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This Weird On-Court Exchange Between James Harden And Jeremy Lin Should Make Rockets Fans Nervous

harden lin rocketsNo one can deny that James Harden is one of the best players in the league right now — not even James Harden. But perhaps all the attention is getting to Harden’s head a bit — he appears to be clashing with his own teammates on the best way to run the offense, i.e. through James Harden, and it’s way too early in the season for that kind of drama.

Harden is a ball-dominant guard, which means he needs to rock to be effective. Jeremy Lin, who was benched at the start of this season partially because he’s also ball-dominant, is supposedly the team’s point guard — meaning he calls the plays relayed from the sideline and runs them to the best of his ability. So take a look at this crucial late-game possession against the Lakers last night, and notice what Harden does (around the 0:07 mark) while Lin calls a play:

If it looks like Harden is walking away from Lin and completely ignoring the play call and just standing in the corner not moving while his teammates try to make something happen on a limited shot clock, it’s because that’s exactly what happened. Lin ended up taking a forced runner as the shot clock expired. At the end of the video, you can see Harden walk over to Lin. This is apparently what happened next:

Ball-dominant star who considers himself the best shooting guard in the league is mad at fellow ball-dominant star* (*deserved or not) for trying to run a play and coming up short? That’s not going in the “team leader” scrapbook. Then again, it’s no secret that Harden loves running iso-plays for himself — it must sting when he doesn’t get to touch the ball once in a crunch-time possession.

Harden choosing to ignore the play and then pout about it is a bad sign. Everyone was worried before the season that Dwight Howard’s maturity level could derail the team’s title hopes, but maybe it’s the other young star that Rockets fans should be worried about. Howard left L.A. to escape the team’s star ball hog, but seems to have run into a similar situation in Houston.

Note: Harden did drop 35 points in the loss, but on 9-24 shooting, which is not exactly the most effective night from the field.


  • Kevin Wong

    I was hopeful that the Rockets could put something together over the summer, but it looks like they are taking some pretty big steps back. Harden has not played very efficiently the last 3 games, Howard is not dominating the post or the pick-and-roll, Lin is not making his free-throws or assists, Asik seems like the half the player he was last year, and the team in general does not seem to have direction.

    I don’t know too much about basketball, but it seems to me that the Rockets would do better playing team ball with Howard on the low post, shooters on the perimeter, and no one player holding the ball for more than 4 seconds. Asik should play weak-side to screen out for an open shooter, optional pick-and-roll, and chase Howard’s miss.

    Their current system is not working. They have two big men who don’t compliment each other, two ball-handlers, two play makers, and bunch of slasher/3-shooters. What’s worse is that as Lin’s turnovers are finally coming down, Harden and Howard are fumbling left and right. The only thing that seems to be working well is Lin and Beverly on the floor together.

  • plansmaker

    This is all due to Kevin Mcfail’s mismanagement of Rockets’s talents…
    He is an awful coach period who in his decade NBA coach/ GM career, never won a title. His experiments (Lin off bench, Asik ) will blowup in his face.

  • Anonymous

    It is a bad sign and Lin is already the odd man out through no fault of his making. He is paying the price of McFail’ ill conceived offense “system,” terrible starting lineup experiments, and his inability to reign in Harden who wants run iso all the time. He wants to be Melo of the west. We all saw how smooth and effective the Rockets offense can be when they move the ball—blowouts. More losses like last night, team chemistry can easily blowup and GM will be looking for a scapegoat to trade….guess who that will be.

  • j.kimchi

    They need to trade Lin and Asik.

    Someone on Reddit did an analysis of the top 7 most used lineups this season and analyzed +/- per 48 min. Any lineup with Howard + Asik was poison. And any lineup Lin was in was +. Beverley had a – in every lineup he was in except one.

    But McHale knows that in the NBA, coaches can get fired by players, which doesnt’ happen in any other sport (except maybe soccer). Morey will fire Mchale if Howard/Harden insist on it, so Mchale isn’t going to do anything to jeopardize his job. This means Mchale will ignore it when Harden purposefully disrupts the play in order to run iso.

  • jimmy

    Harden is a great player, more like a great scorer, but his ISO plays are horrible, it ices others, and he loves doing it during clutch moments and truthfully he isn’t too clutch yet, maybe in the future but not yet, he needs to run more plays or let lin call plays, I don’t think he knows lin is a good passer and would get him the ball in good scoring situation(cuz we all know harden loves getting his points). I hope they realize harden iso is not the answer to winning games and hopefully McHale will change it up

  • Jason David

    James Harden is an ignorant idiot.

  • dcthemvp

    Harden is out to back up Durant’s statement this offseason that harden is better than wade. What’ a joke. Jacking up 30 shots (7 being fouls) and only hitting 9 of them is MVP material? Missing the game winner? 20 turnovers in 3 games? Turning the ball over and watching the defender score on the fast break? Watching your opponent score all game? Losing to the pathetic lakers without kobe? Harden is a 1 trick pony and will expose himself, restrict the lakers with his inefficient volume shooting, and ultimately hold back Howard much like kobe did. Meanwhile, wade carried the heat with a hobbled lebron past the clippers. Efficiency wins everytime. With lebrons back hurt this is wades opportunity to showcase he’s still got it. Thanks durant for both the motivation for wade and the false hope for Harden. Wade > Harden yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Harden is a prima Donna joke. Have fun, kids he’ll let you down, again.

  • dcthemvp

    Here’s comes the excuses. The rockets did put something great together, but the problem is THEIR LEADER. Much like the kobe on the lakers, hardens ego will ruin the rockets potential. Howard needs to play with a pass first guard, not a inefficient volume shooting prima donna guard.

