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Now That We Have The New Orleans Pelicans And The Charlotte Hornets (Again), Here Are Six More Teams That Need A Name Change

Starting next season, the New Orleans basketball team will be known as the Pelicans. While some people think that pelicans are lame (Note: they’re not), it’s an area-relevant name that wasn’t stolen when the team moved from Charlotte, so we support it. And now that the Hornets name is freed up, the Bobcats (which was the previous holder of the title “Dumbest Animal To Name Your Team After”) are working to revert to their original nickname again — though that probably won’t take effect until 2014-15.

We like it when teams have good, popular names that make sense. In fact, we want all NBA teams to have good, popular names that make sense. Because the truth is, some current team names vary from inappropriate for their city to downright garbage. Can we get a shout out for the culturally- or historically-relevant names out there today (like the Celtics, Knicks, Rockets, Pacers — just to name a few)?

Here are six NBA teams that need to get in on the changing names trend. By 2015, we hope that their current monikers will be stricken from the record.

Hed photo via Getty

  • Darren

    Did you seriously just suggest “Motown” for a team in Memphis? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • NC

    Motown (the music city) is Detroit….

  • Eric Goldschein

    You’re right. Stax, baby.

  • Anonymous

    Maurice Abravanel made what was once a community orchestra, the Utah Symphony, into a fully professional orchestra. He was the first conductor and the Utah Symphony the first orchestra to record all nine completed symphonies of Gustave Mahler for Vanguard Records, a label that offered a significant catalog of classical recordings at affordable prices.


    the lakers and jazz will never change their name no matter how illogical they are, they have too much brand recognition built… washington should go back to the bullets, but that will happen as soon as the astros change back to the colt .45′s… memphis should be the tennessee studs, the name the titans should have went with…


    sun, baby…

  • Maggie Gem

    I think the Brooklyn name sort of make sense. They played in Long Island and wanted a name that rhymed with the other NY teams (Mets and Jets), and Nets is also basketball related.

  • Anonymous

    Brooklyn Notorious sounds really suitable just to pay homage to Notorious BIG.

    hard to find a good 1 for Toronto because the hockey league stole all the good names and could just call it another animal or dinosaur, but then what’s the point of changing the name?

    Washington Presidents? LOL

    Theirs already a team named Blues in hockey. Memphis Soul sounds good or Memphis Beats. Memphis Homicide? Memphis Trap? Memphis Goons?

    Utah should just leave. Give their franchise to Seattle or Las Vegas. Hell, New Orleans should take back the Jazz name. If Charlotte can take back Hornets then N.O. should take back Jazz. Utah mostly Mormons. WAIT A SEC……Utah Mormons.

    Who gives a fuck bout these thugs. WAIT A SEC…… LA Thugs.

  • Johnny Canucklehead

    Bor and ing. Who cares whether they are logical or not. The Jazz and Lakers are so established now they’re not changing. The Pelicans and hornets may be good moves but their new logos both suck. I’ll take the multcolored Jazz ball in Utah over the correct Pelican rendering in NOLA irregardless of the lack of Mormon Tabernacle Jazz in SLC.

  • jordan

    Underage wives for Jazz wtf

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