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CBS NFL Halftime Show Blurs Out A.J. Hawk’s Middle Finger, Then Plays Unedited Kanye West Music

CBS was all out of sorts Sunday afternoon after going to great lengths to censor Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk‘s middle finger while showing highlights of Green Bay’s game against the St. Louis Rams — but then played an unedited cut of Kanye West’s song “Power” during halftime of the network’s broadcast of the Jaguars-Steelers game from Pittsburgh.

You can clearly hear the lyric “motherfucker we rollin” at the end of the clip.

Video from CBS. h/t to Twitter’s @Brad_Franklin.

Follow Timothy on Twitter at @bubbaprog.

  • LOL


  • Youngboss7545

    lol and i bet they blame kaye for this lmao

  • Anonymous


  • ABM

    I’m in the military and I was stationed overseas for 13 years… man, do I miss being there sometimes…  The censorship in America is there for a reason, but the reason it bears any weight is our reaction to what “they” deem should be censored… In Europe there is not such a social stigma on profanity, drinking and nudity… thus it loses power with the youth… they don’t seek the taboo, since it isn’t.  There is no radio censorship, there is no worry of seeing breasts (its the natural human form) and the kids start drinking at a much younger age… the result? Less rape, less crime, less DUI, less every bad vice that bothers us Americans….  When the Janet Jackson “scandal” hit with the nipple being shown on TV, Europeans did not get it… and I stood with them on that one… too many bigger issues in the world today than to be worried about a nipple on TV… If this is the destruction of society, then I understand how we will drop as being #1 as a world power…. all dominant civilizations have fallen and the USA will be no different…  arrogance and the disregard for what is really important to remain a world power is the downfall….


    well i guess the dont have shit to lose, muthafuka, they rollin!! lmao…

  • Yokika

    well heck i didn’t hear it~~i saw it orginally & i played it again 2x here before i read where it was supposed to be & i have never heard the song before so if they never would’ve said anything i wouldn’t have known it was said~~but that middle finger was not a miss!!!!!

  • Yokika

    honestly all i got was we rollin~~i was wondering what he was saying

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Andrews/574529172 Robert Andrews

    I agree with the other Soldier, I have been to Bosnia, S. Korea, Germany, France , Spain, Portugal,
    and a whole lot of places I’d rather forget.  But, the just of it is the American Standard isn’t the World Standard and AMERICAN VIEWS OF CENSORING FOR THE PUBLIC IS viewed as candyass promqueen virgins that do not have a clue about life. Get over it seriously, there is a lot better news than who gave a finger and who pushed the wrong button.

  • ChrisP

    Yeah, I had to listen 3x before I heard it.  It doesn’t offend me – I think Americans are far too uptight about stuff like this – but it is funny that CBS let it slip through!

  • Guest

    No one man should have all that power

    The clocks tickin’ I just count the hours

    Stop trippin’ I’m tripping off the power

    (21st century Schizoid Man)

    The system broken, the schools closed, the prison’s open

    We ain’t got nothing to lose motherfucker we rollin’,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z4P7YKZQFRU627ICCSOW2VFSDM doug

    I wish more people like you, ABM, would go into politics.

  • Wego3ny

    who FUCKIN’ cares every1 nakes mistakes

  • Dark_Vader

    Youknow what I find obscene. Jennifer Lopez riding around in a Fiat.

  • Becca

    You have spoken a great deal of wisdom, and I couldn’t agree more. Bravo and well said. As a woman, it has always bothered me that the most overweight of men, who may well wear a C cup if they wore a bra, can proudly display their jiggling breasts for all the world to see, but it would be shocking and horrifying for me to pull off my bikini top at the beach and actually let my breasts breathe in the open air. It smacks of the Taliban. They decided arms and eyes were far too alluring and demanded that they be covered up. We all have nipples. Sure, many men like to look at women’s breasts, but they like to look at the rest of the body too and we don’t demand that it all be covered. (Well, some Christians pretty much do, which is a whole separate discussion.) My point is that we are wired to be attracted to the opposite sex, with or without clothes. It’s not something we’re going to switch off with artificial rules, and it’s not a bad thing. I’m sick of it.