  • dcthemvp

    Or trade harden while his value is extremely high and overrated before he exposes himself. He’s absolutely a terrible defender. Watches his defender score all game. Turns the ball over then allows them to run the fast break. When I picture harden, I picture someone doing a layup with harden in the background at half court standing there.

  • dcthemvp

    Of course it’s not due to the last second shot harden missed. Of course it’s not due to his turnovers, lackadaisical defense, or inefficient scoring. Makes 9 shots out of 30 (6 were called a foul but still missed). The prima donna will let you bandwagon fans down. Start digging.

  • dcthemvp

    Harden = prima donna. Inefficient, lackadaisical defending, 1 trick pony he is.

  • dcthemvp

    The truth hurts. Durant got to hardens head. Thanks durant, as a wade fan I couldn’t be happier.

  • plansmaker

    Basket is still a team sport…Something James “Iso” Harden forgot! He can score 50 points and lose the ball game, if he does not get his teammates involved.
    9-24 Harden shooting is not exactly a stellar performance.

  • Steve

    Harden’s defense has been terrible. Asik looks lost on offense. Parson’s is slow on close-outs. McHale’s attitude to Lin, who has bailed them out of several games when Harden’s offense disappeared is now for all to see. Trade them both – it would be fairer to them. This isn’t a winning team.

  • Steve

    Oh – McHale’s coaching = Del Negro’s coaching.

  • Joe Chan

    They’re running horns and Harden is where he should be, in the corner. Double screen for Lin, Bev and Harden in opposite corners. Lin gets hedged off the pick and roll, if Harden’s man sagged off him, he’d be available for the open 3 but he doesn’t so Lin kicks it back out to Parsons, who’s open because of the hedge. Execution is crappy so Parsons can’t get a shot off and it all goes to hell but that’s pretty much the fault of everyone on floor except Beverley.

    You guys that don’t know basketball shouldn’t be writing stupid shit like this.

  • A l

    Wrong. Harden wanted to play iso, did not like the play call, so he took his time to walk to the corner. He never reached there, and ruined the floor spacing. After Lin drove right, Howard was too lazy to screen for Parsons. After Parsons got the ball, Bev should have cut behind Nash to get an easy two. Only Parsons and Lins did the “horns” play right, but at the end it was a broken play. In the next play, Harden kept the ball and played iso. Read this: http://bbs.clutchfans.net/showthread.php?t=246406&page=3

  • A l

    From “jp2123″:

    Let’s do a Breakdown on the play and what’s really going on!

    -0:08-0:10 Lin is telling Bev and Harden to switch. The reason is simple, but we will look at it later. All we need to know is the following. Meeks isNOT going to leave Harden. Keep that in mind.

    -0:11-0:12 Lin notices that they are not paying attention and decides to run the play as it is. You can tell he is frustrated and he should be.

    -0:13-0:16 Lin drives to the right taking Parsons screen. Kamaan comes to help Blake. Now PAUSE:

    Notice how Nash is guarding Bev and how Meeks is guarding Harden. Ok, switch them up and look at that. Bev has an open lane to the basket for an easy layup. However, this can’t happen with Harden on the right side because his man is not going to leave him no matter what. Bev doesn’t demand that attention at all so Nash would commit to Lin and Bev could just cut to the basket. This is the reason why Lin told them to switch, Lin was going to drive to the right and he needed Bev to be on that side not Harden.

    Let’s continue:

    -0:17-0:18 If you noticed, the pass now goes back to chandler who SHOULD be open, however Howard doesn’t screen Gasol so he is able to come up to Parsons.

    Pause at 0:18: Now, notice how Nash commits to Parsons (He can’t let Parsons drive to the Lin. Bev is just standing there asking for the ball when he should be CUTTING for again… another easy layup. Look at how far Nash is from Bev and how open the lane is. At that moment the defense is broken. Nash would have to run to follow Bev, Kaman would have to commit to Bev’s cut to not let an easy layup and you would have Howard by himself for an easy dunk.

    I will leave it at that. This just shows how everyone is lost. Bev is just asking for the ball but is not cutting or moving. Howard is being LAZY. Harden doesn’t care one bit. Seems that he only wants to do ISO and bring our team to victory like he always does…. The only two that were committed in that play was Parsons and Lin.

    Source: http://bbs.clutchfans.net/showthread.php?t=246406&page=3

  • aaron fu

    Harden sucks.

  • rob

    Shit. Everyboy will blame Howard at the end of the whole debacle. But this guy is innocent this time. Real ass is Harden who now thinks he is Kobe 2.0. Sell him like overvalued Twitter stocks. Now.

  • Joe Chan

    First I posted several times on that Clutchfans thread – I’m actually the guy who brought up Harden’s spacing so this is pretty hilarious. Two, that whole talk about Lin hitting the smallest guy on the floor on a weakside cut when there are 2 defenders in the paint makes little sense, there’s only one guy on that thread insisting that.

    Let me break it down. They’re running high pnr out of A-Set. Bev and Harden’s job is to stand in the corner and hit the 3 if their man sags off them. Lin chose Parsons as rollman, Parsons chose to pop, his defender chose to hedge so Lin is now doubled and can’t attack the rim. Because Lin’s doubled, Meeks doesn’t have to sag off Harden, so Lin can’t give Harden the ball to shoot the 3. But Parsons is now open so the ball goes back to him. Dwight is supposed to screen for Parsons to create space but doesn’t. Lin also has a slow turn around pass back to Parsons. So Parsons gets the ball with little space between him and Gasol. At this point I think Parsons should’ve shot the 3 anyway (last year he would’ve without hesitation) but he didn’t.

