Broncos Lineman Chris Kuper Suffered About As Gruesome An Ankle Injury As We’ve Seen

  • Glenn Davis

As of this writing, the Kansas City Chiefs hold a 7-0 lead over the still-playoff-hopeful Denver Broncos in what’s been for the most part a thoroughly unremarkable game…except, unfortunately, for an injury suffered by Broncos offensive guard Chris Kuper. Kuper went down midway through the first quarter with an ankle injury, and it was a bad one. About as bad as an ankle injury can look – evidenced by the way Willis McGahee ran off in horror once he saw what happened to Kuper on the play.

We will warn you right now: this video – particularly when Kuper’s injury is most visible around the 20-second mark – is not for the squeamish. However, if you decide you want to, it can be seen below. Hopefully, Kuper comes back at 100 percent next season.

Video by CJ Fogler.

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