  • Taylor21

    The pussification of America strikes again

  • Brianhead

    Well, first of all, much respect for your 13 years of service…And you as a member of a free society are very welcomed to have your opinion, but it does not mean it’s the right one…As a philosophical theorist of morality, my opinion differs from yours. I can prove without a doubt that Europe has lost its faith in Christ. Now you may not be a Christian, but the first thing is sexual morality. Europe is definitely sexually immoral and open about it…And here is the kicker…I don’t think anyone here can tell me why…Do you want to know why? Here is the history. Besides France showing their lust and sensuality, for the past 200 years, the rest of Europe were God fearing people throughout the 20′s, 30′s 40′s and 50′s etc. …The “party” revolution started EXACTLY when it started here…the 1960′s…Europe fell victim just like the United States to counterculture, which includes sexual immorality and poisons like street drugs.
    If you take a close look at the countries in Europe, they were MORE CONSERVATIVE than the U.S. before 1962…London culture is what started it all ….OF COURSE …that’s counter-culture 101…From London it gradually spread to New York and California, and after being mixed and primed up with Elvis and Co., the beatles rolled right in there with a bad spirit…The trail from London underground and to rallied beatnik movement, started getting wider and windier. Europe jumped into the party and went super “revolution”…Thus, global morality would be QUITE DIFFERENT in Europe AND the U.S. if the beatles and Co. did not exist.  I have left out logically sound proofs, unless you want them…And the beatles, more or less john lennon, were worshipped beyond anyone else in the past 3,500 years .  If you believe in Christ, then that impact will change the face of spirituality more than imaginable…

    So you see, what goes on in Europe that is “no big deal”, is actually a culmination from decades ago that have led to a slow moral death. EVERY Christian, Jewish Muslim will agree, at least for a millisecond.

    Lets just pretend that EVERYTHING that is happening in the middle east is because the U.S. gave weapons to Israel and because of Bay Watch…The alliance of Israel and the U.S. that yielded advance weapons plus the crumbling of sexual  inocense, i.e. the demand for western sexual media, gave way to the taliban’s refocused relentlessly vicious attacks on the U.S. that have instigated a downward spiral of hate and destruction that only Christ could overcome…

  • JizzJunkie

    too long didnt read, no one cares

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KAG3PB42EEVUZ3ZZKBFMZIPARU Ian

    Ok, so you are saying that no matter what ones beliefs are we all have to conform to the beliefs of Christianity in order to move on and be a better civilization. This is not true and the fact the the government censors anything from it’s people is purely in my belief socialistic. You sir only relate and comprehend any abstract or abnormal idea through the bias cut-short view of a Christian and that is not how everybody else feels. For women, just because you think of their breasts as a sexual organ you think that they have to cover them up, what of the men that have fetishes for feet or legs, hell we should just put a huge drape with a cross on it over these females and call ourselves the Taliban. You set your standards high with religiously influenced closed-minded ideas, you most likely come from the upper class section of this country and think that what ever you deem as necessary should be law. Now as you said everybody is entitled to their own opinions and this is mine… Separation of Church and State is best for any country, it’s in the United States Constitution, censorship is taking away freedom of speech (It is in tact during times where we are not found in war therefore making it unconstitutional) and all those republicans trying to take over the lives and minds of children teaching them that Christianity is good and that the Muslim faith is wrong just brings more controversy to the table. You say sex is bad, sex is life. You say vulgar language is immoral, vulgar language is empty words labeled by few in the past as “bad” (which ended up widespread and out-of-hand) used by even the most prestigious English Scholars. Don’t bring your fake philosophy into this as this is the real world, don’t conform us to religion because all in all, it’s just an idea.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RQKRSO5GK4QRWF5IBBTQ2HKJBI joe101

    barbarians at the gates, europe is decadent thats why they dont care. They aint no world power for a reason. The only reason the society in europe doesnt implode is because of the social “free money” to the poor, it keeps them docile. Lot of liberal/gay/atheist/nambla/aclu/obama voters here today.  

  • DERP


    Jesus, you’re terrifyingly stupid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManityFairFC Cody Erdmann

    if Americans weren’t scared of words, that only mean what you perceive them to mean anyway,  they wont have to worry about blurring out fingers that dont offend anybody unless you tell them it’s offensive and they wont have to worry about censoring words, that would be far less shocking if it weren’t for the fact that they are censored. I mean seriously, it’s his finger. He didn’t whip out his dick and start jerking it on Bradford and then try to play that off as an inside joke. He held up his middle finger. 12 year old do that in pictures to look bad ass.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManityFairFC Cody Erdmann

    he’s just a troll

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManityFairFC Cody Erdmann

    i find it obscene that they dont show enough of her ass. they could sell a billion fiats in a week

  • Johnstoxx

    you’re an idiot. Philosophical theorist? If thats what you’d like to call yourself, go for it. But Philosophy and Theories are 2 in the same boat my friend, Europe hasn’t lost any faith, have you ever been there? Yet their governments respect their citizens desires. Do you watch Baywatch?? Not all Europeans watch whats televised. AND you’re gonna tell us that aside from France, Europe was God Fearing from the 20′s on? Try Fransisco’s fascist Spain, Communist Russia and good ol’ Nazi Germany, with Hitler being elected by the people. Honestly there’s too much stupidity written in your statement I don’t have the time to go on. It truly hurts my brain…3500 years and you feel John Lennon has been worshipped?? Oh the pain…

  • Goodstuff

    I have no problem with these discussions because I simply don’t listen to Kanye West in the first place. His artistic opinion is all garbage, so I have no concerns that garbage actually rolls out of his mouth. If others want to hear garbage, who am I to get in their way. 