    At this point the right thing for Parsons to do would be initiate a weakside pnr, which is why Dwight starts to flash back to the top of the key. But Parsons doesn’t wait for the pick, instead he goes attack mode trying to split two defenders and ends up stuck. Nash didn’t sag on Bev so he can’t hit Bev for the 3. He can’t do anything except pass back out to Lin and now there’s only 3 sec left, no time to run another pnr, so Lin chucks an ugly floater.

    So like I said, everyone screwed up except Bev
    Dwight = missing screen
    Lin = slow pass
    Harden = spacing (mattered the least)
    Parsons = for being impatient (this mattered the most)

    The idea that Harden was rejecting the play is dumb. Him and Beverley’s roles were the least important in the set (they’re basically spot up shooters here) and his one screw up, spacing, didn’t even matter because once Lin was doubled, Meeks was gonna stick to Harden like glue

  • Joe Chan

    As wordy as it is, this makes zero sense. If people think Bev is a slasher who’s gonna score on Kaman and Gasol for a layup (after somehow losing Nash without a screen) and Lin is gonna somehow find a passing lane to get it to him when he’s doubled, I don’t know what to tell you

  • shawn

    If Howard sets a solid pick on Gasol instead of brushing him, Chandler is open and can step into the 3 — or really attack the hoop

  • Busketball

    Guys, all of you ignored one thing—–NBA is business, all of what have happened are not about basketball strategy . It’s business strategy, Rocket had decided to get rid of Lin (at least not depend on him to win) after Harden came. The coach just only followed the management strategy. In management’s view , the back court is unnecessarily too expensive , So Lin will be trade once PB can handle the start position well, But the problem is that looks like Rocket is mess up without Lin in past several games.

  • Northerner

    PB isn’t close to what they need. He contributed nothing last night. The only reason he’s starting is because they need a cog next to Harden (who won’t ask him for the ball).

  • Eric Goldschein

    I’m loving all this analysis. Keep it going!

  • Northerner

    I liked your article. Good job.

  • Vince

    Is harden starting to turn into carmelo anthony? (A talented offensive player that also sucks on D and also had issues with lin because Lin is a better team player)

  • mike

    Should call him Harmelo from now on…

  • Tim Yeung

    I hope not but Harden sure played like Melo this game.

  • Joe Chan

    Well that Chandler 3 was supposed to happen but didn’t. At that point Chandler should’ve waited for Dwight to screen and attacked off the pnr. Instead he attacked right away with no driving lane and ended up nowhere.

  • Sweaty Taco

    Looks like Harden has a case of Dwightitis. Cry about something and then cry some more.

    Hey Harden. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Basketball is a team sport. You and Dwight stop acting like a couple of 8 year olds.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think anyone has to worry about Harden turning into another Melo. When both Melo and Harden played for the US dream team, they did not always ask for the ball and were very cooperative with their limited roles This is because they know that other team members are just as good or better. However, in their respective team, they think they are above all. Well, this is easy to resolve.

    Lin just pass him the ball less and shot more. With Lin’s stats these days, if he shots more, he will be averaging much higher score. If he passes to Harden more, he will be headed to the bench. I think Lin is beginning to realize that keep passing the ball to Harden will only destroy his own career and Harden will never say thank you anyway.

    If you were Lin and has a higher efficiency rate and shooting percentage, why would you keep giving the ball to Harden? Lin went to Harvard and he ain’t stipud. Even if the coach ordered Lin to keep passing the ball to Harden and Lin does not fully comply, what is McCain going to do, decrease Lin’s minutes?? That would be a joke.

    The more Lin shots, the more McCain needs him – Lin, are you reading this !!!!

  • J H

    McHale is also of the old guard, meaning he uses old increasingly irrelevant stats, stodgy forced strategy, and eye test.

  • J H

    At least Kobe has 5 rings, 2(?) MVPs, countless All-NBA type stuff, etc etc etc.

    Harden hasn’t done anything relevant as far as hardware goes.

    PS – I don’t think KOBE would be fine letting his defensive assignments go off for career nights. Especially lower tier players like JJ Redick, Steve Blake, any SG that Harden guards.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but Kobe puts a lot of criticism on himself when losses happen. Harden points the finger, ” WHY DIDNT YOU LET ME DRIBBLE IT 20 SECONDS AND BRICK IT LIN.”

  • J H

    IT’s McHale, as the coach to bring everyone in…. as much as it sucks that star veteran NBA players have lots of leverage and are counted on to set the tone…. McHale is a bad coach and an enabler.

  • J H

    Harden = Melo


  • Tim

    When Lin signaled the play and Howard turned his back, Lin shouted and pointed for Harden to streak down the baseline so that the offense could rotate to get men open for a shot. That forced Lin to make a play that was not a high percentage shot.

    That whole play fell apart because Harden was pouting like a bitch instead of working with his TEAM to win a game. If you cannot respect your team and your floor general enough to run the designed play, then you won’t be playing for a ring come May of 2014.

    It must really be difficult to play on a basketball team with two primadonna knuckleheads like Howard and Harden. I didn’t think Harden could ever pull a stunt like that and let his team lose rather than give his team the best shot to win but if you’re the head coach, the player your sitting down in your office after the game is HARDEN, not Lin.

  • jimmy

    I think all the celebrity status of Harden is getting to his head. One man alone can not win a championship no matter how good his shooting is (Knicks Melo is the perfect example). Teamwork is the key to winning (not drama from a diva ball player).

