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So This Is Sad: Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife On Streets Of Chicago With Certain Grievances

If you’re in Chicago, near the Richard J. Daley Center at 50 W Washington, you could stop by and see Siohvaughn Funches — Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife — on the street with a sign berating her ex. Or as Black Sports Online calls it, “Having a nervous breakdown.”

Obviously she feels underappreciated, even though a court awarded her a $1 million settlement to close out their divorce, which has been bouncing around the courts for the past three years. Wade got custody of the couple’s two children (I can’t imagine why, after seeing this), and also has been paying $25,000 per month alimony.

The ex-Mrs. Wade had sued Dwyane Wade for $1 million, but later dropped the suit, according to the Chicago Tribune. That seems to be at the crux of this latest protest. Occupy The Daley Center? That seems to be the way to protest these days.

Chicago Tribune:

Siohvaughn Wade said she would “live on the streets” as she protested what she called the “injustice” of a failed lawsuit she filed in an effort to get money from her ex-husband’s endorsement deals.

Court papers filed last week indicate the lawsuit was voluntarily dropped.

“I don’t want anything, no money, all I want is my freedom and my voice,” she said.

Sadly, having just been awarded $1 million in a divorce, along with $25,000 a month for living expenses, does not equal “living on the streets.” It’s actually kind of insulting, I would imagine, to those who actually do.

  • MapperMan
  • Guest

    this ungrateful bitch,, if i was still in chicagi I would have beated her ass.

  • Amelia Broussard

    This ungrateful bitch. If I still lived in chicago I would beat her ass!!!

  • bade falade

    she is really a gold diggermufin bitch

  • bade falade

    a good mother should be able manage a business with that amount . maybe she is on crack or something worse

  • mikeyd

    Arent they all gold diggermufin? Balck white, red yellow, they all want the green.

  • Stephanie Rose-Diane Robinson

    $25,000 a month,,,WTF are you protesting for..you should sit your ass back and enjoy life, Move on bitch

  • Anonymous

    She should be ashamed of herself if she got her stuff together and stopped with the stunts maybe the courts would do her justice but this is only hurting her case what a idiot!!!


    Yes because that’s what America is known for: respecting the homeless. This is a terrible affront to the honor of those who live on the streets, whom we hold in such high esteem.

    She’s posturing for a better settlement and venting at her ex because she mad. Pretty normal stuff. At least she’s not stabbing nobody or getting arrested, which has also been shit that these ppl have done when they had beef with with each other.

  • Guest

    No comment. Clearly all is not right there. She should use that energy to do something for herself, counseling would be a great start.

  • B

    How sad that this ungrateful LAZY bitch cant pay her bills on $25,000.00 a month!!!!!! That’s what u call GREEDY!!!!! Move on and stop worrying about what that man has, after all HE is the one working for it and taking care of the kids!!!

  • B

    AND…..She is really an INSULT to homeless people, struggling single parents and working people everywhere!

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