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Here’s A Video Of The Knicks Not Appearing To Give A Shit About What Their Coach Is Saying

woodson timeoutThe Knicks lost last night on a brutal Dirk Nowitzki buzzer beater. That happens sometimes when you play basketball — you play well — or, well enough to win — but you still lose. Unfortunately, the Knicks have made a habit of losing lately (eight of their last ten games) which makes the last-second loss sting even more.

What’s the source of the Knicks’ losing ways? Surely a team with Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler and… J.R. Smith…?… can’t be worse than the Detroit Pistons (at the moment, they are), or the Cavaliers (ditto) or the Hawks (same) or the Jazz (not quite, but nearly). The issue is complex but also laughably simple: This team doesn’t appear to give a shit.

Here’s a video from a timeout during last night’s game, in which coach Mike Woodson attempts to draw up a play for the team. From what we can tell, no one pays attention and then they walk away:

Do you blame the coach for not commanding the respect of the players? Do you blame the players for not respecting the coach? Do you blame the team leaders for not setting a good example? Do you blame J.R. Smith, just because? Whether you want to put the onus on “low-character” players or ill-fitting pieces assembled by management, the result is that these guys know they’re not going anywhere this season, and that mindset is showing in increasingly obvious ways.

Also heard in this clip: Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih were bought out and are no longer on the team. That bodes well.


  • mike

    I blame both this incompetent organization and its pathetic coaching staff for not bothering to do anything to put a competent coaching staff together after they made dantoni quit! Im glad this circus of clowns that is the knicks organization is blowing up publicly so everyone can see the truth! Dolan only cares about fielding a team that is ok enough for revenue purposes, not a champion!

  • mike

    This coaches incompetent ways date way back with the hawks . Just read this blog http://www.firemikewoodson.blogspot.com hes pulling the same crap here!

  • Denilson

    hacky reporting…two players in shot (jr and chandler) both seem to be looking at whiteboard….this website will publish anything, it seems

  • Mike’s Protege

    They need to sign George Karl, stat!!

  • jtru001

    FOH…they dont need him. Karl and Melo beef they need Phil Jackson or Hollins…

  • jtru001

    we all knew that Mr Potato head needed to be fired early in the season we also knew that we needed to find a PG prior to deadling….we couldnt even get a back up PG smh…and now Felton goes to jail only good thing about that is that hopefully knicks can cut him w/ out consequences or having to pay and we dont have to watch avg PG’s give him the bidness every night…bad part Prigioni is likely the starter FML.

  • Will

    The Knicks always gives up potential for mediocrity. Nothing really new here. Let’s just hope ya’ll get a decent draft pick in 2018 and keep him around.

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