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Tracy McGrady Opens Up About Performance Enhancing Drugs And His Career

Though he admits he never actually “crossed that line,” the now retired 16-year NBA vet revealed he considered using PEDs to regain not just his ailing knee health, but confidence. “I read up on it and saw the side effects,” he told Ernie Johnson on NBA TV’s open court, referring to why he decided not to go down that path.

Then Kenny Smith gave some speech about how that spoke to McGrady’s character, as if the fact that didn’t use steroids because he didn’t want his nuts to shrivel up means he was doing the right thing. Regardless of his reasoning, we’re glad he didn’t end up using. Testing positive would have ruined the legacy of a beloved NBA star.

Do you think many NBA players are using steroids? If so, which ones? Sound off below…

  • F. Me

    what a great idea. “if so, which ones?” yes, let’s solicit hearsay and halftruths and hunches from dipshits who have no evidence but can spread it around thick enough to get a really good rumor started.

  • W

    Dwayne wade , Dwight Howard , Kobe Bryant

  • Greg Gutlessfeld

    Your nuts don’t shrivel from one cycle of HGH. The idea that someone should have to rehab for six months when they can take something that can get them back on the court in three is comical. Finally the idea that it would have “ruined his legacy” to use PEDs is more comical. Anyone who pays attention knows that, save for Lance Armstrong, the only place in American society in which anyone is stigmatized and demonized for taking peds is in MLB. Miller came back tonight for the Broncos from a ped suspension. Does anyone care? He hasn’t been stigmatized Like Bonds, Clemens or ARod. Why not? Because the only place ped use matters is MLB. Period.

  • James

    Well… LEBRON JAMES. I love LeBron, but either there were some PEDs, or the human body has become too advanced for us to understand. Too big to be that fast, and too fast to be that big, with also the showing of all the visible side effects. (Hair Loss, face discoloration/acne, back acne, irregular muscle structure, etc.)

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