Raymond Felton Vs. Jeremy Lin; Or, Why Knicks Fans Hate Themselves

  • Eric Goldschein

Before Jeremy Lin came to Houston, he had a stint in New York. You might have heard about it. For whatever reason, the Knicks felt that Lin wasn’t a good investment, and instead brought back Raymond Felton to be their starting point guard.

While the jury is still out on whether Lin is worth $25 million over three years, it’s safe to say that he’s better than Felton, who is gaining a reputation as the worst point guard in the entire league. We could talk about their statistics (and yes, Lin has a higher PER than Felton), but pictures are worth a thousand words, and GIFs are worth many, many pictures, so here’s a GIF of Felton giving 110 percent in the overtime period against the Kings last night. The Knicks went on to lose the game:

Meanwhile, here’s Jeremy Lin, literally drawing up the play for his teammates in crunch time. The Rockets went on to win the game:

If you’re looking for Knicks fans, they’re likely walking out into this snow storm without a jacket on, hoping the cold will take them away from this dark, desolate world, or that they’ll stumble into the Barclays Center and be born again as Nets fans.


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