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Cris Collinsworth Appears To Have Already Forgotten About The Whole Aaron Hernandez Thing

A disclaimer before we begin: Cris Collinsworth is a very good color announcer for NBC. His eye for breaking down the game is second to none, and he doesn’t slip up and say stupid things nearly as much as his peers. But last night, Collinsworth definitely earned the award for most awkward and mindless thing said on television.

Collinsworth was discussing Patriots’ cornerback Aqib Talib, who went from talented yet troubled in Tampa Bay to one of the league’s best in New England. Then Collinsworth, perhaps thinking of guys like Randy Moss and Corey Dillon, said this:

Well, if you don’t consider “potentially being a murderer” a problem, then Collinsworth is correct. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t cool with Aaron Hernandez at this point, and it was around the time of his arrest that we all agreed: The “Patriot Way” is BS. But we can’t let facts get in the way of a perfectly good sound bite/storyline, so let’s just pretend that a reported drug addict gangster never helped turn the Pats into an offensive powerhouse. Hey, this is easy!

[CJ Fogler]

  • Nall

    OK, I understand the point you are making and it is a legitimate point that maybe he had forgotten the Hernandez controversy a bit quickly or maybe the NFL is just trying to not mention it for PR reasons but honestly, IMO, don’t we all want to forget about it and move on. He’s gone from the league and probably in jail for a while, let’s let the past be the past and focus on football. He did say that “every player comes in and gets better” like it’s a clinic which obviously is an incorrect statement. But calling “The Patriot’s Way” complete BS is insulting and somewhat untrue. Belichick does often bring in players with outside troubles and manages to get them under control like Talib or Spikes. Unlike some coaches who will avoid a player because of prior incidents he isn’t afraid to take the chance if he feels they are skilled enough. Also most teams have players with outside troubles, most people have some form of “trouble”, no one is perfect. Ya, the dream of being Tony Montana is probably one of the biggest ones to be fair but as soon as the charges were brought up he was gone. They didn’t wait for the trial or the verdict, they just booted him. I still think the Patriots organization is respectable and you completely discredit them because one player acted like a psychopath. I’ve said my peace, I hope others at least can agree this is mostly an over-reaction and one players actions do no dictate an entire teams.

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