  • J H

    The QB (Lin) is scrambling. The play has broken down. As a receiver (Harden)…. you effing MOVE. You don’t pace about in the corner, and then shit on your QB for having to dump it off.

    Yes I know this is bball, but it still fits.

    Play breaks down, someone gets trapped, or stuck somehow… you MOVE in the hopes it gives him a better option.

  • J H

    It’s possible and happens a lot during games to get open without a screen.

    Backdoor cuts, misdirection, scrambling.

    Personally it’s TL:DR. But I didn’t need to read it or replay the segment I saw once to see Lin get hung out to dry by multiple players including Harden.

  • CS

    KOBE is someone who doesn’t hide. When Linsanity won his lakers. He revealed to the media Lin is a talented player. To be complimented by KOBE BRYANT arguably one of the most skillful player in the game is something cannot be ignored. He’s a fighter unlike JAMES HOGDEN

  • ac

    “Howard left L.A. to escape the team’s star ball hog”

    Is this even considered journalism? Eric Goldschein is a joke. Who taught this clown how to write?

  • Anonymous

    RE: The “only thing that seems to be working well is Lin and Beverly on the floor together.”

    That’s the one thing about the team setup that’s made me smile. Lin and Beverly bring different strengths, and when the going gets tough, McHale puts them both on the floor and makes for some nice chemistry.

    But Harden? Sorry, I liked the dude. Seemed to have a sense of humor when he joined Rox. But he’s become one of the more overrated players since the beginning. Something tells me all that fame’s getting to his head.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, most of us like Kobe. He set the standard for today’s top-class players. I think the argument is things could’ve been better at the Lakers if a more pass-first mentality and strategy had been adopted.

  • Joe Chan

    You can rip Harden for heroball and a lot of other things but not in this play. Play broke down when Chandler couldn’t shoot the 3 and didn’t know what to do next, not when Harden went to the corner, which is where he was supposed to be.

  • ac

    What happened to unbiased journalism? Kobe averaged a higher APG than Harden last year. Yet, Kobe’s a ball hog and Harden’s “ball-dominant?” Smh..

    Have fun with Dwightmare. The dude has more baby mamas than he does post moves.

  • Joe Chan

    Beverley is not a slasher, he’s a shooter. He should be camping the corner waiting for a kickout for a high % 3, not backdoor cutting while Lin somehow threads the needle through 3 defenders to get the ball to him in the paint where he’ll probably get blocked anyway because he’s the smallest guy on the court. Common sense bro. Regardless of how many people ^ AI’s cut and paste post that makes no sense, go look at the Clutchfans thread and see how many people disagree w/ the original poster.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Well, I didn’t mention Kobe in this article because it isn’t about him. But yes, I would say that being “ball-dominant” is a nicer way of saying ball hog. Being “ball-dominant” is a good thing sometimes — in this game, for Harden, it was not.

  • J H

    OK so he’s just a shooter, sit there while your PG is scrambling…. sit there while your defender just stands there with you…. he can’t backdoor cut because he is a shooter. That’s some of the most garbage stuff I’ve ever heard. You won’t make a high school basketball team with that attitude.

    Coach: “Why didn’t you move or back cut? Why didn’t you try to reposition to get the ball??Your defender was getting lazy and got to stand there and started looking away…”

    Joe Chan: “I’m a shooter coach…. I don’t move to help out the ball handler or backcut.”

    Coach: “……”

  • J H

    That’s the thing, Lin isn’t without his faults, but people seem to gloss over the other Rocket’s players mistakes. Lin is the scapegoat.

    And the most numerous glaring double standards people see are Harden, CP, PB, carried over from last year.

  • Zhi Alphaeus Cao

    Rox PR team is pretty fast on putting JH on day to day for damage control….smh… so much for the 9-24 35pts hero hurts himself. I wonder how Jermey felt when he took them heavy hits during the game and kept his mouth shut and keep on playing.

  • A l

    J H, well said. Harden did not go into the corner, and the floor spacing was messed up. Lin ran the play as the coach wanted, but ran into three defenders because Harden was in the wrong spot. Harden just stood there and did not move to help his QB. When Parsons had the ball, Nash committed to Parsons to block his driving lane and passing lane to Bev. Nash may not be young but had excellent basketball IQ. Bev had to move to help Parsons, but he didn’t. The horns play is dynamic, if the corners do not move or go backdoor, your remaining 3 players will be effectively playing 3 on 5. Rockets team chemistry is a big problem, when Harden does not play defense, wants to pad his stats on offense, turns the ball over 5 times a game, and then he and the coach chew on Lin.

  • weltec2

    Is there any way of getting a YouTube video of the post game exchanges between D12 & Lin, McHale & Lin, and Harden & Lin?

  • J H

    It could be any number of things keeping the Rox back.

    But some of those nba plays are such bang bang play option read react plays. It relies so much on instinct and snap judgement. its hard enough to run some of those plays on xbox. Not sure this Rox team and this coach is able to do it as configured.

    Team ball = domino effects and playing on a string.

  • J H

    And let’s remember to consider Kobe’s resume versus harden.

