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Blasphemy?! Some Of Michael Jordan’s Ex-Teammates Have Said Kobe Bryant “Is Better”

Earlier today on his ESPN Radio show, Colin Cowherd was having the requisite “Where does Kobe Bryant fit in among the greatest NBA players” discussion. By coincidence, ESPN NBA writer Chris Broussard happened to be strolling by the studio, and Cowherd asked him to give his two cents.

Broussard said that he has a top 10 list of all-time NBA players. The list, in no particular order, looks like this: Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Hakeem Olajuwon, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant.

But in the midst of this discussion, Broussard dropped an interesting tidbit: apparently, unidentified ex-teammates of Michael Jordan have told him that “Kobe is better.”

What?! Who are these ex-teammates?! Were they being honest? Or did they have some sort of grudge against Jordan, and figured the best way to get back at him was by taking a crack at his mystique?

Broussard, it should be pointed out, did not agree with these mystery ex-teammates (he said Jordan was “clearly” better). But he went on to say that these mystery teammates have said that: a) Kobe is a better shooter, and b) Kobe is a better ball-handler. Click here to listen to the full debate on ESPN Radio’s player.

  • Wclaybrook

    If Kobe is better than Jordan, where does that leave LB James and D. Wade, they are both better than Kobe.
    Basketball is a team sport, it takes 12 players and several coaches to win a game.
    I played professional Basketball, this guys is a lie, Jordons teamates never said Kobe was better.

  • vkmja

    Kobe better ball handler than Jordan yet has a higher career turnover average than Jordan? Better shooter? Better range maybe, but Jordan’s career shooting percentage… no surprises there. Far better than Kobe’s.
    Jordan has higher career averages in fg%, rebounds (and gives a few inches to Kobe) assists, steals, blocked shots and points per. Mike worked harder on both ends of the court than Kobe.
    Kobe is superior to Mike in 3pt%, ft% and TURNOVERS! Nothing else!
    Jordan never lost an NBA final series (all won in 6 or less), Kobe has lost 2. Kobe has had forgettable finals performances. I don’t recall Jordan ever havin one.
    So Jordan, better passer, rebounder, defender and a more efficient scorer.
    I admire and respect Kobe immensely and think he is the best player right now. Even better than Lebron and Wade who are my favourite players. But c’mon, better than Jordan? I would argue Kobe as being the second best of all time.

  • J_ymes

    Did you also know that Jordan shot roughly about 3,500 more FG attempts than Kobe? Jordan was also in a watered-down league where only a few guards at his position were athletic enough to keep him locked down. Still, I’d take Jordan over Kobe just because he was more athletic than Kobe. Fundamentally speaking, Kobe has the better skillset. I’d say they’re pretty much equal. Just that Jordan has 1 more ring than Kobe.

  • Whidky

    Jordan was also a better defensive player. Kobe tends to get lazy at times on the defensive end. Also, Kobe’s percentages are starting to drop more as he gets older.

  • Reservoir

    You’re mentally retarded if you think Wade and James are better than Kobe?

  • Skikopey

    Kobe has 5 rings compared to MJ`s 6, but its taken him longer than Michael to do it, and Michael has something that Kobe will never have, a college degree, education and class, PLUS a NCAA championship, which is like another ring for Michael, not to mention, the Bulls were the BEST team in HISTORY (72-10) under MJ`s wing. Keep dreaming Kobe lovers! No one will ever be as fun to watch as Michael was, and no one will ever understand that unless you grew up in the Golden years of the NBA!

  • Anonymous

    Ummm no.

    If an old MJ with the Wizards could only average 20 ppg on .445 shooting in a league that shot .442, then what would he do in his prime?

    Another thing, he did this against many NBA stars currently playing in the NBA. Sorry, your bullshit doenst stand.

    I refuse to believe that youre that fucking stupid.

