'Tiny Titan' Glitch Is Further Proof Madden 15 Is The Football Version Of Super Smash Bros.

  • Jake O'Donnell

Last week, it was the home run bat death, this week, we’re talking about the reverse mushroom. So far, Madden 15 (which came out August 26th) has been good with the exception of two rather publicized glitches.

The glitches make it great (and, thus, more like Super Smash).

In the game — more specifically, Madden 15 Ultimate Team mode — Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey stands 1’2″ and plays for the Titans. He’s still able to manipulate the football (he can be seen here picking up a fumble), but otherwise, he struggles to make plays for obvious reasons. Kirksey has found the struggles of his virtual self to be rather inspirational.