  • Biggerhead

    Don’t hate God. Hate the dip !@#$s that follow him/her/it.

  • hey yo

    not the homos…

  • hey yo

    not the homos…

  • One Often

    Soooo… you don’t think Janet Jacksons’ nipple was an odd thing to see during halftime? It may not be important, but it is certainly something most people will find interesting. You weren’t interested in the story or wondered how it happened or got a chuckle out of it or anything? And Europe may be more relaxed allowing their kids to see nudity but that doesn’t mean I want to take my kids watch internet porn just to please you and Europe.

  • Big Mike

    you are a very wise person ABM

  • Basbalforever

    wow dude, pull that bible out of your ass and relax a little.

  • BAH

    I am Christian. You said EVERY Christian, Jewish, Muslim will agree, at least for a millisecond. Yet I disagree with you, period. Quite honestly, you sound like a dumbass, and I agree with Ian that you are close-minded. If you are going to be philosophical, be more open, not based so much on the christian religion. You make believers look bad.

  • Rgamache42

    His opinion is garbage.. Well that’s kind of hard to determine. I feel like you can’t really tell someone that they have the wrong opinion when it cOmes to music.

  • Hahncho1

    You are 100% correct:  the USA SHALL fall because of arrogance and ignorance – the kind that fosters lawlessness and lack of morality.  And it is precisely this type of attitude (lack of morality) that shall foster our fall.

  • Hahncho1

    Very correct, Brianhead.  I see many others are offended when they hear the truth, yea?  You presented facts and attacked no one…  Yet others in their anger attacked you.  How sad.

    It’s funny how so many people criticize… yet never took the time to read the Bible.  All those who are critical of Brianhead’s words, prove what you “think” you know by reading the Bible – all of it, not just a few isolated passages.  Then take a good look around you:  the news, lack of morality, and history itself.  If you are honest with yourselves the truth will become quite evident.

  • Hahncho1

    “I am Christian. …, you sound like a dumbass”

    I would be ashamed to claim that I was a Christian and make that statement. 

    “By their fruits you shall know them…”

  • alex antia

    Europe was much more religious in the 1st 1/2 of the 20th century, but America has been much more religious far long time before that. BTW, I would say that France is one of the most religious countries in Europe, and Hitler was very definitely supported by the conservative Christians in Germany.
    All of this is just my opinion; I’m not some kind of expert or anything, so please disagree with me politely.

  • Reed Mike13

    haha. how horrible it is that they played a song with the word motherfucker. So controversial. So we spend the time to write an article about it, and post a clip, to show yahoo users how naughty they were. by drawing attention to it, you just did the same thing as them… motherfucker.


    flag this shit. I DARE YOU! CENSOR ME!


  • tl;dr

    tl;dr Once I saw “I can prove without a doubt that Europe has lost its faith in Christ.” I stopped reading.  Was such a good string of comments leading up to that too.  Sad to see closed minded people start throwing bibles at people.  “BOOBS ARE THE DEVIL!!!!  HISSSSSSSSS!!!  KILL THEM WITH FIRE!!!!”  *Yawn* If God wanted us to wear clothes, we’d have been born wearing them.  God intended us to be nude via the Adam and Eve story and only when he noticed Adam trying to hide his boner did he realize something was up.  See, God’s not pissed for Eve eating the apple, it’s because she covered her boobs.  Duh.

  • CelestialDawn79

    That is a new way to look at things. It’s about time someone gave a new prospective on things. I agree. The world would be  a better place if we could express ourselves in a way that wasn’t deemed negative. There would also be less prostitutes. Maybe more jobs?

  • CelestialSunrise79

    exactly. the human body is beautiful. No matter what shape or size it is.  The other point is that everyone should be free to self express.

  • SD

    Holy rollers.  And bible thumpers. The kind of Christian that makes the rest of us look bad. That just pisses me off. Get off your high horse “Brainhead” and get a better name. Obviously, you should be called “brainlesshead.” You are a total imbecile!

  • Noah

    I thought you were going to prove without a doubt that Europe lost its faith in Christ.  You do realize that you failed to prove anything other than your own ability to interpret history to fit your own bias?

  • Noah

    Bring it on, Hahncho1.  I can battle you word for word with the Bible and disprove any assertion you want to make.  And if you disagree with me, you are guilty of breaking the Levitical Law of respecting your elders.  Therefore, as the Bible clearly states, you must be taken out to the village gates to be stoned.  (And by the way, the theory of your argument falls apart when you realize that you can’t prove that the Bible has to be the source of truth in every logical argument.  That doesn’t it mean it has no value.  It simply means that you can’t set the rules of an argument and expect others to argue fairly with your bias).

