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NFLPolice Blotter

Aaron Hernandez Picked The Right Night To Get Caught Up In A Murder Investigation (UPDATE: Also Getting Sued For Allegedly Shooting Man In The Face)

aaron hernandez murderYesterday, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had his home searched in connection to a body found one mile from his North Attleborough, Massachusetts home. A rental car under Hernandez’s name was found close to the body which led police to his residence.

The dead man was a known associate of Hernandez, who reportedly ran in the same social circles. Hernandez is not a suspect at this time but police did search his home for a few hours. Initially Hernandez would not cooperate with police, then changed his mind allowing investigators into the house. Two friends of Hernandez tried to drive away when police stopped their car and escorted them away for further questioning, the car was later searched.

The whole situation seems more than a little suspicious. Hernandez was a forth round pick out of Florida and the reason he slid down the draft to the Patriots because of questions around his “character.”

Conspiracy Theory Time

If I was a Patriots fan, I’d welcome this news. Ray Lewis had a murder trial before the start of his first Super Bowl win in 2001. Therefore Aaron Hernandez getting away with murder would set up a championship run nicely.

What I’m getting at is Bill Belichick framed his tight end to the point where he will go to trial but not be found guilty. This way Hernandez is fueled to win a Super Bowl so everybody forgets about the homicide investigation. Belichick even distracted the media by having the story break during the greatest basketball game in recent memory.

Are we sure Joey Crawford wasn’t Bill Belichick in disguise last night?
joey crawford and bill belichick
Nice try Patriots.

[ABC News]

Update: TMZ is reporting that, in a separate incident, a Miami man is suing Hernandez for more than $100,000 for shooting him in the face. The man claims he lost an eye and required facial reconstructive surgery after the shooting.

From TMZ:

Bradley claims … After the dispute, both men left the club — and got into the same car which was heading to Palm Beach. During the ride, Aaron allegedly aimed his weapon at Bradley … and the gun discharged, striking Bradley in the face.

[The Nose Bleeds]

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