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Broncos Lineman Chris Kuper Suffered About As Gruesome An Ankle Injury As We’ve Seen

As of this writing, the Kansas City Chiefs hold a 7-0 lead over the still-playoff-hopeful Denver Broncos in what’s been for the most part a thoroughly unremarkable game…except, unfortunately, for an injury suffered by Broncos offensive guard Chris Kuper. Kuper went down midway through the first quarter with an ankle injury, and it was a bad one. About as bad as an ankle injury can look – evidenced by the way Willis McGahee ran off in horror once he saw what happened to Kuper on the play.

We will warn you right now: this video – particularly when Kuper’s injury is most visible around the 20-second mark – is not for the squeamish. However, if you decide you want to, it can be seen below. Hopefully, Kuper comes back at 100 percent next season.

Video by CJ Fogler.

  • Nafadden44

    It looks bad but I don’t think there was a break, most likely just dislocated w/ some strained tendons. He didn’t look to be in that much pain.

  • Lew Patton

    Thanka for the description Nafaden…how long have you been a doctor?

  • Guest

    haha that was funny

  • Anonymous

    **** {{w w w }} {{surprisefirms  }} {{com}} *****

  • Spaceman31886

    you’re an idiot…that fuckin thing was snapped

  • Nafadden44

    6 years actually. From the angle I saw the ankle looked laterally dislocated. Just looked up the injury report, I was half right. Ankle was DL but he also had a tibia fracture that most ppl would be writhing in pain if they sustained, he wasn’t. Just gave my opinion.  

  • http://rcamaiieftin.com/ Thomas Gamble

    The poor guy!!

  • thomas

    career ending.

  • skoshtoo@gmail.com

    Where did U go Lew! Too much information for you?

  • Ollienme

    I had a similiar break and that was OBVIOUSLY a break…broke my Talus right in half!!! exactly what happened to me when a horse fell on me!

  • notlikely

    Nafadden44 – just what kind of doctor are you?  What specialty?  Take it from a Board Certified EM (Emergency Medicine) physician, there is nothing about that that is not gruesome.  And you’re not primarily concerned about muscle damage, the dislocation is predominantly going to cause significant ligamentous injury, not to mention concern for injury to the major nerves and arteries.  With ankle dislocations, you don’t so much strain tendons, you completely tear ligaments (connecting bone to bone).  And yes, the tibia fracture was also evident on the video, take a closer look at how the distal aspect is angled posteriorly.  This is going to take ALOT of rehab to get to the point of being able to withstand the stress of returning to professional football.  God bless and speedy recovery Kupe!

  • Huh

    Started my career as a Navy Corpsman in 1999. The obvious military conflicts that ensued took me to Iraq w/ 1st Recon Battalion wpns co. As a medic to this unit I saw a lot of shit involving M/S trauma sustained in training and on the ground. I would speak to my post grad medical school but I would invite you to kiss my ass first “not likely” My interpretation of the vid is: a midline intact tibia w/ possible distal discontinuity. The ankle is elementary. Yes ligaments (bone to bone) are torn. I have seen lapro surgery that repair such an injury. At the most, 8 months for recovery. Work with athletes and elite military and you’ll find a hyper perfused  injury site that recovers much quicker than your geriatric practice would illustrate. Orthopedics. Sports medicine.   

  • Azulesmi

    nafadden44…..you are an idiot.  Ankles are made up of what are called malleoli and when the ankle flops around like that its because they BROKEN.  You don’t “dislocate” out of them, they are extension of the tibia and fibula and when they break, you get that flopping ankles that dangles around.

  • NA

    Done with the obstinate idiots out there. Just look at the injury report. Might take a bit of searching because the media caters to idiots and doesn’t tell the whole story, just call it a “broken leg” and call it a story.

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