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49ers Fans Troll Seahawks With Billboard Loaded With Lombardi Trophies

Sometimes I feel like they’re trying too hard with this whole 49ers-Seahawks rivalry thing. Some rivalries are grown organically and are just meant to be: the Red Sox and the Yankees; Ohio State and Michigan; the House of Lancaster and the House of York …

But 49ers-Seahawks just seems contrived. To have a real rivalry, the teams have to be rooted in bleak, depressing areas: like Manchester and Liverpool. Seattle and San Francisco are just too agreeable and picturesque, and their residents have too many other things to do. “Oh, it’s foggy today” and “Darn, it’s sprinkling” do not qualify as quality-of-life problems over which you take out your frustrations on competing sports fans.

But San Francisco and Seattle are giving it a go anyway. Earlier this season some Seahawks fans hired a plane to fly over Candlestick Park with a banner that read “The Sixth Man”. Now 49ers fans have retaliated. Note the billboard up top here, which was crowd-funded by Niners fans and placed near a highway a few miles south of Seattle. “Got Lombardis?” Because, you know, Seattle hasn’t ever won a Super Bowl. And neither has San Francisco over the past two decades.

The billboard is located in Fife, which is about 27 miles from downtown Seattle: so, like I said, not a real slap in the face here. I’ve never even heard of Fife, and I lived in Seattle for five years.

And to further my point, the billboard cost $7,000, and the Niners fans who put it up actually have raised more than $11,000. What are they doing with the difference? They’re donating it to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Nice, but true, bitter rivals would not do that. If this were Duke and North Carolina, one school would order a thousand pizzas and have them delivered to the other school’s children’s hospital without paying.

Or in the case of Brazilian soccer, they’d just have a riot.

  • Adam Smith

    What is not showing is that the billboard is not just 27 miles away, it’s in an RV junkyard

  • DreamWeaver

    Pretty lame attempt at downplaying this, it’s not where the sign is based, it’s how many people see it every single day because that ‘junkyard’ sits right next to I-5 you fool!

  • TJJ

    In Fife! IN FIFE!! It’s more or less in Tacoma. Way to go, Niners fans! You got us BAAAAD!! LOLOLOL

  • TJJ

    What happened to putting it “right by the stadium”? Hilarious that Fife is the closest place they could put it. Most of the 12th man aren’t going to see it unless they make a trip to do so. FAIL.

  • DreamWeaver

    My point remains, all you FAIR WEATHER fans are trying to label this as a fail…12th man??…how much does Seattle pay Texas A&M to RENT that name again???…you think there aren’t any Hawk fans south of Fife??…You try to downplay this cause it’s in your faces!…that stupid banner that was flown over the stick was so high up, it could not even be read, and it was flown almost an hour BEFORE the game..you wanna talk about FAIL????..LMFAO!!!!

  • Rey Gomez

    Seahawk fans are lucky its THAT close, cuz its the closest they’ll ever get to a real lombardi.

  • Rey Gomez

    Seahawk fans are lucky its THAT close, cuz its the closest they’ll ever get to a real lombardi.

  • Marissa Evette Salvador

    I am glad you wrote this. It gives us more publicity. If its not a big slap in the face. Why are the shecocks upset and trying to one up us? Keep your mediocre journalism for the shechickens. You don’t even know where fife is, BS you shechickens that can’t afford to live in the city live near that junkyard your referring to. For you to be a journalist and not know where Fife is, you must not even have a degree. Your 60 seconds is up come up with something better.

  • Josh

    “I feel like they’re trying too hard with this whole 49ers-Seahawks rivalry thing. Some rivalries are grown organically and are just meant to be” Yea no sh*t, how is our rivalry not meant to be? division rivals, best in the west, 2 young QB’s staking they’re name.. the list goes on…. “To have a real rivalry, the teams have to be rooted in bleak, depressing area” – That’s really your belief? Only poor cities can be rivals? Not like were rivaling over fresh water or broken governments, its f*cking football. “The Sixth Man”? well your 1/2 right… don’t you mean “The Twelfth man”?… “one school would order a thousand pizzas and have them delivered to the other school’s children’s hospital without paying.” – Are you sick in the head? Is that the kind of City Seattle is? That’s some high school BS, we wouldn’t do that because its a dick move. Why the hell would any decent person involve sick children and hospitals in stupid high school antics. If anyone did that, they would be forever scorned and hated on, as they should be.. We also never said we were “bitter rivals” though we ARE rivals. I’d say we’re “passionate” rivals, not bitter… I think our rivalry is a beautiful thing…. “Or in the case of Brazilian soccer, they’d just have a riot.” – This just caps it all off, you’re whole article boils down to this- No rivalry is respected unless its between poor cities, who beat the sh*t out of each other in riots and play pranks on the defenseless (children/hospitals). That really make you proud to say? Thanks for the free advertising though, minus your grammatical errors and barbaric point of view.. #Ninernation BTW- Who the hell is the 6th man?

