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Authorities Sift Through Aaron Hernandez’s Tattoos To See What Gangs He Can’t Be Near In Prison

aaron hernandez tattoos gang

Based on the fact that gangs like to kill each other, Massachusetts law enforcement are currently trying to decipher what, if any (ha!) gang connection Aaron Hernandez has, to keep him from being a trophy of some guy trying to make a name for himself. Yep, it’s gotten to this point.

Via FoxSports.com:“We’ll be looking at his tattoos to see if there are any symbols that affiliate with gangs,” Bristol County (Mass.) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said, as reported by the Boston Herald. “We have to always be vigilant around security and not place him somewhere where there are rival gang members.”

The evidence, thus far, suggests Hernandez is affiliated with the Bristol Bloods. Exhibit A: the bloods sign he threw up in this 6-year-old photo; exhibit B: the entirely red outfit in the same photo; and exhibit C: a tattoo that explicitly says “Blood” on his hand.

This wasn’t the toughest nut to crack, but it’s a big one, because if this guy gets shanked, the story will spiral out of control, and we’ll never get to talk about Tebow filing in for him.

bristol bloods

  • Anonymous

    The tattoo says

    blood sweat tears

    with sweat in black and tears also in red. If you took 9 seconds to look into this you’d be able to see a picture that shows his complete hand and this tattoo.

    Now this doesn’t mean the blood part isn’t in ref to that bloods gang yet the fact is there is more to the tat than just blood.

  • Mountains2Sea

    That is the smiliest gang member photo ever taken.

  • Jake O’Donnell


  • Anonymous

    He’s gonna find out what thug life really is like when he ends up in prison. They will be waiting in line to roll the dice with this thug.

  • jim

    Gang? Or not? Where did this kid go wrong? From what I’ve read, he’s been a thug since pre-teen days. If this is who he really and I believe he is, he needs to spend the rest of his NOW miserable life in prison. 23..rich…more importantly…very stupid. So talented, would have ended up a zillionaire, now, he has to be VERY concerned about making it to 24. What a dummy!!

  • jim

    He thought he was tuff-guy. Now he’s going to find the real meany of that term, the boys will eat him up and vomit him up in the corner of the play yard.

  • Dee

    The tattoo says blood sweat tears

    While he may or may not be guilty, as I am not an investigator or anyone with accurate details to the crime, it’s sad that media jumps on a band wagon and makes it pretty difficult for someone to get a fair trial.

    You know, that same media that stated police sources confirmed that there was a second shooter in Newtown hiding in the woods, causing more panic. You are all disgraceful.

  • Anonymous

    Standing in line…standing in line…I went to prison one time to visit someone that needed a television set to watch some tube. Not only did they take the TV apart like a piece of fried chicken making sure that I was not sending my buddy some contraband but have you ever been to a prison?

    That Scared Straight s%#$ is for real. Will turn you straight after one visit. Eat him up and vomit him are just the beginning of his worries. Prison is hell, simple hell. I would not want to be in his shoes.

    Roll the dice…that’s what they apparently do for the newbies. Whatever the number on the roll of the dice is how much time you spend taking care of your celly.

    I would not want to be in his shoes..

  • sequia

    He also has a tattoo that saids MOB. Money over bitches which alot of blood members have as proof of being a blood

  • Blood

    MOB means Member of Blood, he’s a tansformed king, as his lion tat represents hit LT life

  • Charles Cross

    the Blood is significant – the sweat and tears – just an afterthought. (I used to live and work in West CT).

  • Charles Cross

    His father died at 16, He was really upset and ended up with the wrong role models.

  • Mark Poulin

    Latin KIngs notice the crown on his hat bening from CT they were everywhere in the nineties

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