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Anti-Gay Slurs Dominate YouTube Page Showing Leandro Barbosa And Reggie Evans Holding Hands

What we have here is a completely innocuous clip of Toronto Raptors teammates Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans holding hands as they make their way to the locker room. It’s not meant to be anything, really, just one (presumably straight) teammate joking around with another (presumably straight) teammate as the cameras are rolling.

But, this being the internet, the YouTube page hosting the video has been inundated with anti-gay language.

None of this is surprising, of course. Anonymous internet commenting turns weak people into weak idiots. But the fact that literally every comment on the video’s YouTube page is either homophobic, or people reprimanding said homophobia, is a nice little example of how touchy a subject homosexuality is in sports.

[Jimmy Traina]

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VVHGFY6INZQ5SX4HLNUF4NSIE Stanley J

    Souds like the various hate groups in America – almost all of which have “family” in their name, have been sending out action alerts.

    the “anything but” christians who all seem to delight in sending themselves str8 to hell. Sick puppies wedded to fantasies and the hate needed to support their brainwashed into them fantasies.

    While their pastor sits in his counting house counting all the money these fools hand over to him.

    We should do America and the Taliban a favor and hand over to the taliban, that sick piece of $#!t Terry Jones, who burned a koran recently, resulting in dozens killed including UN workers in Afghanistan.

    Religion– the cause of more horrible deaths and murders then anything else in human societies

  • breathing

    Socialist governments killed more people during the 20th Century than all religions combined have killed in recorded history. Quit blaming everything on religion. The Christian religions were the basis of the political freedom we have in America. Quit grinding your ignorant axe and study a little history.

  • factfinder

    “Socialist governments killed more people during the 20th Century than all religions combined have killed in recorded history.”

    breathing: Please provide statistics and their sources to back up this claim. Thanks.

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