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Aaron Hernandez’s Prison Conditions Are Miserable

Aaron Hernandez Jail Cell

In jail, Aaron Hernandez is being treated like shit. Of course, if he did indeed murder Odin Lloyd, he is shit. So, people won’t be too upset to hear how awful the conditions are in his cell.

The Boston Globe has all the details. Here are some lowlights.

Hernandez, charged in the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd, is not just in prison, but confined to a “special management unit.” He is kept away from other inmates because of his high profile. He started off in the medical unit, where doctors evaluated his mental health and the gang intelligence unit inspected his numerous tattoos for affiliations that could spark jailhouse violence.

“We have to be very careful,” said Hodgson, adding that inmates could attack Hernandez “to raise their stature.”

Protect the large man.

For one hour a day, Aaron Hernandez gets to breathe fresh air and maybe get some sunshine amidst the chain-link fencing, roof, and razor wire. He does sit-ups, knee bends, and push-ups on the concrete floor, according to prison authorities.

Staying big.

Hernandez has never complained about his treatment and has eaten all his meals. He has made only one special request, asking for more protein in his diet. That request was denied, according to Bernie Sullivan, a Bristol County spokesman.

Not staying big.

For 21 hours per day, Hernandez is locked in a 7-foot-by-10-foot single cell. There is no air conditioning, no television, no coffee, and no weight room.

“This is not the Ritz,” said Hodgson.

You probably thought he was at the Ritz. He’s not.

According to the no-nonsense sheriff, Hernandez has been a model prisoner. “He’s been nothing but perfect,” said Hodgson. “I met with him when he first came in to lay the rules out. I said, ‘Here’s the deal. You won’t be treated any better or worse or get any special privileges here. If you have any issues or problems, tell command.’ He was very polite and very respectful. He didn’t seem nervous, he seemed very comfortable.”


Hernandez’s day begins at 6 a.m. when a slot in the door is opened and his breakfast tray arrives.

“He’ll get an egg — one egg, and a portion of grits,’’ said Hodgson. “He’d likely get a small muffin square and a choice between milk or juice. We actually serve Tang now to cut costs. But believe it or not, it actually has a higher nutritional value than orange juice and it’s cheaper.’’

One egg definitely fills up Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez is allowed to read up to two books at a time and write letters. There are no video cameras in his cell. The lights are turned off each night at 11.

“I know he likes to read,” says Hodgson. “We sent him down a copy of ‘Tuesdays With Morrie.’ I recommended he read it.”

It’s odd that he likes to read given all of the other activities available to him.

The former Patriot is allowed to leave his cell three times per day, for an hour each time. In the morning, he can make collect calls and take a hot shower in a narrow stall…

Lunch on a recent day was a cheese burrito, served with two slices of bread and rice. A typical supper is a beef burger, rice and beans, green beans, fruit, fortified juice, and water.

Wait, it gets worse.

His uniform is now dark green, the color of pretrial prisoners. They look like New York Jets colors.

I hope that your grandmother doesn’t live in these conditions. Unless she’s a murderer. If so, fuck your grandmother.

[Boston Globe]

Photo via the Globe, of a similar jail cell to Hernandez’s

  • Matt Sucks

    I only had to read the last line to know who wrote this article. FUCKING MATT RUDNITSKY. Why the fuck would my grandmother live in those conditions? God you’re such an awful writer, please just give up.

  • Joey K

    lol. he really had a shot of not fucking up this article, too. And then, boom, classic Matt Rudnitsky move, inserting a failed attempt at humor that has no basis whatsoever. Go back to Jokes 101 brah.

  • jim

    Poor baby Aaron! Nest time, if there is one, act like a man, not a punk thug!

  • Tone E

    lol he lured me in and then shat the bed towards the end.. I got lost

  • Kenro T Emego

    I like it, I like it a lot * *

  • Kenro T Emego

    Listen he’s a killer, I don’t care how nice of a guy he is. Apparently he wasn’t nice enough to be behind a cage. How can someone fuck there life up so bad when they had it made. It amazes me how some people get a dream life handed to them and can’t shred their roots. I mean really, you play for the NFL and you earn millions and you couldn’t take advantage of moving forward and becoming a better person. Hey if it were me and I was a thug and hung out gangster style and someone gave me a chance at a real life I would swallow it hole and enjoy the opportunity.

  • Kenro T Emego

    Hek I’m not living it up now and I struggle everyday in life but I no how to be human and just suck it up. I wish I had one shot at a change of a life time. I would show you how to be a role model and a difference maker. Not just in my life but others to, especially my wife who by the way has breast cancer. Its a battle in life for people and when they see crap like this I’m sure it pisses them off just as much as it does myself. I mean I can’t even express how mad it makes me when I see people throw away so much just because of their roots. Forget your roots unless they weren’t harmless than no problem but if you have it going down hill in life and then you get a free ride to the top stay there and let the roller coaster end. WOW what a waste. I no it happens but that’s why I’m mad, it shouldn’t. I hope my day will come were I get a chance to make a change cause I will weld my self to the top and let nothing knock me off because its best to stay a top than bounce around and fall on your face like Herrnandez did. All because he had a rep and didn’t want people to think that it changed because of football. PLEASE!!!

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