  • NCWD3

    Micheal may have had the company of complimentary defensive specialist, Scottie Pippen, however, are people forgetting that Kobe has 3 Free rings from Shaq. Shaq won all those titles for LA with Horry’s help while Kobe cherry picked up some points.

  • LApittbuolz

    When the Wallace brothers from Mo Town shut down Shaq in the 2004 Finals where was Kobe help? No Shaq and no Lakers title. Kobe is a slightly more athletic Brandon Roy. David Stern runs the NBA as a the business is should and doesn’t really care about fair outcome of results. Kobe and Lakers with referee help means higher TV ratings for a larger california market area. Gee, why was Stern so happy when Melo went to the NY market$? Stern must go and NO, Kobe dawg is nowhere close to MJ.

  • Cj

    Read this: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/basketball/bulls/la-sp-bryant-vs-jordan-i,0,4934057.htmlstory

    Now tell me that Kobe is better. Jordan smokes him in pretty much EVERY category except 3pointers and a very, very slight edge in free throws.

  • Eddie

    The shooting guards in the 90′s were far better than today’s. In 1991-92 11 of the top 20 scorers were shooting guards. I’m so sick of young people who were 2 years old at the time spouting off nonsense about the Jordan era. The guard weren’t athletic enough or big enough to keep up with him? Reggie Miller 6’7 HOF, Clyde Drexler 6’7 HOF, Reggie Lewis 6’7 would be HOF had he not died. Mitch Richmond, Latrell Sprewell, Kendall Gill, Penny Hardaway, Joe Dumars, John Starks a young Ray Allen, a young Kobe. Jordan killed whoever they put in front of him. Who are these great, big athletic shooting guards of today? 4.5 ppg Thabo Seflosha? 6’0 Rodrigue Beaubois? Keith Bogans? 6’3 Willie Green? 6’3 Monta Ellis? 6’3 Ben Gordon? The athletic Troy Murphy? 6’4 Dwyan Wade? The ancient Ray Allen? The great defensive stopper Vince Carter?

  • Rocky

    Reservoir you need to get into reality. Kobe is a highly over rated chucker who’ll get you 25 points a game on 45% He’s been blessed with some of the best big men in basketball. Shaq was great, better than Kobe but this Bynum & Gasol combo is even more dangerous especially with Odom coming off the bench. Many Lakers including have gone on record and with their frustrations on how Kobe hurts the team with his selfishness and bad shot selection.

  • AtlantaNY

    This shouldn’t even be an argument! Just on perception alone MJ kills Kobe. When MJ was playing, you could see the fear other players had guarding him, especially the closer the game got to the end. I feel that Kobe doesn’t instill that dread on opponents. Unlike Kobe, MJ could beat you in so many different ways. Jordan could’ve easily dropped 40 a night if he wanted to, but he did what was necessary to win. If Paxson, Hodges or BJ Armstrong were hot, MJ would penetrate and dish until they cooled. If MJ’s man was hot, MJ would focus on shutting him down. MJ would help rebound if they needed him to. And MJ was relentless on both ends of the court for the entire time he was in the game. Kobe, although a good defender doesn’t like to play shutdown D. Kobe unlike MJ has disappeared in really big games. And for that NONSENSE that today’s 2 Guards are “bigger” and more “athletic”, and “better” players than the ones Mike faced: YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT! Not only where the 2 Guards better then (they could actually shoot from outside 12 ft), teams were better; talent was better; there were dynasties taken down by MJ (Celtics, Lakers, Pistons) and others prevented by MJ (Knicks, Jazz, Rockets). Kobe didn’t come in and take down an existing dynasty. They were the only bully’s on the block, and they couldn’t even get past the Spurs whenever (OK, maybe 1 time) they faced them in the playoffs. If MJ doesn’t decide to play baseball, they might’ve won 8 in a row. And another point here: as good as Pippen was, he proved – when MJ left to play baseball, and when Pippen went on to Portland and then Houston – that he was truly no more than a 2nd tier level star. Kobe had arguably the most dominant big-man in history during his prime. And this coming from a Knicks fan. I hated MJ.

