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Racist Or Not Racist? Jeremy Lin Hits A 3, And CSN Cuts To Crowd Shot Of Asian Fans

HOMER SIMPSON: “Stupid TV! Be less racist!” (Kicks TV).

OK, we get it: Jeremy Lin is an NBA player of Taiwanese descent. We endured a lengthy season of Linsanity, which cost us millions of dollars and hundreds of lives, to establish the uniqueness of that. Can we now just focus on his relevance to the game?

According to NBC/CSN, apparently not.

Anyway, Lin with 8-10 from behind the arc, 31 points, 10 assists as the Rockets and Sixers are going into overtime. We’ll update with a final.

UPDATE: Lin hit nine 3s, a Wells Fargo Center record, to finish with 34 points and 12 assists. But the 76ers won in overtime, 123-117. James Anderson led all scorers with 36 points.

  • wu kong

    Imagine if every time an African American player made a big shot they panned to African Americans in the stands… uh yeah can’t imagine that because they know it is racist to do that…

  • A fan of the 1st Amendment

    The fact that a piece was done on this is pathetic. Over the top political correctness is just one example of what’s killing this country right now.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a word, give it a shot:

    Racial – Adjective – relating to or based on race

  • Ted Tidwell

    Not racist. Hard to believe but there are Asian NBA fans, I know it is shocking.

  • whitenov

    Give ppl some knowledge and facts OF Asian world: There r asian NBA Fans since 42yrs ago when my Dad was 20 yrs old watching NBA w/ hisCollege pal. There r,Long ago, ASN fans when my brother watching NBA games,watching MJ winning 6 Champion Rings. And more to shock you, There r at least a dozen of NBA players or more invited to my country EVERY fricking year for quite a long time now,it’s all before jeremy Lin, and when guys went watch those players there r not there for/bcos of JLin. There r Lakers, Pacers, Heats, Spurs, Celtics, OKC,NYK,…etc fans in my “asian land” long be4 JLin comes around. And countless Kobe or LBJ fans in China at present, just for instance,

    It wld be shocking, for arrogant ppl only.

  • Ted Tidwell

    its called sarcasm man.

  • asiandude

    They are not asians, just Americans cheering their player

  • Kevin Wong

    To CSN’s defense, I can’t imagine too many Jeremy Lin fans or Rockets fans being in Philly. After the Rockets score, the camera pans out to the crowd looking for some team fans. It happens to every road team who isn’t the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, or Bulls.

  • whitenov

    dude, i watch like 96% of Lin’s game after 2011, These camera guys did that in EVERY game since like the 5th game he played as a starter at N.Y., OK….

  • whitenov

    I know what u meant in the first place. Just get into the game,clarifying n giv some facts for ppl. cos im tired/sick of ppl saying stupid thing whenever it’s come to Lin and asian fans.

  • Mike Thigpen

    Hey SportsGrid why don’t you stick with the Race Issue and post the Racist rant that Matt Barnes had on Tweeter after he got ejected last night? Or does he get a pass.

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