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NFLWeird But True

Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Called Out At Packers Game

The Packers wrapped up home field advantage throughout the playoffs last night, defeating the Bears 35-21 behind a career-high 5 touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers. For one man watching on his couch at home, though, the Christmas win was probably soured a little bit when he saw this sign.

[Photo via @cjzero, h/t Larry Brown Sports]

  • psman

    I bet he soiled his sofa when he saw that…

  • Sherpetty1

    Good enough for him.  Bet she has season tickets and playoff tickets too.

  • Perupet

    is she still available ??????????

  • Arid

    what goes around comes around…

  • http://twitter.com/supersnake02 todd j zola

    If he did saw that sign he is still cheating on her or hoping to be a player on her Woah!! Trust me he is being a player. If he gets back with her he will go back to doing the samething being a player.

  • XoXoDaisy23

    Good thats what that cheating bastard gets! lol

  • Lunarfur_12

    Hate to say this sports grid, but it’s couch, not coach.

  • Gregmilano1

    Watched at his coach?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNDAJ2RJXQYWUB6I2QVZEZMF54 Joshroxx

    Probably getting some new head never as good as a packers game!

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  • celeb

    She prolly has cankles ; )

  • MtyOak9

    Can i Get Her Name & Number

  • GetReal

    I wonder if all the guys there would bring their signs about their cheatin’ girlfriends. Nah, they were there for the game. She needs a little time apparently.

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  • Thewhip01

    oh this was absolutely hilarious to see! I bet he felt pretty low seeing it too

  • GetReal

    I don’t know about low, but I bet it confirmed the reason he cheated in the first place. If he did see it, he was probably laying in bed with his new girlfriend laughing…

  • Anonymous

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  • Junkmailjaykay

    Wow.  All that to get back at her ex.  Grow up now now.  Good thing that someone corrected her and added “ex” to the sign, because it wouldn’t look good to say “my cheating boyfriend…”  And the cheating boyfriend….well, he should have broken up with the dint first, and then went to the game yourself.  Your loss.  

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