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This Crazy Girl Will Have Sex With You, Last Pick Of The 2012 NFL Draft

Let’s first garner the requisite dose of healthy skepticism needed to view anything that comes courtesy of the world wide web. Then, let’s consider this: will this girl actually bang the last pick of the NFL draft this week, AKA Mr. Irrelevant? That’s what she’s claiming.

As noted earlier, it’s hard to say whether this will actually happen. Briane (or however you spell that name) from New York City seems like a perfectly reasonable person who doesn’t need to put videos on YouTube promising sex with a yet-to-be-named NFL player. Then again, here she is, saying she will do just that:

So, guys, what do you think? Are you 7th rounders looking forward to the possibility of falling down the board and becoming the 253rd-or-so pick in the draft, thereby potentially getting laid by some crazy lady? There’s no doubt that she’s a one (on a scale of zero to one), so if she’s your type then by all means. Then again, do you really want to have sex with someone who will bone literally anybody bearing the name Mr. Irrelevant? Could you stand to make that person your Mrs. Irrelevant?

Regardless of what you choose, Mr. Irrelevant, I advise caution. If you go over there, let someone know where you’re going ahead of time. If you don’t, be on the lookout for crazed curly haired girls peeking through your window at night. And if she’s joking, then cheer up — you made it to the NFL! And you’re a pro football player now, you’ll get some somewhere. Unless you’re not into that sort of thing. In which case, the chicks are STILL GOING TO GET YOU.

[h/t Brobible]

  • Anonymous

    Never promise crazy a baby

  • RJ82

    I hope they draft some 350 lb. defensive lineman for her!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SIKG2RKFYD5UICHEXJMTTS3HQM Ann

    Age ain’t nothing but a number for these
    loved-up A-Listers. My BF and I both think so! He is almost 10 years older than
    I. We met via ~~Agelessmeet .COM~~ a nice place for younger women and older men, or older women
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  • Mgalbert

    How proud her parents must be.  It’s always good to see someone who thinks so highly of themselves and has such a noble level of self respect.   (Sheesh!)

  • Eacl121

    i’d do her all night long, then be out before she wakes up lol

  • http://www.storminsmorningjava.blogspot.com/ stormin1961

    i’ll bet there’s some secret service agent trying to qualify for the NFL draft

  • Anonymous

    Her unemployment must  have ran out and she can’t get any Obama money.

  • Anonymous

    But if you happened to be me, she would wake up ─ reeeaal, real quick!

  • Linda Perry

    Wow, it has come to this?

    And the parents will be proud?

    Holy molly, that is really low.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TWK2YYJTTIDLZIVV7NKZM23Z6Q Tyler

    She would have to be checked out and well groomed down there before I would go for some stranger like her.

  • Just Another Blowhard

    Like ANY football player has problems getting laid…

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t a political site.

  • Nate

    Why is any skepticism required? It was obviously done as a piece of (not very funny) comedy . . .

  • Anonymous

    Quack Man, you’re  just roaming around stalking on folks

  • Anonymous

     Not a convincing performance.

  • Nate Hernandez

    What is wrong with people? It’s not like pro athletes have a problem getting laid.

  • Anonymous

    was she on the “Biggest Loser” program?

  • Anonymous

    That’s from Maher’s show

  • BeachPartyHammer

    shameful like fox news

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rainwater1 Paul Rainwater

    why didn’t she just do a porn video of her with a 300 pound black guy and a pile of money

  • http://profiles.google.com/ranjay25 no kia

    It’s bad enough to be a last pick for a so so team but it stings even more when the
    concellation prize is a 5th tier girl.

  • http://truth-and-opinion.dyndns.org/ mavigozler

    She’s been checked for the entire panel of STDs, I hope!

  • 12voltman1

    Obama money?
    WTH denomination is that?
    and what does Obama have to do with this?

  • Anonymous

    I am embarrassed for womenfolk. Why is she doing this to us?

  • Darr247

    Give her a break… she just wants to be a WAG!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HNH5FOIRNPH4YGMWM3QR5PEHFI Lighthouse

    is the NFL or the taxpayers picking up the contraceptive costs? 

  • Anonymous

    Will Elliot Spitzer make a bid for sloppy seconds? He could certainly afford that!

  • Scotty

    That video is a smartly edited piece, and clearly was not done by that bubble-headed bimbo. I suspect her husband or boyfriend is behind the silly video, and it’s just intended to get attention, which is what everyone on YouTube wants- their 15 seconds of fame.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LQKMLBJS4NNFYLWV6RS2QCHYY4 Matt Hall

    “I’d be all over that!!!” -Janoris Jenkins

  • Brandonkharnish

    What about his cousin?!?! Harnish!!!

  • Rgdco

    C’mon…she just wants a shoy at getting into Playboy…don’t all the escorts, protitutes, sluts who prey on professional athletes do this for publicity???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SIYF5565LXG7BBKTKGSSFWU7TA The Rock

    She isn’t that good looking she is a crazy women getting attention is all.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Robhayhurst

    that you watch!

  • Robhayhurst

    well groomed? be a real man

  • Robhayhurst

    thats money people are getting hand over fist for doing nothing, you know what it is

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