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NFLPolice Blotter

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader, Who Is Also Iraq War Vet, Arrested For Assaulting Boyfriend

On Thursday we wrote about Megan Welter, an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who served a tour of duty in Iraq when she was 22, as an Army lieutenant platoon commander. I believe I made mention of how she may be the only cheerleader who is licensed to carry automatic weapons … and then this happened.

Yep. From 3TV:

An Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who made national headlines for her service in Iraq was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend.

Megan Welter has been a Cardinals cheerleader for two years.

On July 20, she was arrested for alleged assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

According to Scottsdale police, Welter and her boyfriend had been drinking excessively when they got into an argument that turned physical.

According to the report it was Welter who called police, saying that her boyfriend (whom she described as a professional fighter) choked her and smashed her face to the floor. But when police arrived the only marks they saw were on the man, and there was no evidence that Welter had been touched. Plus, the boyfriend had recorded the alleged attack on his cell phone.

After viewing the video, police arrested Welter. And now, the video:

(Some NSFW language).

Cardinals’ new 2013 cheer: “Ready, OK! …”

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  • Anonymous

    Now I see why the cosmetics industry is kind of a necessity. Look at those ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. Hideous.

  • Matthew Barnes

    Real football teams don’t have cheerleaders.

  • Anonymous

    Inappropriate to show that without at least an attempt to provide context. Early on she’s clearly responding to something he had done but conveniently (perhaps) he was on his best behavior once he’d started recording. I’ve been witness to domestic disputes where one party acts like they are completely calm and non-aggressive while the other seems out of control yet moments earlier or later the former is also out of control and aggressive. You can’t be sure what the circumstances were just from this video. Cops can only separate and will generally arrest whichever party is committing aggressive acts, but that doesn’t mean they believe the other party wasn’t also being aggressive, its just no indication of it at the moment and their concern is ending the fight for the night by forcing a separation (putting one in jail).

    This girl clearly has issues, but that doesn’t mean her boyfriend doesn’t.

  • Ocmara

    She Clearly is saying that he slammed her head on the tile floor, I am glad she beat him up! Finally, a woman that defends herself while getting abused! By the way, when you are the person holding the camera you could easily make yourself sound so innocent because obviously you are aware the conversation is being recorded.

  • Chelo

    Yeah, something happened earlier, cause she’s reacting to whatever he did to her.

  • Chelo

    Yes, he must have done something other than text another girl, cause she’s clearly off her rocker and he’s acting like he’s a saint.

  • Anonymous

    He set her up. There’s no way a man would be that calm while his woman is attacking him. And, yes she does say he had her face on the floor.

  • Benny

    Sure looks like a set up to me.

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