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Brooke Daniels, Who Turned Down Roy Williams’ Proposal, Now Dates A College Baseball Player?

If the fact that Cowboys receiver Roy Williams sent a $76,000 engagement ring and proposal in the mail to former Miss Texas Brooke Daniels, got turned down, and then sued to get the ring back just wasn’t enough of a story for you, here’s more. After some Twitter snooping, Busted Coverage apparently found Daniels’ new love interest – University of Houston baseball player David Murphy.

Murphy isn’t listed on Houston’s current roster, but he saw some action for the Cougars this past season, batting .241 over 29 at bats. And Murphy actually has a pretty remarkable story: if you’ll notice, his player bio explains why he redshirted his freshman year:

Sat out as a redshirt after recovering from treatment from leukemia.

Good for him, we say – he seems to have recovered quite nicely from that. There was an odd thing we noticed, however – we looked at Murphy’s Twitter page, as Busted Coverage did. His picture shows him with Daniels. And Daniels’ picture sure looks like her with Murphy. Additionally, Murphy tweeted this a couple days ago:

A baller on the field, cancer survivor, and a great person.Follow a charmer @DMMurphy10 also,he is dating the gorgeous missTX @Bdanielstx09

While tweeting a follow request on one’s own account seems odd, he also came right out and said he was dating Daniels – so far, so good on the “they’re dating” theory. But then, why this subsequent tweet from Murphy?

Thanks for the follow @Bdanielstx09 ed. note: that’s Daniels, mean a lot.

OK, so we imagine it’s just some joke, but it still looks strange to tweet the person he’s supposedly dating thanking them for a follow (especially since Twitter is filled with sincere follow/RT requests of well-known people). OK, we’re well past the point of thinking too much about this. To Murphy and Daniels: enjoy life, you crazy kids. And good luck getting Williams out of your hair.

[Larry Brown Sports]

Photo via Busted Coverage

  • Anonymous

    He’s white. End of mystery.

  • Phil

    David Murphy- biggest dumbass of the year.  I got some used toilet paper, do you want that too David?  Moron.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DP3QXMYN56DWHUGENRJUED7ABA BossHogg2008

    Smh!! Not all women stick around cuz black men have big dicks!! The white guy with the lil dick might be a nice guy.. so she went for him! 

  • Anonymous

    What? I’m implying that she would rather be with the new guy because he is white. The only reason any white woman dates a black man is because of money or because she has low self esteem and can’t get any normal guys.

  • Anonymous


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DP3QXMYN56DWHUGENRJUED7ABA BossHogg2008

    So your saying that MISS TEXAS  the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN TEXAS had or has low self esteem because she dated a black guy?? and white guys are ALL normal??  your not a very bright person.. but its not your fault its genetics…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not bright. Coming from a guy who didn’t understand my initial post and cannot differentiate between “you’re” and “your”. Classic.

    Oh, and anyone can have low self esteem, jackass.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DP3QXMYN56DWHUGENRJUED7ABA BossHogg2008

    Smh… your premise points to me that you’re not very bright!  

    “The only reason any white woman dates a black man is because of money or because she has low self esteem and can’t get any normal guys.” 

    Your statement sounds pretty low dude. Not very bright, but its not your fault, it’s genetics, blame God and your parents…

  • Anonymous

    Again, that means a lot coming from someone like you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DP3QXMYN56DWHUGENRJUED7ABA BossHogg2008

    Thank you I glad you see things my way. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendell.ellington Kendell Robert Ellington

    Yes I know I’m late to the party, however this needs to be said. The only people with low self-esteem, are people like PaulyG that claims to know why white women (which he is not) date black men (which he is not). To be miss “anything” a woman would have to have self-esteem and I don’t think a lot of poor women are winning these awards.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendell.ellington Kendell Robert Ellington

    So you are comparing a woman to used toilet paper, because she slept with a black man? I guess you are one of those “Normal” guys paulyG was talking about.

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