  • SeaW4700

    What’s the deal with Harden? He’s suddenly acting like a prima donna? He plays toreador defense, high a high turnover rate and a low hustle quotient. If I were Lin, I”d beg to come off the bench rather than have to play with Harden. As feared, Harden is becoming in love with his scoring, as if that’s the only facet of the game that is important rather than shooting efficiency, getting his teammates involved with the game, playing unselfishly, making other players around him better and playing Defense. His Assist to Turnover ratio isn’t impressive but he wants the ball in his hands all of the time. He is becoming a victim of his own press. Once he stops getting so many questionable calls on his drives, he might become suddenly pedestrian as an overall player but a great offensive one. McHale better get ahold of this situation RIGHT NOW if he’s any kind of coach. This is a bad portent of a season for the Rox and it will likely be blamed on JLin and not Harden or McHale if nothing gels. Scoring isn’t much good if you aren’t getting other involved in the game and are giving it up on defense. If you lose your man, your teammates have to take up the slack .. which is normal but can’t be a way of life .. it eventually leads to your teammates fouling out sooner .. something that isn’t obvious in reading a box score or a win / loss column.

  • SeaW4700

    Kobe has too much pride to allow his man to dominate him defensively. Harden seems to have overcome this problem.

  • Seaw4700

    Agree. I don’t think anyone is saying Kobe hinders the Lakers overall. He may be “all that,” but he understands that it takes a team to win in the NBA … over time. Winning now and then playing like a spoiled brat who’ll sulk if he doesn’t get his way is a dangerous drug as it inoculates you to the concept of TEAM.

  • SeaW4700

    Yeah. That series was PATHETIC. Harden did LITERALLY NOTHING to get himself open for a spot up shot as an outlet for Lin or anyone else for that matter! That attitude is POISON to a team and if McHale can’t get it under control, with the backing of management, then he ought to resign .. to keep hi s dignity if nothing else.

  • HoustonRN

    For all what Lin had done for the team, taking the his role as a bench player shooting over 50%+ for his field goals and 40+ for his 3s and averging over 15 points taking less than 9 shots per a games so what can Harden ask more for from him? Yeah Jeremy may not be the best PG in the league but he is a efficient PG who are willing to give Harden the ball. Harden really needs to act more like a leader because at the moment Lin sure looks more like one than he does!

  • sophie

    rockets treat lin so bad and unfair, harden is not a good leader.

  • Denzel Boksingero

    If there’s a Dwight Howard effect (improving team defense), then there is also a Harden effect: a player who makes others worse than better. But I hope the Rocket will see and take advantage of the Lin effect–making other players better in offense.

  • Joe Chan

    Look up the horns high pnr set. That’s what they were running, there’s no backdoor cut in that set no matter what people are saying

  • B P

    Mr Joe Chan aka “I know horns”…. the breakdown starts with Harden, there’s nothing else to say. Also, stop citing Clutch… there’s no credibility there.

  • Joe Chan

    That makes zero sense. If your team is playing 3 on 5 then that means your corners are open to take a high % 3. Which is why you keep them in the corner. So all the ballhandler has to do is see if his defender sags off him and if so, hit the corner guy for an open 3.
    So you want Bev to help Parsons out? Lol exactly what do you expect him to do?

  • lebroo

    I read a lot of comments about how McHale dislikes Lin for no reason, and I was initially very skeptical, but I am definitely seeing it this season. He has outplayed Beverley, yes Bev is a better defender but Lin is better on offense. It is Harden that is the real problem. Harden is vastly overrated, not a superstar (Harden better than Kevin Love? Are you kidding me?) and apparently a chemistry-disruptor as well, far more so than Howard. Also Asik+Howard is useless, one needs to go and obviously it’s going to be Asik. Get Ryan Anderson. Trade Lin to a better situation since you aren’t going to give him the opportunity he deserves.

  • Joe Chan

    Sure, the other dude cut and paste some nonsense from Clutch that y’all are agreeing with and now you say there’s no credibility there

  • J H

    Once the play breaks down, I could care less what it was meant to be…. you effing do what you can to salvage it. If that means OMG backdoor cutting cuz your defender is getting lazy, standing next to you, looking away…. that means you move to get open.

    If the play is iso Harden and they triple team him, welp the play is iso harden lets stand here the whole time. you hear how silly that sounds? The pick and roll didnt work, theyre trapped…. welp lets just stand here the whole time while we watch our teammates struggle to find an open man….. it doesnt matter that our defenders arent paying attention to us…. im gonna stand here and not move, so my guy can cover me without even trying while in help position. Do you hear how awful this sounds? LOL…. joe chan. you wouldnt even have made my high school bball team.


    And you especially don’t throw a hissy fit like Harden did @ Lin because the play was broken and Lin had to toss it up.

    PS I didnt even read that guys post (way too long for me personally…. too wordy and it kinda cloudies up the message) , and never go on CF. TLDR too much work.

  • Joe Chan

    Well you should’ve read the post then because it’s arguing a Bev backdoor cut was supposed to be a part of the play
    You’re talking about something totally different

  • Jah

    I blame Daryl Morey for this mess. He created a situation where he pits White plays against the better-talented Black players. I mean, our supporting cast around Harden and Howard is Parsons, JLin and Asik. Literally, all Whites, and they think they can be as good as Harden and Harden and try to do things or run plays featuring their white-boy ball crap. Which fails every times.

    And then with the Bench, it’s even worst. It’s Casspi the Joke, Asik , Parsons and F.Garcia. Though I like Garcia, this is still another white-boy cast with the Bench unit and they are failing in both the supporting cast and the bench.

    Morey knew exactly what he was doing creating that sort of personnel where Blacks are pit with Whites, when these White players have no business earning the clout to play with Howard and Harden. Morey is a Republican-Racist!

    He didn’t have to go out and sign Omri Casspi—– dude is an utter JOKE! Asik too jealous to play second fiddle to Howard and I don’t blame him, given that Howard is averaging just 4 points than Asik last season. And just 4 rebs. more than him from last season. He has every right to be upset. Which mean, Howard need to step up and give us at least 20 points a game to justify the 88 million salary he got.

