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Bernie Kosar Doesn’t Sound Like He’s Doing So Hot, May Have Been Drunk During This Radio Interview

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar gave a rambling, awkward, and at times incoherent interview on Cleveland sports radio this week. In short, it was a train wreck spot, but not your usual “ha-ha” train wreck spot that we so gleefully traffic in around these parts. No, about 30 seconds in, you’re legitimately worried about Bernie Kosar.

Emotional wreckage, ahoy.

On Cleveland’s local ESPN Radio outlet, 850 WKNR, Kosar came on to talk about the Browns, and his appearance on a Travel Channel show called “NFL Road Tested.” Kosar, who has had well-documented money issues and sounds like he was raised by a real dick of a dad, sounded like a man adrift.

Around the time he starts talking about “Road Tested” — mind you, he’s already made a nonsensical joke about franks and beans at this point — Bernie starts getting emotional on the radio. Very emotional.

We just hope ol’ Bernie’s alright, and that someone — someone besides the two guys interviewing him in the clip — is listening.

  • Anonymous

    Dan: He is probably high on medication – you might want to check that out. His knees give him so much pain from his football days, that he is almost constantly taking pain medication so that he can make it through the day.

  • jim

    Maybe the NFL Players Assoc. and/or the NFL, should take the initiative and talk to Kosar?

  • Anonymous

    I like this idea.

  • Anonymous

    Wow — a very good point.

  • Anonymous

    I am a Clevelander, and have a very soft spot in my heart for this guy. Life has not treated him very kindly – in spite of his success in the NFL – and I know that he has struggled with alcohol abuse and substance abuse in the past. See this interesting article from back in 2009. http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/sports/steelers/as-bernie-kosars-life-around-him-crumbles-the-former-qbs-game-plan-is-familiar-emerge-unscathed-349253/

  • jim

    In spite of being on medication, if he has an addiction problem, even more reason for the NFL to at least talk to him. If he has financial problems, coupled with alcohol and/or drugs, there are more serious issues possible. Therapy may prevent another tragedy.

  • Bernie

    Anyone have audio on this? I can’t wait to hear it.

  • http://twitter.com/sllimthg danny

    He does sound like he is pilled out. I have a buddy hooked on pain killers and he sounds exactly like Kosar. It’s sad

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