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“Dancing Naked M&M” Is The Best Super Bowl Commercial (So Far)

“Dancing Naked M&M” is your club leader for “Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2012″ so far tonight. It features a brown M&M (I think this is a new thing) who’s attending a party and explaining to her fellow revelers that she’s not actually naked — her shell is merely chocolate-colored. Red M&M, who didn’t get the memo, shows up and rips his “clothes” off.

If you think that sounds “meh,” you’re not the only one: the pickings have been slim tonight — the only other standout ad has been Elton John’s Pepsi commercial, but that was ruined by Flavor Flav’s cameo at the end. One good thing about the M&M ad: it provides us with this tremendous GIF, courtesy of SportsGrid Video Assignment Editor CJ Fogler.

Video of the full M&M ad, here:

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    Rob Dyrdrek doing a kick flip with a car was pretty flippin awesome

  • GlenwardC

    Ok to much! How many children are sitting on the couch next to a parent? Now even super bowl commercials for M & M needs to have parental supervision?

  • Kim

    yeah, shelter your kids from everything… see how that goes

  • Anon

    everyone needs to shut up! That was by FAR the best super bowl commercial of the night. It appeals to a wide variety of age groups. M & M did a fantastic job with this commercial!!! It was hilarious

  • Grow_a_pair_

    exactly, anon! If you can’t handle the super bowl commercials then don’t watch it. Grow some freaking lady balls:)

  • Ted

    hands, and mouth down, ladies and gents. The VW commercial was great. I can tell you one thing, the dog was a female, extremely funny!

  • Mychael

    This commercial was pretty funny, and M&M did do a great job for a Superbowl commercial. We all are well aware that companies pay a good amount of money to have their commercial shown during the Superbowl, so we are to expect some series commercials, however I do believe commercials now are becoming a little too much for T.V mainly when there are children who do watch the Superbowl with their families. Sexual content is becoming more and more of our culture anymore, and it’s our kids who suffer for it. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite cause I like the commercial, we just need to watch what our kids are taking in and just guide them into the correct direction when it comes to sexual context.

  • Rx787

    Are people really outraged by a naked m&m? What…a half naked Adriana Lima didn’t tick you off. Or Toyota’s reinvented couch that had 7 half naked women on it? What you took away from it all was a ‘naked’ m&m? How sheltered of a life do you want your kids to live? You certainly have a hard time embracing reality. Get over it.

  • really…

    okay really? it’s a naked m&m… the horror!

  • sugarcupid.com

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  • Pittfan125

    the best super bowl commericial.. its a naked m&m. oh my goodness shield your eyes!!!! honestly grow up

  • !3 year old

    fuuny as hell so stfu!

                            im 13

  • Amber2281

    My daughter n I love this.. I think it’s the best ever.

  • Anonymous

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  • http://www.facebook.com/AyriesPinkKittyIsCute Ayryel Duran

     how is getting naked sexual? just because someone is naked doesn’t mean they’re gonna have sex or be sexualized

  • Dannyethrall

    Mayhap it’s not the thing for your family to watch together then. I do not need nor want to be told what can be aired at a certain time because children might see it. Just because you choose to be a parent does not mean you get to lord rules or censorship over us for your child’s sake.  Many things are sexual in nature, if you do not make a big deal out of it either will they. And yes I do have a right to speak, I am a parent with four grown children and was a teacher.

  • larissatj

    IT’S A FREAKING M&M!!!!! THEY’RE NAKED ALREADY ON SHELVES! IF THIS BOTHERS YOU, THEN YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY SUE ALL BATHING SUITS FACTORY! So your kids seeing ladies in bikini on the beach is fine but a NAKED M&M? *speechless* 

  • larissatj

     Hahaha I saw ur comments after I posted mine! Yeah ryt? They don’t even bother letting their kids seeing ladies (sometimes even their mamas) on a bikini, now “naked” M&M?! lol

  • Sdhjjhl

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  • Joe Finche

    Wow, the writer of this must be REALLY young, because brown M&M’s are original, before they went color in the 80′s.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXMXIKOFCL4AIE67YHXN4UN7KA Crystal

    it aint right  .i love it when the m&m goes wiggle wiggle.

  • got-a-know

    who’s the woman in the silver dress ???

  • Lalajames56

    So sorry that m&ms had to use sex to advertise our “FAVORITE’ candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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