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Blasphemy! Super Bowl XLV Won’t Have Any Cheerleaders

In one of the more unAmerican tidbits of news you’ll hear all day, this year’s Super Bowl in Dallas will not have any cheerleaders.

Again, I repeat: the Super Bowl will not have cheerleaders.

The reason? The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are two of just six teams in the NFL who don’t have cheerleading squads (the others: the Cleveland Browns, the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, and the New York Giants). Since teams usually bring their own cheerleaders with them to the Super Bowl, this year, it looks like there won’t be any.

As the Dallas Morning News notes, the Packers were one of the first teams to use cheerleaders in 1931. But in 1988, the team disbanded its professional cheering squad, and since 2007, the Packers have used college cheerleaders, but “only in a limited role at home games.”

The last time the Steelers had a cheerleading squad was in 1969, when the Steelerettes (a group of students from Robert Morris Junior College in Pittsburgh) cheered for them.

Message to Jerry Jones: now is the time to act. If you ever wanted to become the most-loved pro sports owner in America, you’ll have the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders on the sidelines during the Super Bowl.

Here’s Yahoo’s original report on the cheerleaderless Super Bowl.

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  • Janelle

    Green Bay Packers actually did bring cheerleaders to the last super bowl they played in

  • Wife of DH

    My husband had a great idea and we are from home grown territory of Texas and Texas hospitality requests Mr. Jones allow to have a uniform made of both teams colors and fitted for our lovely ladies , (paid by or sponsored by both participating teams of course) just for our famous cheerleaders to strutt their stuff and cheers for both teams as they do so well for our Cowboys… its what we call southern hospitality and tradition for Super Bowl to have ladies. Super Bowl without Cheeleaders is like…. corona without lime, BBQ without sauce, tea without ice, its a poem without words, its breathing without air… you get the idea…. ITS TEXAS WITHOUT HOSPITALITY… dh FROM abilene, Texas ….

  • GBFan


    I think the green bay packer cheerleaders belong in Dallas. They’re the only squad in the NFL that actually plays the role of a legitimate cheerleader.

  • GBFan

    If it were up to the cheerleaders, they would be there,and they would pay for it on their own dime. Actually leading cheers. Unlike the Dallas Cowboy DANCE TEAM (Which is what they should be called).

  • Nate

    First of all, Dallas does not have cheerleaders, They have hard-bodied, s***s with limited cheering talent.(they are sexy though) but they would be a disgrace to be wearing green and gold. Let the UWGB cheer team go! As far as I can tell they are the only cheerleaders in the NFL who actually do stunts and wear classy, but still attractive outfits. This is an absolute outrage, and seems like a no brainer to let them go! I will be VERY disappointed if I see DALLAS cheerleaders cheering for OUR GREEN BAY PACKERS! especially when the UWGB cheer team has been backing the pack all year!

  • pkrfn

    Coreection to the above story:

    The UW-Green Bay cheerleaders have cheered on the field at Lambeau for the past 21 years. They are a college coed CHEER squad and we HAVE BEEN TO SUPER BOWL 31 and 32, on the field cheering for the Packers. It is unfortunate that the press continues to print incorrect information.

  • GB

    The fox 11 news story did state that the cheer squad went to super bowl 31 and 32. But that doesn’t change the fact that they had to pay their own way on both those games. And everything the cheerleaders wear on the field(Headbands, Jackets, Hair Bows, etc) is returned to the packers at the end of the season and used for the next line of cheerleaders. I just feel that there’s a certain level of cheapness that the packers are stooping to.

  • Kristen W.

    Though the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are very talented and extremly good dancers, the Green Bay Packers cheerleaders are more than just dancers, I would know I was one of them. In Green Bay they take two local colleges to cheer for them at the games. To give the uniforms that the men and women in Green Bay have worked hard for to the Dallas Girls is, in my opinion, just not right. We do more than dance on the sidelines, and I am not saying anything is wrong with the Dallas Cheerleaders. But I would be upset if someone else was in my uniform for my team.

  • Kristen W.

    Just a heads up…The Baltimore Ravens stunt as well…And i agree that GB colors on the dallas girls is just wrong

  • Edwny

    I understand why Green Bay has no cheerleaders because it’s too cold. Pittsburgh is south of Buffalo and the Bills have cheerleaders. So I assume the Rooneys would be embarassed with their cheerleaders in varoius stages of pregnancy with Ben around.

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