    Even still, we’re going NO WHERE with all these White boys. Morey actinv silly with his knack ti flood half our team with borderline to below-average White boys. Silly Racist!

  • Jah

    People talking Harden’s defense as if JLin is locking down his man ice-cold. Please! Did you see Harden’ s stat line against the Lakers????

    35 pts./ 9 Rebs/5 ast./4 stl./2 blks.

    Show me Lin’s and let’s see if he got 2 blks and 4 steals. Don’t even worry about the 35 pts and 9 rebs. We’ll cut him some slack. Smh.

    With Harden, the Lakers would have ran over us. And if you think Howard/Lin is a combo, you’re delusional. JLin play for JLin, not the team. JLin doesn’t know his personnel because he’s too busy trying to be JLin whom is as inconsistent as a fly moving in one direction.

    And that’s why Harden walked away from Lin and stood pat. I would have done the EXACT, SAME THING. It isn’t about dissing Lin, that’s media hyping up lies for the sake of lying. Harden did that because JLin NEVER run a play straight the way he suppose to. He breaks up a play and got a bad case of improvising. That crap confuses players, especially when you don’t know what he’ll do when a play is call. Jlin is the type of player to botch a play and either take a ridiculous bad shot, make a bonehead pass, or a TO.

    This is why Harden stepped to the side and let that clown do whatever Ringling Bros. Circus act he set out to do. There is no realism to JLin’s game. Compared with Harden, his ISO MONEY! Hate on it all you want but that’s wby he get paid the big buck to do what he do, and he do it. Hero Ball and all! It’s here to STAY!

  • Jah

    @ Jimmy,

    and who are you??? James Harden is a CAPTAIN, Racist! He has EVERY RIGHT SH*T ON JLIN. JLIN is a BENCH PLAYER! This is HARDEN’S TEAM….proven by the money he makes and being the leading scorer!

    Stop HATING, you Racist Coon!

  • HoustonRN

    JLin a type of player who botch plays and make ridiculous bad shot at a % of 50%+ FG and 40%+ 3s and averages 15+ points? Yeah, that makes you seem pretty intelligent did your PE teacher teach you maths?

  • Protune

    Harden is the antitype of a winner and champion. He has no respect for his teammates and no respect for the sport. It is all about himself. It is more exciting watching a game of chess than watching Harden and the Rockets right now. I hope Jeremy Lin will be allowed to play his brand of basketball for the sake of the sports and for the Houston Rockets.

  • Kaori Lee

    Harden has always been a ball hog. Thats probably why they got rid of his snaggle tooth ass in OKC..too many ball hogs on one team.

  • weltec2

    very disturbing

  • claire612

    If the team leader acts like Harden, we could imagine Rockets is going far away from champion.

  • HoustonRN

    People who use phrases as white to describe players surely have got no right to talk about anything race related. Without Casspi and Gracia shooting efficient 3s at 43% and 40% respectively who the hell stood up in the 3 point land? No offense James is a Great player but Hey shooting 3s at 27.8% while someone like you talk trash about other team player who shoots great percentages in 3s, you surely knows nothing about the game Basketball!


    You don’t have to be Doug Collins to see that James Harden checked out of that play once he didn’t get the rock. Look at his arms, the urgency of his movement (there is none), every other player on that offense is engaged and reacting to the play. Harden is pulling a pouty Pippen. When you’re supposed “leader” checks out of playing defense on J.J. Redick, and takes plays off when he doesn’t get the ball, you are in for a loooong season. Harden is talented and streaky, but he isn’t a leader. Just like Dwight isn’t a leader. They have a lot of talent, but when the chips are down, character will carry you through that, but shallowness will cause the team to self destruct. Dwight’s not going to keep Harden accountable. Harden isn’t going to get on Dwight’s case. Sadly, Jeremy is the only leader on this team, but McHale doesn’t back him. The last four games have revealed a lot. The Rockets are headed for a slow descent and an eventual crash unless leadership holds players accountable.

  • HoustonRN

    Great point of view! Unbiased and it’s the truth!

  • chan c

    “Sadly, Jeremy is the only leader on this team, but McHale doesn’t back him.”

    I hope more and more people will come to light with this truth.

  • chan c

    ISO HARDEN and HERO BALL should go AWAY!!!

  • chan c

    I’ve long been nervous with Harden’s ball hogging , hero plays and Iso’s.

    I’m glad the media and fans are clearly seeing it up. It’s about time.

  • Nanoduck

    It is not about race, it is about the characters and who they are.

  • ray

    90% of pro athletes are self centered mutants who lack an ounce of humility. james “carmello jr” harden is no different. he won’t be winning a championship anytime soon.

  • Jimmy

    Whether or not it was part of the original play, I 100 % agree that spacing was messed up, the PnR broke down, either PB or Harden should have moved, back door cut or something. It is not totally different. Keep trying buddy~! =D

  • 543

    McHale doesn’t like jlin !

  • RanceSV

    Man, that perspective is so f**ked up. You must be a Harden backer. You’re turning into an ignorant fool.

  • RanceSv

    Holy smokes! You’re all over the internet spreading Harden blasphemy..

  • RanceSV

    Captain? Harden is the captain? That egoistic, ball hogging superstar they call these days that doesn’t account for his faults? Wrong move making him the captain. Stop defending him, save your soul.

  • RanceSV

    Mr. Chan it won’t work. Stop defending the Bearded One. Your arguments won’t sway anybody that has observed that play.

