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A Whole Mess Of Cowboys Fans Burned Tony Romo Jerseys Last Night

OK, we promise this is it. No more ragging on poor Tony Romo after this. But in tooling around the internet earlier today searching his name, we noticed something: fans burning his jersey. Oh, of course we’d expect someone to do that – the Cowboys have a huge fanbase, and some of them are passionate/crazy enough to do that. But this was something more: there were a lot of Cowboys fans burning Romo jerseys last night. How many? Let’s have a look:





A Pro Bowl jersey. We can’t figure out if that’s more or less of an insult. Well, the joke was probably on you, for owning a Pro Bowl jersey to begin with. Others burned more generic Cowboys gear and simply placed all the blame for that on Romo:

It might seem like the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys lives the dream. In many ways, were sure that’s true. Even so… we would not switch places with Tony Romo today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.fuzie Tim J Fuzie

    send him to Cleveland then you guys can go back to 5-11 and miss any chance of the playoffs! I can’t stand Dallas fans your just like steelers fans win or kill the guy! Try being a browns fan and miss the playoffs for 10yrs without even a sniff!

  • JD

    with such a large fanbase, most cowboys fans dont have any idea of how lucky we are to have him. This team has real problems outside the QB position and only idiots dont see it. unfortunately, most cowboy fans ARE idiots.

  • http://twitter.com/Ambrose_FTW Sergio Toro

    lol even Cowboys fans have had enough of Romo.

  • http://twitter.com/Hurriflames Tron Rodriguez

    Yes there are other problems on the team, but Romo is one of them. He piles up meaningless stats and chokes time and time again when his team needs him to come through for them like a leader and a franchise QB is supposed to. He is NOT a winner. Period. His teammates aren’t the ones throwing pick 6′s with games and seasons on the line, they aren’t the ones fumbling in the playoffs on an extra point, 1-6 in elimination games over the years with many different teammates and many different coaches. The one constant is Romo’s inconsistent and erratic play. Lucky to have him? How so? Because he throws for a lot of yards and crumbles when it actually matters? I think the blind Romo supporters are the ones who are idiots. The ones who think he’s going to “turn the corner” and take his game to “the next level” and lead the team to glory. He can’t get it done, and he never has. Only idiots don’t see that.

  • Ed Charles

    There you have reasons why birth control should be used more often!

  • Trey

    Toro ~ The deal is this. As a Cowsboys fan since 1975, the true problem is a lack of strong leadership. JJ is egothical to remove himself as GM which would allow a fresh outlook on the team and its players. Romo is a good QB but, not “Great” for Dallas Superbowl Expectations. It’s not his fault that he can not deal with the “Pressure” of taking/winning a Championship. JJ keeps him in the “pressure cooker QB position” hoping and wishing that Tony will “figure” it out, but it’s not in him to do it. Let’s examine Romo’s QB history…. he was undafted (not a big deal, unless a Cowboys QB i.e., Staubach and Aikman) been on the team since 2003 and a starter since 2006 and has won only one playoff game (2009) as starting QB.

    Problem: 1. Romo has never adjusted or learned from previous years turnovers and mistakes. 2. Has had plenty of talented players to win with (2008-2012). 3. Overthinks the QB position i.e., don’t utilize running ability to extend critical drives, throws the ball instead (for interception/fumble). 4. Loves the celebrity QB position but, don’t study or practice to become more efficient at the position (i.e., Manning brothers, Brady & Brees) a critical requirement for him to eliminate his mistakes. 5. Not winning in December or a Elimination Game is in his Head now and has been since the Seattle playoff game in 2007.

    Bottom Line: Romo is a good second tier QB for the Cowboys, who’s owner use to demand top tier talent and leadership at that position, obviously not anymore. Romo would thrive in a less pressure, popular and smaller football market not the pressure cooker QB position in Dallas. JJ has become comfortable with only one playoff victory in 15 years…Ridiculous. The only change that will affect him would be less fans in his Billion Dollar Stadium !!

    Jones really needs a GM that will draft a qualityQB for development and replacement of Romo. He also needs an Offensive Coordinator (Norv Turner) to relief Garrett of those duties, so he can focus solely on the HC position.

    Lastly, the Cowboys fails each year around Dec due to their inability to win games early in the season, primarly because the offense does not dominate. The Defense has to try and carry the team which then becomes injury riddle and tired by playoff time each December.

    History never Lies….review it for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    This is pathetic. It’s because of him that the Cowboys were even in the playoff race. Also, he cannot be fully blamed for the loss seeing as how our run defense gave up 200+ yards. I guess I’m one of the few Cowboy fans that still loves the guy.

  • sumrgrl725

    Since when did football become a TEAM of ONE? All the Cowboys are on the team, Romo is only as good as his receivers, his runners, his D, and his special teams. The Cowboys are older, not so fast anymore, and are in need of cleaning house. The problem is that they have waited to do it, kept hoping they would win a SB, but the truth of the matter is that Romo is choked-up when it comes to the playoffs. As a Seattle fan, I seriously feel for the Cowboys fans….we’ve been there too, but NEVER EVER would a Seattle fan burn their qb’s jersey…..and let me tell ya, we could and should have last year with Tarvaris Jackson in there. But we hung on, and this year, we have truly been blessed with a wonderful team…the guys are young, fast and want to WIN. NO ONE is bigger or better than his teammate….at different times, they all make mistakes, or they all make awesome plays. What makes this so special is that all 4 facets of the team: Off, Def, Spec Teams, and the Coaching staff, are all in this together. LOVE IT!!

  • Rookmaster07

    Romo got us to that point and last I checked when he threw the 3rd interception with his 1st and 2nd string WRs out we were down 3…How about some blame going to the defense that allowed 200 yards rushing to one player.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wredfern William Redfern

    Or maybe you should give the guy a break for once. Blame your defense for not being able to stop a team when you knew that all they had was a run, even with their QB. Or maybe blame the offensive line for being horrific all day.

  • eurietarded

    If you can’t watch your team lose, and still be by their side when times are rough, then you don’t deserve to be there when they win. Hating Romo is one thing, even though he’s the best ya had since Aikman, but hating the COWBOYS, wow.

  • http://twitter.com/Eduardo_Aguila_ Luis Eduardo Aguila


  • E-A-G-L-E-S

    I can see Cowgirls fans burning Romo jerseys, he’s f**king horrible. But that last one says it all. “I am definitely going to find a new team”… bandwagon ass. There’s no way in hell I’d burn one of my Eagles jerseys or sweaters after a loss. I rock the Eagles win or lose.

  • Dladd79

    Those are not Cowboys fans. They must be impostors. Redskins Giants or Eagles fans dressed up as wannabes burning the Romo jersey’s.

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