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Uh Oh … Don’t Look Now, But This Is What’s Currently Trending In Houston

Please Jesus, no. Not the “L” word.

Jeremy Lin had 31 points tonight, and looked good doing it — 10-for-17 shooting — as the Rockets beat the Raptors in double OT, 110-104. And yeah, above we see what’s trending on Twitter in Houston.

As we learned this season in The Walking Dead, things like this can be contagious. Just so you know.

Lin and James Harden combined for 56 points, and it was Lin’s third career career 30-point game.

Now you’ve woken the dragon:

And of course …

  • WestSeaDoc

    Yeah .. and ONE of those 3 point misses was a double clutch catch and shoot with 0.9 seconds left at the end of the game. From totally disrespecting the ability of J Lin, the Raptors were playing Lin to take the last shot, not Harden … which is no diss to JH .. only that JLin was shooting lights out tonight … and from downtown, too. The backcourt pair was incredible! Wait until Harden gets over the flu! It is very very interesting to notice that Lin had zero assists tonight (or he did at the end of the 1st OT. As a big Lin fan, I have to say the he still has to learn to take better care of the ball. However, at least 2 times he turned the ball over were when he hesitated to take an open shot and chose to drive the lane and was stripped of the ball. Bad decision that might get better with increasing confidence in his shot. A night like tonight will help. He will never be a lock down defender and Beverly and he really played well off each other (not if B can avoid silly fouls and JL can limit TO to 2 or 3 per night, watch out). It looks as if, providing tonight is a peek into the future, the 3 guards will be playing together and in rotation).

  • Northerner

    Lin is clutch against the Raptors. Some things never change. He’s way more consistent now, and definitely in the running for 6th Man of the Year. The Rockets play the Knicks this Thursday. Knicks better take notice because he’s coming for them again.

  • JGatsby

    It was Lin who has the flu actually.
    Harden has the knee/foot injury.

  • Maknusia .

    Both had the flu. Infact FGarcia and some others as well.

  • Baakus

    Lin set up his big men for a lot of layups, but then they got fouled so he didn’t get any assists. Also, I’m certain that he got at least 2 dimes (remember Harden’s 4-point play?), but for some reason, he didn’t get credited for them.

    Lin’s being played as a pure scoring threat. If he has to drop 30, then he’ll drop 30. If he has to go 15-7, he’ll do that too.

  • BandwagonRocketsFan

    Lin > Beverley.

  • khyber jones

    I’m happy for Lin. Houston asked him to completely change his game to adapt to Harden’s need to dominate the ball and he has responded well. He has been the team’s biggest difference maker and most efficient shooter. If he is able to continue to perform as well for the remainder of the season as he has in these early games, he will be a candidate for 6th man of the year. As for the ’0′ assists, if you watched the game, he had at least 5 opportunities where he set up at teammate for a makeable shot but that player was either fouled, missed the shot or made a pass. As for his turnovers, they will continue to be high because he is now being asked to make plays late in the shot clock when the defense is converging on him. He is a true shooting guard now when James Harden is on the floor.

  • Anonymous

    Probably all the high fives they give eachother

  • Anonymous

    Lin plays better as a 6th man/ back up to harden than sharing point with Beverly

  • 疯狂博客

    Jeremy is doing much better last night. But, his performance is not stable. Please read my current deep analysis – a long article I posted to the sport section of http://crazychinanews.com

  • Joe Chan

    Lin’s still TO prone but that’s probably the only bad thing you can say about him. Most consistent Rockets player so far, Everything he got knocked on last season (IE 3 point shooting, left hand) he fixed in the offseason. How’d you like that lefty floater at the end? First time I’ve ever seen him do a two legged floater – looked like Tony Parker 2.0 out there

  • Anonymous

    While it’s completely obvious Lin doesn’t want to become a limited bench scorer, it’s the only role the Rockets will allow. He won’t get to lead squat. Playmaker with ball in hand? Good luck…not happening.

    Getting buckets is his key to maintaining NBA relevancy and getting a high scoring average is his ticket out of the Rockets hell hole and into a new NBA team that might actually value his skills and use him properly.

    The Rockets won’t allow Lin to both score and assist the ball – that’s Harden’s role no matter how either of them play. It will never change. Lin is better off choosing to get buckets over being the bench warmer version of Ricky Rubio (Laker game notwithstanding).

    Lin can do himself a big favor shooting over 50% and scoring close to 18-20 PPG for the season. It will save his career until he can actually get to that next team and showcase what he is really all about.

    Even if that means new teams only want him as an undersized shooting guard, he’s still better off than the alternative of waiting it out 2 years and looking like an NBA scrub attempting to play team ball on a selfish team.

    Lin is ready to break out this year statistically and in terms of leading a team and winning games, just like during the lockout year when Linsanity happened. Anyone who has followed this guy can see it’s going to happen if the opportunity presents itself. It’s slowly building, and we just need some Rocket injuries (Harden & Parsons) for it to happen.

  • dcaseng

    Lin is better off coming off the bench. He gets completely phased out of the offense when he’s on the court with Harden, in fact, EVERYONE gets phased out of the offense when Harden’s on the court.
    He is definitely one of the greediest ballhogs in the NBA.

  • plansmaker

    Lin has zero assist because he was in attack mode. Harden was the “playmaker” 10 assists last night against Raptors…To keep things in perspective, Rudy Gay had a huge game as J LIn.

  • ForTheLin

    Only in McHale’s universe does a popular world sensation who scores 31 points sit behind a journeyman no name who scores one and zero points consecutively.

  • HippieShaman

    i used to b a fan of Harden but not anymore. His dislike of JLin is so obvious and blatantly disrespectful that i now loathe him and think he is a racist.

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