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A Newspaper In Washington Is Still A Little Angry Over Losing The Sonics

I sympathize with Seattle SuperSonics fans, I truly do. I can’t say I know what they’re going through, because I’ve never lost a team, but I really feel bad for the fans of Seattle. That being said, their gripe should not be with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In no way did anyone in that organization precipitate the relocation of the franchise. Again, Sonics fans are 110 percent justified in their anger. I just don’t get why they’re mad at OKC itself. Like this newspaper, for instance:

The subhead reads “Oklahoma City steals team, and steals game from San Antonio.” Just some misguided anger. Your beef is not – shouldn’t be, anyway – with Oklahoma City and the insanely passionate fans inhabiting it.

So where should Sonics fans direct all their anger? Well, if you don’t know much about what happened with regards to the Sonics relocation, I highly recommend watching SonicsGate, a documentary on all the events that led up to Seattle losing its basketball team. It’s nearly two hours long, but if you’re looking for a movie to watch, I’d definitely give it a look.

h/t Sports Crack, @ByTimBooth

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of the propoganda coming from Seattle Sonics fans.  The team was NOT stolen.  It was purchased.  Sonics fans have been deluded into believing the big bad wolf from the plains swooped in and swiped the Sonics.  

  • Guest

    You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about do you?

  • Anonymous

    Google is your friend. Do your research or remain deluded. Your choice.

  • Silversurferdonn

    OKC and Seattle situation can be explained like this: Imagine making your family’s secret recipe of delicious lasagna that has been a family tradition for decades, then taking that lasagna to a neighbors party and which they then take and put a little extra cheese on top and then parade around the party claiming its their lasagna and everybody giving them all the credit for it, you’d be pissed, like no I made that lasagna, that’s my recipe and came from my family.

    “Kevin Durant ‏@KDTrey5
    I lowkey miss Seattle and Key Arena”

  • Guest

    Don’t know the whole story and don’t want to watch a 2 hour documentary.  I thought Seattle had a chance to fund a new arena or bond issue or something like that and the vote didn’t pass.  Seattle  isn’t the only community tired of being held hostage by an owner who wants new digs.  Vikings might be the next? 

  • Guest

    Who drafted Durant, Westbrook and Hardin?  Was that a Sonics GM or a Thunder GM?  How about the trade for Perkins?  Who got Ibaka?  Where is the expertise?  Is it possible someone can make a better lasagna?  Seattle had a lasagna that went 20 – 62 their first year in OKC.  It started tasting significantly better when it added some Oklahoma seasoning.  Seattle had their chance to vote and did’t want to keep them.  It’s over and time to move forward.  Other than the Sooners during college football, what else goes on sports-wise in Oklahoma?  The Thunder are the flavor of the day and they taste great!          

  • Camp Jones

    Why is it a surprise for OKC fans when they realize that not everyone likes their team and wants them to do well?  It is part of sports.  The way the team left Seattle is an abomination and is a small look into a bigger problem with our society.   Greed and lies.    The franchise is an abomination hell spawn and the world needs to know.

    The colors of the team are based off of natural gas colors for f sakes.. It doesn’t get any more ugly than that.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1549105350 Brandon Eggleston

    All I hear from Seattle fans is WAH WAH WAH! Had the Sonics stayed in Seattle they’d of stayed as crappy. They’re just jealous cause OKC took a fail team and made them into rock stars. It’s like a guy that dumps some trashy girl that could be made beautiful but the guy could care less.. Then some other guy see’s the beauty in her and makes her into what she deserves to be. That first guy then gets all pissy and says that she left him when he cared so much about her. Had he cared about her she wouldn’t of been the mess she was when she left! Give it up Seattle!

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