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NBAWeird But True

Your Sunday Afternoon Palate Cleanser: Mike Miller Loves Wrestling

Here’s something stupid to help you hit the reset button this weekend: a teenager Mike Miller wearing Magic Eye pants and showing his love for the WWF and Hulk Hogan.

Mike Miller

It’s also worth mentioning that Miller looks disturbingly similar to Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. Not sure if that means anything, but with 12/21/12 less than a week away, who knows.

[Baller Shots]

  • Ryan

    That’s not Mike Miller.

  • Ryan

    That is not Mike Miller. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    It’s WWE not WWF. WWF is the World Wildlife Fund.

  • Ryan

    You must be a youngin…as it used to be the WWF..learn your history.. i hate wrestling and know this

  • Ryan

    umm…Yes it is…sorry..the guy is old as hell now..of course he doesnt look like this..go back and look at his pictures when he played for the Florida Gators

  • timboelliot

    I see absolutely no resemblance to Billy Corgan, who is coincidentally a big wrestling fan

  • Roland

    he’s trolling

  • Ryan

    I didn’t say it doesn’t look like him. I said it’s not him. Can I be any clearer? This is not a photograph of Mike Miller.

    I implore you to find a source that says it’s Mike. The page Joe linked to has a question mark: “Fifteen-year old Mike Miller?!” For some idiotic reason, Joe ran with it as a statement of fact.

  • Anonymous

    New York used to be known as New Amsterdam. Nissan used to be called Datsun. So the article should have said, WWE, which USED to be known as WWF. They keep doing this on newscasts when they refer to Myanmar as the country formerly known as Burma.

  • jordub

    @EthanJSkolnick Mike Miller claims this isn’t him, though the “pants are sweet.”

    Confirmed to not be him. Nice “journalism.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1200619713 Steve Bragg

    Not Mike Miller….just me, an Indie wrestler from Indiana. http://www.facebook.com/stompinsteve All flattering, though!

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