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Brian Billick Thinks The Seattle Seahawks Won

Yes, the last minute of this game was crazy, but it might be time to put Brian Billick in a home. Despite what the scoreboard in front of him says, let alone the final moments of the game he just spent three hours watching, Billick thinks the Seattle Seahawks just defeated the Atlanta Falcons.

Take a look and listen for yourself, via FOX:

To be fair, Billick was just having a senior moment and most certainly meant the Atlanta Falcons won. Even so, it is hilarious for him to declare Seattle the winners so emphatically when the only way he could be more wrong is if he named a team that wasn’t playing.

  • True Statement

    I think he was on something this game. Screwed up the score, the down, and everything else over the course of the game!

  • Sensei John Kreese

    He’s actually Falcons head coach Mike Smith’s brother in law. It’s got to be tough for him to be impartial when he calls Atlanta games.

  • Nathaniel Kahn

    i think he may have had a stroke for real, he made a ton of errors in that game

  • Not Adoctor

    On 3rd down of Seattles final drive, he was saying he thought it “might be 4 down territory” and that Seattle might have to go for it here. There was a less than a minuet. They would have never punted. It didn’t make sense. His brain wasn’t working right.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t catch the “#1 seed” bit — I thought he was saying the game had legitimized the Seahawks despite the loss. And I’d agree with that perception. They beat the snot out of the 49ers in December and just came back from a 20 point deficit in just about 15 minutes. If not for a lousy “ice the kicker” call (seriously, Carroll? On a 49 yarder? Why?), the Seahawks would be going to the NFC championship game. Russell Wilson looks legit and that team may be the preseason favorite to win the NFC West next year.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. “Damn you Smith!!! Get your cock out of my sister!!!”

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I DVR’d it and when Lynch went in to score I called my brother and said, “Did we just win that game!”. He’s like, “Um, you need to finish watching.”. Absolutely broke my heart. Wilson deserves rookie of the year and they need to dump our Def Coordinator.

  • http://www.facebook.com/seanallen9 Sean Allen

    ah that explains his non stop game bias, but nice writing to say that someone like him who has put so much into the game needs to be put in a home

  • Anonymous

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