  • Joe Chan

    Hey Jimmy, nobody cares about your high school basketball team. I know it must’ve been the high point in your life because you keep bringing it up but seriously, nobody cares

  • Joe Chan

    Lol I don’t even like Harden and I’ve been a Lin fan since he went head to head w Kemba in Ivy League. I also bought League Pass his rook year just to watch GSW games hoping he’d get some spin.

    Anyway I’m done arguing setplays with guys who don’t even know what play is being run. You really think Rox are gonna run a setplay to give Bev a layup on a critical possession to close out a game, go ahead and blame Harden for not switching corners

  • Jimmy

    Nice try again buddy.

    1. I keep bringing it up to drill home the fact that you aren’t good enough to play organized bball with 13 year olds.

    2. I only played for one high school team so when I make a comparison it’s better to use that one because I am familiar with the quality of that team.

    3. The more you talk, the more I realize you wouldn’t be good enough to play organized ball with ANY freshman bball team.

    4. Have a nice day. LOL this guy.

  • Jimmy

    Two words sums up my reply to you.


  • Jimmy

    That’s the thing… when you have poor spacing it allows one defender to cover two offensive players very easily on helpside. When people don’t move to get open and just stand there, even if not actually covering two guys, the defensive player can easily shift the majority of his attention to helpside…. Why? Because with his offense assignment standing there not doing anything, there is no threat. Derp Derp?

    AGAIN, you are not good enough for freshman organized bball, and not just at my school, any school.

  • socali

    Jeremy Lin is a non factor. James Harden should be getting all the touches in that situation.

  • George Livingston

    Right…so Harden can throw up a brick and play hero ball. I takes a TEAM to win a game. Look at the Michael Jordan era when he won all those championships…he passed the ball. Stop being ridiculous.

  • George Livingston

    Houston doesn’t deserve Lin. They do deserve the soft cry-baby Dwightmware and their ball-hog egomaniac Harden and inept coach McHale. Can’t wait until he get’s traded so he can leave all those hillbillies in the dust….it’s hard for them to see with their buck teeth so they might not mind.

  • top dog

    hi houston. welcome to know how we feel with inefficient kobe that won’t pass. :)

  • Anonymous

    The Laker game was lost due to Howard missing all those Freethrows, Harden’s lack of defense and his stupid ISO balls where he wait until there are 3 seconds left before he does anything. Giving very little time for anyone to do anything with it, when Harden decides to pass the ball with 1 second left.


  • Anonymous

    Bottom Line. Very difficult to watch Harden iso plays because they needlessly destroy team ball movement. Very difficult to watch Howard post ups because he does not have any signature move that will result in a basket. Watching Lin play with the second unit is very easily on the eyes.

    Rocket Mgmt., are financially and emotionally committed to their two “Superstars” so we know Lin and Asik will be the scapegoats to be traded away. Just do it, we’ll find out soon enough who were the problems on the team.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why they don’t have Dwight working with Hakeem every waking minute to improve footwork and teach him the dream shake. Dwight would dominate with that move.

  • Joe Chan

    Nope. Pnr broke down after Parsons couldn’t get the 3 off in time, Parsons should’ve reset and ran another pnr, that’s actually part of the set. You even see Dwight flashing to the top of the key to set another pick but Parsons didn’t wanna wait. Instead he attacked early and ended up nowhere and from that point on it was screwed because there was only 3 sec left.

    They’re not running flex, they’re not doing any play involving cutting or backscreens, it’s a simple high pnr out of horns. And you can keep repeating platitudes about plays you don’t understand but fact of the matter is, everyone was where they were supposed to be but the execution sucked

  • ThisVoice

    Harden is that you?

  • ThisVoice

    35 pts from 9/24 yea….

  • mathewmakio

    How do you know that the play didn’t involve him? This is often the case to spell him.

    Also great footage of a nice steal Harden made…good job

  • Marcus Roue

    Your analysis is something a monkey on a porch would make up.

    Stop with this sh!t and get real!!

    BTW; Lin brought home the game against the Raptors. Harden stood and watched in awe.

  • Adam

    Houston should wake up, get rid of McHale!

  • Mike De Moor

    Yeah, it’s so weird that the team’s star wanted to run a high pick and roll after getting to the line like 20 times earlier in the game…. This is a non issue… The only issue is why the Rockets didn’t give Harden the ball at the top of the key when they were up 2 with a minute and a half left… The Rockets ended up losing this game and all you guys are talking about is how Harden’s a diva… Watch tonight: no one gets yelled at more by their teammates than Lin.

  • Roger this

    Well, that’s not entirely fair. In general, the good lineups with Harden are scoring more than they are stopping.

  • Roger this

    I found this article searching for just that. After the Rockets Knicks game tonight, I decided to look at the stats.

    Lin and Harden are really similar players, except that Lin is the most efficient scorer on the team, and Harden is one of the least efficient. Lin is the best 3 point shooter on the team this year, and he scores 90% of his threes off of assists.

    Harden, on the other hand, scores only 60% of his threes off of assists. Which basically means he’s jacking up a bunch of threes. Not good, considering Lin is making 51% of his threes, and Harden is only making 27% of his.

    Harden shoots more free throws, but Lin actually gets to the line more often per attempt. Except that he has less attempts.

    Both guys are basically plus when they are on the floor, but it’s really Lin who is better at being a ball dominant guard. Pairing him with a true point guard similar to the way Stephenson and Hill are playing for the Pacers would be ideal.

  • Roger this

    Bad comment here. Kobe has five rings… what are you talking about?

  • Roger this

    There is something called the “Kobe Pass.” Look it up! He has a knack for shooting the ball when other Lakers are in the lane to get an offensive board and put back. I reckon Harden is often shooting when the spacing is bad, and there is nobody there to get a rebound.

