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Is The NBA Rigged So That The Lakers Will Make The Playoffs?

OK, so this video doesn’t nearly prove that David Stern is rigging the NBA so that the Los Angeles Lakers make the playoffs. But the video is convincing, because there is some reason to think this conspiracy theory is true. Judge for yourself, with the obvious caveat that this video contains just a few slivers of cherry-picked evidence to prove a bold claim that would need A LOT more evidence than this to be proven true.

It’s not even close to complete proof, but it is interesting. Judge for yourself and chime in below in the comments section.

If the NBA is indeed rigged, though, the Lakers will need even more help from referees. Despite Stern’s alleged best efforts, the Lakers are still a half game out of the playoffs as of 11:00 p.m., tonight. Dirty referees can’t tell Kobe Bryant to try on defense.

h/t reddit

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  • Anonymous


  • Koroon

    Bringing back very bad and dark memories of a certain era where the Trailblazers en Kings were screwed over in favour of the Lakers. David Stern should retire asap.

  • james mike

    laker fans can say whatever they want.. but the game against timberwolves and sacremento were bullsh$t… they got away with the last play on both games. and kobes ignorant comment after the nba admitted it should have been called a foul shows what a piece of sh!t he is… if that happened the other way it would have been an outrage in LA

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003033012897 Steve Woo

    what a bunch of idiots…Stern is for the Lakers? was he for the Lakers when he denied them Chris Paul? It would take a 4th grader to put together a bunch of bad calls and make this point for ANY team…If you’re buying this, hit me up- I have some prime real estate in Arkansas you might be interested in…simple ideas for simple minds.

  • Jules

    this is stupid, some people just got too much time on their hands, get a job!

  • John

    Its not whether he likes the team or not, its for the revenue, the Lakers with dwlight howard, kobe bryant, and steve nash will sell mad tickets despite their performance.

  • alex

    totally rigged…that’s messed up. raise awareness, at least david stern will be shamed

  • lo

    Business, he knew that would propel the clips to national fame. Leaving LA with yet another powerhouse as far as profit for the NBA. Just look at these past couple of years LeBron leaves the cavs get #1 pick. Chris leaves Hornets get #1 pick. Dwight leaves magic #1 pick? If so I will be disgusted.

  • Justin Hammock

    If you watched the hawks game last night you will understand that the NBA is rigged. I know the hawks suck but Its about money and ratings. The problem is that GM’s, players, and Stern all have personal relationships with NBA refs. This used to not be the case since refs are mediators in the game. There have been stories about refs geting autographs from top players as well as gms eating dinner with refs. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and in this money hungry society that we live in dont put it past yourself. Do you remember Tim Donoughy. He was patsied out to cover up a larger scandal in the game. They all bet on games. Do you think that Tim Donoughy was betting alone? Dont be so ignorant.

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