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The Clippers And Lakers Might Swap Superstars In A Move That Sounds Great For Both Sides

chris paul dwight howard together

It’s tough to imagine the Clippers and the Lakers working together on a trade, but rumors are flying that the Staples Center roomies might do just that.

This all stems from Chris Paul, currently on the Clippers, and Dwight Howard, currently on the Lakers, wanting to team up. Jeez, we have to go through more of this “stars colluding” shit? Alright, fine. What are they up to?

From ESPN:

Paul and Howard have been communicating via text messages.

And what are they talking about?

The preference for both players would be to play together for the Clippers, according to the sources. Because the Clippers don’t have enough cap room to sign Howard as a free agent, it would take a sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers to make it happen.

Why no love for Atlanta? Sorry, Hawks fans. It sounds like these two are more interested in getting the two L.A. teams to work together than going for the simple solution in the southeast.

Both teams seem to recognize that the other does not want to give their inter-arena rival a star player. The Clippers “fear” the Lakers won’t work with them, and the Lakers are aware that Blake Griffin — the centerpiece of any trade that would give up Howard — is “untouchable.”

But this trade makes the most sense of any I’ve heard in a long time, despite the fact that it will probably never happen. Howard can stay in L.A. without living in constant fear of his big-man legacy and get out from under the watchful eye (read: death stare) of Kobe Bryant. The Clippers give up their high-flying superstar, sure, but their lineup is likely even more formidable with Howard and Paul together. And the blow for Blake would be lessened by the fact that he’s not going to, say, the Bobcats. He’s still in L.A., still playing for a contender, and still the bright future of a great team.

Will the two sides get over themselves and learn to deal with each other? Will they swallow the fact that they’re both giving up talented big men — in return for talented big men? Stay tuned, for the next exciting episode of Nonsense NBA Rumor Mill.

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  • Jorge

    Clippers trading Blake? Not in a million years. Donald Sterling already said he would not approve any trade involving Blake.

  • angrykitty

    Its more like Jordan, Bledsoe and expiring contract of Butler…the Lakers would be crazy to not do the deal. They will end up with nothing if they dont

  • James White

    No thank you. Griffin or no deal.
    Griffin, Bledsoe and D Jordan for D Howard.

  • Eboh Ayika

    How about this three team trade
    Hawk get deandre jordan
    Clippers get howard and josh smith
    Lakers get blake Griffin bledsoe and butler
    Clippers would have cp3 howard and smith
    Hawks let al halford plsy pf and jordan play center
    Lakers line up
    Nash bleadsoe kobe Griffin gasol
    This is a good trade

  • JBug

    That’s kinda silly, considering Griffin alone is better than Howard. Bledsoe and Jordan would be a great trade for the Lakers. Bledsoe is a solid pg espeicially considering where the league is heading. Jordan is a fresh young center with a lot of potential. He’s just growing into himself. That type of combo is what the lakers need. No one player (short of LBJ) can solve the Lakers’ problems. They a need a combination and to a certain extent a makeover.

  • JBug

    Doesn’t work for the Hawks – they would be cap depleted without having the power to be a contender.

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    Let howard leave if he so desires. If he leaves it shows that he’s soft
    and can’t handle the pressure of LA and doesn’t want his number to hang
    in the rafters with the other Lakers greats and HOF centers.

    He will never live down this decision. Fans will call him soft, and
    recognize that he doesn’t have what it takes to be “great.” As a Lakers
    fan, if he can’t handle the pressure and doesn’t want to accept the
    challenge, i don’t want him wearing Purple and Gold.

    I am also suspect of his mindset. If he returns the Lakers — the greatest
    franchise in NBA — will be his, and in 1 season the entire team and
    coaching staff will be molded around him in the greatest efforts to win
    Championships each year. If he turns this down, we’ll clearly see that
    Dwight Howard isn’t superman and might be a stretch to make the HOF.

  • clipstilidie

    Clips would NEVER trade Blake unless it’s for Bron. Simple as that. I’d love to see Dwight come over from the dark side but he’d still be no more than our 3rd best player. Not worth it. For DJ and Caron, ok. For Blake it’s a joke.

    The funny thing is all these so called “experts” are throwing around these rumors but there’s just one little problem: The Lakers CANNOT DO A S&T THIS SUMMER! The only thing they could do is accept draft picks. they cannot take a player back. Either all these writers think we’re morons or they themselves are morons. Or both. It is simply not allowed for a team in the tax to take a player back in an S&T.

  • Derek

    Please slap yourself, Griffin cannot play D like Dwight does (even with an aching back and shoulders).

  • Freddunk7

    Hell no let Howard walk unless Jordan and Griffin are involved. I’d like to se Bledsoe but I’m sure we could work out a better deal for a point dangling Gasol around. I say pull the trigger on DeAndre and Griffin if its there

  • David

    Blake Griffin IS NOT a superstar. People need to stop overrating him.

  • Bob

    I would let Dwight go away from LA neither team wants a player as indecisive as he is. With him neother is really a contender. Sign and trade him to Memphis and have the Gasol brothers play together. Maybe they could get CP to come over then anyway.

  • Andreas

    good trade for who? Hawks get nothing at all.

  • Andreas


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