  • Roger this

    Well, one thing you’re overlooking Joe is that Lin loses two seconds on the shot clock calling the play because Harden doesn’t acknowledge the play that was called.

    And you can’t hear what Lin says, but it looks like he may be saying something to Harden when he’s calling the play. Maybe Howard fails to set the pick because he’s frustrated.

  • Roger this

    Lin could have hit Dwight. He misses the screen, but he’s got good position. Rubio would have hit Dwight.

  • Roger this

    Really, to be honest, you’d have to be smoking crack not to notice that in that video of France at clutchfans, the guy in Harden’s position doesn’t remain still when he’s covered. On most of those plays, he flashes out, takes a handoff from the guy in Lin’s position, and then either takes a shot or runs the play again. Not sure what made you think that the play calls for his position to stand still in the corner when he’s covered.

    It’s fairly clear that the play has options. If Lin drives hard, Harden is supposed to flash. Otherwise, Lin is supposed to make the pass sooner to Parsons. Why doesn’t he make the pass sooner? Because he’s chosen the corner option. Period.

    You talk a nice game, Joe Chan, but you are missing a few beats.

  • Roger this

    I don’t think he wants Harden to go down the baseline. He just wants Harden to acknowledge the call. When Lin drives hard to the right, he passes up the option to hit Parsons outside in favor of Harden, who is covered, flashing up to hopefully get an open look or get a mismatch on a switch with Lin’s man. Harden’s fault is that he doesn’t flash up, so Lin has to turn slowly to see and hit Parsons. I think Howard misses the screen because it’s a dummy screen, and Harden misses his flash because he didn’t hear the play call correctly.

  • Joe Chan

    Him and Parsons do the index finger pinky finger hand signal, which = pnr
    And yeah it took 2 sec to start the play but it ended with 5 sec of screwups

  • Joe Chan

    At the end?

  • Joe Chan

    Lin was already hedged. If he wasn’t you can point the finger at Harden for not creating space and forcing his defender to choose between him and help. But he was hedged already.
    That part about rerunning the play is what Parsons should’ve done after he couldn’t shoot.
    And yeah I smoke crack mmmm

  • Leggo_Heat

    you mean JAMES HOARDEN

  • Chinadoll

    Stupid comment by stupid person, LeBron is one of the most
    charitable athletes in the world, if not the most charitable. Some
    estimates suggest he has given over 20% of his earnings away to charity.His relationship with his single mom are well-documented. He embraces his rags to riches story and seeks to inspire other through it. He is highly connected with all communities he’s been involved with to this day…be it Akron, Cleveland or Miami. “

  • Greencar

    Things are starting to work out now, JH even passing the ball to JL and telling him to take charge of the PG position, DW12 has been phenomenal all season ., 19 pts, 13.4 rebs and 2 blks and two assists per game.

  • Greencar

    There are rumors that JL will be traded but not a good idea in my opinion.

  • Dylan

    I think you guys are all retarded and our record of 34-17 and going to the all-star break off a 7 game winning streak proves you guys know nothing about the future of this team and what it can or cannot accomplish. Harden is a young player who has a lot of maturing to do. Harden went from role player to sixth man to rising star to superstar all in a matter of three years. I think Harden is just really passionate and he wants to be the guy, because he is. I don’t care much about his shooting percentage because Stephen A. Smith pointed out that Harden scores all his points in the fourth quarter and is percentage wise and points wise more efficient when the game is on the line. Take it how you will, but the Rockets are still very young and yet are still really damn good.

  • Mario Reyes

    Let me chime in here.
    There’s definitely some chemistry issues going on between Harden and Lin.
    Beverly seems to be allowed to control the point when Harden is in the game; whereas, when Lin is the game, Harden seems to control the point.
    Statistically, Lin may be more efficient than Harden with shooting %, but Lin can have more difficulty getting open for a shot, while Harden doesn’t have that problem and is able to draw foul shot opportunities, whereas Lin dumps or forces the ball over to a teammate, when he isn’t able to penetrate.
    Lin may perform well against average teams but against the elite teams, Harden is the most effective player statistically.
    As far as the team offense goes, when Harden has the ball, everybody else is not really waiting for a pass or prepared to get a rebound, almost as if they are waiting for Harden to make the basket, not knowing when or not involved in the play, because it’s Harden’s own play and movement to the basket.
    In fact, when Beverly has the ball, other teammates know the ball is going to Harden, so they back off the play and when Beverly can’t get the ball to Harden, he is forced to penetrate. I forgot to note that Beverly isn’t that great of a passer or shooter, as he looks like he’s forcing it.
    If Lin is going to be used as a reserve or run the plays when Harden is on the bench, it seems there is a problem when Harden is in the game that hasn’t been worked out and it seems Lin is pitched in a corner somewhere away from the play.
    It just seems that there are two different teams playing, causing the rockets to be divided and to be conquered, when there is plenty of talent on this team.

    I am not pro-Beverly or pro-Lin, as I am just a neutral and casual observer, calling it as I see it.

  • d

    Turns out you are stupid, he said 90 percent, and you jump to LeBron butthurt defense without realizing that you have shitty reading comprehension.

    Or maybe you saw James and assumed he meant LeBron. thats another habit of butthurt fans…

  • dd

    This isn’t 2k retard.

  • Josh Melton

    Stop attacking other peoples hater

  • kevin patterson

    At least Melo rebounds. Harden is an ok rebounder, but he’s not 6-8 and bullishly strong like Melo. So Harden < Melo

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