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A Call To Buffalo Bills Fans: Let’s Act Like We’ve Been Here

The Buffalo Bills haven’t made the playoffs since Y2K was a thing, so our fans might not remember what it’s like to have a winning football team. Sure, we started 4-0 at the outset of the 2008 season, but after that miraculous September we proceeded to lose every divisional game, en route to our third consecutive 7-9 season under Dick Jauron. Fun times.

But… our quarterback is playing out of his mind! Our running back looks great! We just beat the Patriots and caused Tom Brady to cut his hair! We’re contenders, I guess.

As such, the recent news some of us harassed Albany Times reporter Jennifer Gish with misogynistic slurs (and worse) was disappointing both as a Bills fan and as a human being. We’re the little Harvard-led team that could, and sexy to boot, so we don’t need to cry out for more coverage (it’ll come!), and we certainly don’t need to insult women. A LOT of women are Bills fans.

So, here are some helpful reminders about rooting for a good football team.

Don’t be a jerk to the fans of the hapless teams around the league. It might be fun to mess with Miami Dolphins fans, but we’ve been bad for so long it’s premature and hypocritical for us to attack them for sucking. If you want to talk crap to a New York Jets fan, though, have at it. They’re the worst.

Show your exuberance, but remember: it’s a long season. We’re not even in October yet. See 2008 as to why “premature celebration” is a bad idea.

Don’t insult Bills haters based on race, gender, or sexuality. Insult them for other reasons. It’s OK to be upset with Gish’s original piece. I know I was. But we don’t need to resort to the type of atavistic behavior seen in the comments. As one SportsGrid reader and fellow Bills fan said, “The comments should stop about the fact that she’s a woman – they should NOT stop about the fact that she is a blatant Patriots fan who took potshots at a whole club and their fanbase.” That was perfect.

Don’t use the phrase, “we’re going to the Super Bowl baby!” I winced every time I heard this at the Bills bar last Sunday. First, adding “baby” as an exclamation to anything is ridiculous unless you’re an agent. Second, need I remind any Bills fan (over the age of 25) that WE’VE BEEN TO THE SUPER BOWL 4 TIMES ALREADY! Try yelling the ambivalent “This is OUR year!” or “We’re taking home the Lombardi Trophy!” Because we are — I hope.

Don’t mention Norwood, Scott or the Music City Miracle. We know what happened. You don’t need to mention it.

Cheer, scream, curse (out of the range of children), pump fists (not at another fan’s face), wear your blue and red, and get as excited or crazy as you want. BECAUSE WE ARE 3 AND 0. We are the fan elite. If you can stick with the Buffalo Bills, you can stick with anything. We deserve this, because we’re the best fans in the world.

Let’s keep acting like it.

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[PHOTO: Buffalo News]

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