  • Brstw1

    easy math
    kobe just one foul called mised per game
    2 shotts per game
    100 games per year ( always in finals)
    15 years of actual playing
    85% freethrow shooter
    thats 3000 more freethrows
    @85 % thats
    2550 pts to his total wow

    and look at how many touch fouls others get and he dont get the call
    d fish shoots their tech shots
    charging calls that others get blocking calls with shots

  • Brstw1

    he owns the bobcats and he is cheering for a Bulls player and against anybody that comes close to his legacy / profit off his image of G.O.A.T.
    remember Kareem has 6 rings also and the all time scoring record while Jordan was in the league

    barring injury Kobe will be the legend that most of this genereations kids will copy if they want to be a champion.

  • Mcintma

    LOL Kobe got spanked again this yr, makes your wishful coments look pretty weak

  • Mr Ndaumanu


  • Mr Ndaumanu

    NBA Champion : King Bill Russell.,prince Sam JOnes and JOhn Havlicek
    Rebound a season : King Wilt Chamberlain, prince Bill Russell
    Rebound game : King Wilt Chamberlain, prince Bill Russell
    Total Rebound : King Wilt Chamberlain, prince Bill Russell
    Total Point  : King Karem a.Jabbar , prince Karl Malone
    Point season : King Wilt Chamb.,prince Elgin Baylor
    Point a game ; King Wilt Chambe., prince KOBE BRYANT
    Total assist : King John Stockton.,Prince Jason Kidd
    Total steal :  King John Stockton.,Prince Jason Kidd
    Tripple Double : King Oscar Robertson.,prince Magic Johnson
    Most point all star: King KOBE BRYANT.,prince Michael Jordan
    Most ALL Star winning: King KOBE BRYANT..,prince Karem A.Jabbar

    many King of NBA..,Book never lie.,don,t forget the history.,
    michael jordan never be a king.,just prince.
    the media put him higher .,,just for busines.

    look at the history…

  • Dennisnicknj

    #1 in ppg career jordan 30.12, #2 wilt 30.07.
    #1 in season total wilt 4000+pt, #2 jordan 3000+pt. the only player to score 3000+pt a season.
    #1 in playoff single pt jordan 63pt, # 2 elgin 61pt.
    #1 in final single pt elgin 61pt, #2 jordan 55pt and barry 55pt.
    # 1 double digit pt strike jordan 866 game, #2 kakeem 800+game.
    #1 in triple double game strike wilt 10 game strike, #2 jordan 7 game strike.
    #1 most in career playoff jordan 5000+pt, kareem #2.
    book never lie or you need to learn more anout b-ball. mj is king in everything, while whta kobe have in king show me at 5 record in #1.

  • Dennisnicknj

     rebound & assist not to mention beacause jordan play shooting guard, but if you want to know about steal ill show you, BTW kobe is not in the list of steal record.

  • Kel

    MJ is clearly better. No question about it. That being said, I see no reason to be so harsh on Kobe. He will go down as one of the greats and is the closest thing we’ve seen to another MJ. No, he didn’t go to college, but that doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. Actually, when I listen to him speak, it’s clear he’s one of the more intelligent guys in sports.

  • Kel

    Yeah… the 90′s is largely considered the best era of basketball. The 80s-90s. I’m totally with you on this one, youmad. Yes, the athleticism is more prevalent today, but it’s not like it was a big evolutionary leap in athleticism from Jordan’s era to now. It wasn’t that people weren’t athletic enough to keep up with Jordan, no one could do because he was so good and competitive. The one player that played the best defense on MJ was Gary Payton, and while he was a good athlete, he was by no means the best athlete and would do a better job than say Dwayne Wade in his prime or any of the other athletic SGs of today for that matter. It’s not all about athleticism.

  • Kel

    Wade better than Bryant? Hahahahaha!



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