  • Noah

    He didn’t say they weren’t interested.  He said that Europeans didn’t see it as a scandal.  This story dominated the news while many people thought “who cares.”  And then you completely take it out of context by suggesting that people should let their kids watch internet porn.  That had nothing to do with his statement.  No one is suggesting that.  So take your kids into the kitchen and poke their eyes out.  That is what the Bible suggests.  Better for them to be blind then to be tempted to sin.  (See, I can over-react with sketchy logic too.  And I get bonus points for using the Bible too.)

  • Noah

    Let’s have another crusade!  We’ll kill all the Americans who saw Janet Jackson’s boobs.  That should solve the problem using “the Biblical way.”  And then America can be great again, like it was in the 1700s when people were accused of witchcraft because someone’s cattle got sick unexpectedly.  That’s how to make America great again.  (Now get the hell out of my bedroom and quit telling me what to do).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HJ257IEWNCIUHS3AND7M2X2ZCQ Trolls Union Local 47

    Music, sports, profanity, movies, literature, etc… they’re just reflections of a community’s true standards. I walk through Manhattan and hear people in business suits saying ƒµçk all the time. Kids are around, and that doesn’t limit their use of the word. So why is the media being held to a high standard that no one else adheres to? As much as we deny it, we’re no longer in the 50s (plus, I have it on good authority that people not only said the word, but actually did the horizontal deed back then too). Let’s stop lying to ourselves.

    And the ridiculous thing is that if you watch CSI, you’ll typically see dismembered bodies, oozing corpse juice; gang members shooting each other, etc.. But this is completely acceptable. Or better yet, watch your evening local news and their sole intent is to †¡†¡llate you, whether it’s with scantily clad women, mayhem, or bleeped profanity. Yet an extended middle finger and a 12 letter word is beyond the pale of decency? GEEZUS! Society has its collective head up its bµm.

    And on the use of “mø†he®ƒµçke®… call me deaf, but I couldn’t even hear it. You have to really be listening to it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XAXSNO23XOBKHLC45TOFC6WR7I Christina Johnson

    Making a comment on a person’s writing has little to do with his or her faith.  I’m a Christian, and I just recently wrote a short story about an atheistic sarcastic, intelligent transsexual prostitute.  In the story (which is told in first person perspective), the protagonist “curses” quite a bit.  Why?  Because it fits.  Also, there is no verse in the Bible that specifically calls certain words “dirty” or “sinful” with the exception of taking the name of the Lord in vain…  which is completely different than saying the fuck word.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NUQS3VWIBAXU3YRVK5RPDJE7MI theminimog

    Porn and a random nipple are not even remotely the same thing, you backwards dipshit.

  • He said what?

    Thanks, I couldn’t hear it before I read the lyrics. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3DXGPSPJCYFIX7F2NBHYP6N6EU John

    Don’t bring religion into a debate that has nothing to do with it. Keep your personal beliefs about imaginary beings to yourself.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDVM4RGB27GUCSSGXPCLV5GNVU Matthew P

    The funny thing about profanity is the government (and others) are supposedly protecting the innocence of a youth that uses more profanity than the shows, movies, and music that are being censored. I had heard just about every curse word there is before I had ever seen my first R-rated movie. From whom did I hear them? Other kids at school, who had heard them from other kids and family. The kid that was just told that he/she couldn’t go watch an R-rated movie with his/her friends, probably walked away to their bedroom and said, “Bullshit!”

  • Tlj

    mother f**king is not usually condoned by any culture, that i am aware of, just as incest is frowned upon.  it leads to the birth of often very badly equipped for suirvival children.   but the casual use, and of such fine cuss words, to the point that no one realizes what insults they are, and the lack of
    judgement about what is an adult word, and what is not, and the plain lack of use of any poetic , or descriptive word that is not about body functions use to mean you were an ignorant fool, and people would call you on it.  america is a land of many freedoms, but responsibilities go with the use of that freedom.  mr west sounds like a drunken person on that song who i would not trust to edit his untterings around, my or his children or grandmother.

  • Blue Duck

    Criminalizing prostitution means fewer jobs, silly. If someone wants to be a sex worker, that should be their choice. We shouldn’t spend law enforcement resources running undercover stings to catch them, arresting them, and putting them in jail for a night. Legalize prostitution, regulate it so it’s safe for the sex worker and the customer, and tax their income. Everyone wins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManityFairFC Cody Erdmann

    Kayne is big and that song is one of his “hits” so many people have already heard it and knew it was coming. even if you didnt know, if you follow the rhythm youll hear it so its not like its a cryptic message either

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