haha you said I was stupid , are you mad at someone you don’t even know ,
    Don’t let a stranger piss you off Big Girl , go drown yourself in a tub
    of that good chocolate ice cream you like so much ..

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you go to hell and suffocate on that burger you keep offering me, the only STUPID ASS on here is you. I will continue to write whatever the hell I want and you and your tired ass can’t do a damn thing about it. So KMMFAAGSTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Language, Jennifer!
    That time of the month already?
    Also: why are “Great Bodies” and “Morals” worthy of capitalization, but “choices” is not?

  • ilaugh at yourignorance

    This sounds like a lot of opinionated BS with nothing to support anything that you say. In fact most sport teams have very strict rules over fraternizing with the help. It is bad news all the way around to have players dating the women on the side of the court/sidleline. Welcome to America, if you don’t like it, move to the middle east and put on a burka.

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