  • hmwsacto

    so what you’re saying is, it’s only true fandom and fan rivalry when cheating, lying and fighting are involved? I think you needed to back up about 10 steps and actually use that brain of yours before writing this “article”. You’re clearly not a real journalist – they have a social responsibility to get facts straight. Any idiot can have an ill informed opinion and that’s what I am labeling your contribution as. Some idiots thoughtless crap. I’m not going to educate you on why this article is dumb on so many levels. I am just going to stoop to your level and purely mock you instead.

  • hmwsacto

    and how many thousands of people pass that sign on their way in to Seattle every day??? And how much national news coverage has this gotten? The point was received quite well, and money well spent. Not to mention the extra money earned went to a Seattle charity. If that’s a fail, I’ll do it again any day.

  • hmwsacto

    some of my sentiments exactly. Being a fan is about joy, celebration, glory. Not being a mean, cheap asshole. Which isn’t to say that mean, cheap assholes can’t enjoy football, but to say that’s what being a fan and rival is all about….well that’s not the football I know and love, that’s for sure. I can hate, but I still got love…..

  • Devate

    So to start off, I’m not a seahawks fan. I actually spend a fair amount of time trolling my friends who are. That being said I have to side with the fail camp on this whole billboard thing. I drive that stretch of I-5 pretty much every day. You know how often I’ve seen the add the 49ers fans paid for since it went up? Never. Not once. Which considering that from what I’ve read it only displays for 10 seconds out of every minute and the sign when driven past at 60+ mph is clearly visible for maybe 4 seconds isn’t really surprising. A nice try at keeping an over hyped and largely forced rivalry going, but still ultimately a fail.

  • Dustin

    The person who wrote this is a fool. I’m a Seahawks fan and find it rather redicilious the points you make.

    Where is fife? Who cares, I bet you sure as hell know where that billboard is, before the 49ers put their sign up, especially if you lived in Seattle for 5 years.

    Furthermore, you downplay the fact that 49er fans had enough class to donate the extras to the children. That in itself shows quality and common decency to look PAST a rivalry and make this way more than what it is. Also, these actions were returned by the 12th man with a fundraiser to SF Children.

    This Artical is FAIL!!!

  • tmick

    “The Sixth Man?” How about “The 12th Man” you moron. And that’s not even what it said. It said “Go Hawks 12!” No idea who this Rick Chandler jackass is, but I have to wonder how well any of his “facts” are researched when he can’t even get that basic one right… Not to mention — you lived in Seattle for 5 years and never heard of Fife? Did you spend the whole time with your head up your a$$?

  • Deb Higgins

    Are you sure you lived in Seattle for 5 years or just passed through for 5 minutes? You don’t know where FIFE is and you sure as hell don’t know much about the Seahawks either. Where in Seattle did you live? Was it under the bridge with the troll? You probably don’t know where the troll is either!!! You really should pay more attention to detail if you don’t know facts. Your biggest mistake is “The Sixth Man” I don’t know where the “Sixth Man” is but it sure as hell isn’t in Seattle. Seattle has “The 12th Man” And the plane that flew over Candlestick Park didn’t carry a banner that said “6th Man” it was correct with “12th Man”. Maybe you should consider a different profession as writing news isn’t quite your cup of tea!

  • Hapoo

    @Rick Chandler, you lived in Seattle for 5 years, yet you have never heard of Fife, you must be as much of a shut in as you seem. You write about sports but I don’t think you actually play them, because you obviously don’t get out much if you never drove south on I-5.

  • Josh Johnson

    Dude… Seattle Children’s Hospital isn’t affiliated with the Seahawks and NO rivalry will try pulling off a dick move like that to a hospital, even Duke-NC

  • sammysounder

    Tacoma is the commercial center by Fife, not Seattle. Its akin to flying a banner on the other side of Oakland.

  • Montezuma

    Dear Mr Chandler,
    Bleak and depressing Liverpool may be, but at least the original inhabitants do not live on réservations in third world conditions
    Dream Weaver

  • hmwsacto

    I’m from that “other side”, and there are thousands of 9er fans there. If Seattle did something in Oakland, it would be just as epic.

  • Carlos

    Ive lived in Seattle since I was three and I’ve never even heard of Fife. Most fans won’t ever even see it. I guess SOME would see it since it’s on the way. Sheesh, at least it’s in Washington.

  • Does It Matter?

    You’ve lived in Seattle for 5 years and never heard of Fife? Maybe you should step outside and get some fresh air once in a while.

  • Jim Kelly

    How come the Seahawks have used the 12th man since the ’70′s, and retired the number in ’84, yet it took until 2005 for Texas A&M to notice? Just like you, they’re slow on the uptake.
    Let’s see, every one of your trophies is old enough to vote, and all but one are old enough to drink. Are you even old enough to remember any of them?
    One more thing, Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl Champs.

  • Jim Kelly

    You’re father should’ve pulled out.

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