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Michael Wilbon Uses The N-Word ‘All Day, Every Day’

Los Angeles Clippers enforcer Matt Barnes recently freaked out after being ejected, tweeting this:

“I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these n—!” Barnes wrote. “All this s— does is cost me money.”

People freaked out about his use of the N-word, publicly. Michael Wilbon shared some candid thoughts about the situation, on PTI.

Can’t argue with anything he said there. And, “I have a problem with… white people framing the discussion for the use of the N-word.” Couldn’t be more right. I’ll take my own advice and shut up.

Good segment by ESPN, demonstrating that they have the ability to advance the sports discourse in a positive direction, provided that they care.

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Wilbon is awesome.

  • Bon

    Positive direction? What did they talk about all offseason? Riley Cooper. What are they talking about all the time right now? Richie Ingocneto and his voicemails.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Shit, on what plantation do the slaves make millions of dollars to pick cotton? Total set up of a double standard that nullifies the employee employer relationship. Guess every team needs a black Management rep to carry out the wishes of the owner (you know the guy that signs the checks) My guess is if that happens, Wilbon will cry about how the NBA has established a class of Uncle Toms. What BS.

  • Robert Knilands

    I understand his point and agree with some of what he is saying, minus the part you have done an excellent job of calling out.
    Nevertheless, I don’t need the permission of Wilbon or anyone else to decide the following:
    * The use of the n-word is offensive, no matter who is saying it. I don’t give a crap if the guy saying it and everyone around him somehow fit Wilbon’s definition of acceptable. When they’re in private company, they can do whatever they want. In public, though, I’ll react however *I* please to it, even if it means doing or saying nothing.

    * The idea of speech codes has always been irritating, but Wilbon’s idea of some sort of double standard or varying enforcement — including selecting enforcers by race — is as ludicrous (no pun intended) as it gets.
    * None of this includes just the n-word. If someone says something idiotic, I reserve the right to call it out or do nothing if I choose. I don’t even need a speech code set up by sportswriters to do that.

  • Robert Knilands

    I agree with this, too.

  • Ted Tidwell

    I am all for freedom of speech. I also believe in voting with your feet…and to me, its a calculated risk as an owner or a league commissioner to let this behavior go unchecked, Its easy for me to turn the other cheek, but my kids don’t need to be told that sort of behavior is acceptable, and I don’t need be the one to financial endorse it through my patronage.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about your hypocritical Racists.

    First off if you want to do something “All Day Long” and say another race cannot do it.
    That is a Racist Double Standard PERIOD.

    And then he goes Ape Shit Crazy stating the Owners cannot tell their employee’s what to do(What planet is that) and then compares them to Slave Owners(You want to play that N-word Can’t Use crap, then you can’t call white people Slave Owners unless you are ready to Fetch.

    Just like the police having to be called for blacks acting a fool. Sometimes you have to have the law forced upon them.

    Stop being Hypocrites!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not only that, but Wilbon said he has no problem saying the N word all day long and has problems with whites who have a problem with that. But later on the show they discussed Riley Cooper and he said they shouldn’t be allowed to say that word.

    You will never get to the truth when people are allowed to Refuse it while pointing the fingers at others.

  • Glenn Towery

    Respect the Sacrifices of African American Ancestors – Don’t Use the N Word


  • Mojo 215

    As an African American, knock-head Michael Wilbon and all of Black America needs to think about how their/our fore -fathers felt the pain and disgraces of the N-word. For this reason alone the word should never ever be used by anyone!!! To suggest that it’s somehow cool to use between and amongst black folks as respect is utterly stupid!!! Wilbon is a completely moron!

  • mark

    You should stay behind your little computer and write comments that you will never tell your BLACK friends coworkers and people on the streets. What people say in there homes is there business all he is saying don’t say it in the spot light.

  • mark

    Lol. . You are F@$kin stupid. . You all will never and can never understated. .idiots

  • Anonymous

    What the hell are you LOL’ing about. You have nothing to laugh at.
    You’re the one that just came across as the Stupid Idiot.

    Replying like a childish Brute and then stating it’s something I can never understand is very asinine and weak. I know Psychology boy and I understand quite easily how people think when they comment such egotistical and backwards thinking.

    People like you have to be called out so people who do not want to be Morons can have a barometer of what to be the opposite of.

  • Gilly

    In such a charged conversation, not sure I understand your use of the word “boy”. I understand your point but think it becomes less effective with the name calling…IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    Has Wilbon lost his mind? What if Bayless had said publicly he used that word all the time. Is there any question that would have been his last day at ESPN? I hope ESPN had a loooonnnng talk with Wilbon after his outrageous admission. Hard to believe a corporate media outlet would condone one of its employees regularly using racial slurs.

  • Anonymous

    ESPN needs to give Wilbon a significant time out after his admission of regular use of a racial slur.

  • gc

    Riley cooper says the n word, only receives negative attention from the sports media and Micheal Wilbon. He said he was offended by it. Hypocrisy? Yea.

  • mark

    Lol.. like I said. .. You really must hate your life so bad that you have to post negative stuff on these posts. Look I don’t care what you think you know I stand by what I said. You are one of those Internet thugs, meaning you type stuff online that can’t and will never come out your mouth. .. Lol

  • Anonymous

    What the hell are you Botoothusin about Fool.
    You are the Double Negative. And as the ole negro spirtual says.
    “You don’t know me”
    So stop pretending I wouldn’t bust your lips up side your head if I didn’t see you in person.

    Nothing like Morons taking a false sense of childish power pretending others are pretending.

    And Sorry Gilly but I don’t mind giving back and getting down and dumb with morons like mark.

    I don’t ask a person who starts throwing out insults and slurs what kind of insults i’m allowed to throw back in his face.

    In fact telling him what he doesn’t want to hear is exactly what Human beings generally do.

    In Pissing Matches they don’t say, But you drank more water then me. But I do agree that is how the PC Media expects us to do.


  • Neal Baker

    The dude is 54 years old ! What’s he doing tossing around the word like it’s a nickel ? He would’ve had vivid memories of the turbulent 60′s. I’m 55 and I remember. I’ve lost ALL respect for Wilbon.

  • Ted Tidwell

    If my black co-worker was dropping the N word around me you better believe I would go to human resources and report their a$$.

  • Guy Fuller

    Mr. Wilbon confuses me. On one hand he appears to be logical and even tempered, but then bad Wilbon surfaced with the N-word debate. His comments came from a dark angry place, logic was replaced with anger. I like Wilbon but I cannot justify, condone or support him on this issue.

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