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Georgia-Based Gun Company Gets Stiff-Armed By NFL For Terrifying Super Bowl Commercial

The NFL has a strict “no guns” policy. In stadiums, locker rooms, and commercials. So, um, duh, Daniel Defense’s “Protect your nation, protect your home” submission for a Super Bowl spot was rejected by the league. (Shrewed marketing tactic, because now we’re talking about the company on the internet. Good job!) What do you think? Does this go too far? Is the commercial implicitly selling guns?

Here’s conservative news outlet The National Review’s take on the matter (via Guns & Ammo). SPOILER ALERT: They’d both give it the green light.

Guns & Ammo reports that Fox said the commercial violates the NFL’s prohibited advertising categories since advertisements for “firearms, ammunition or other weapons” are not allowed. But Guns and & Ammo notes that Daniel Defense meets the requirements to be exempted from the NFL’s policy on guns because it does not feature a gun (the company offered to replace the image of a gun in its logo with the image of the American flag). Additionally, Daniel Defense’s store sells products other than guns, which would qualify it for another one of the league’s exemptions.

Ya, and strip clubs serve lunch — but they ain’t considered restaurants. It doesn’t matter what your logo is or what you don’t picture in your commercial — this ad is explicitly selling guns, which were responsible for 19,392 deaths in 2010. Also, Daniel Defense (unlike other gun seller, like, say, Walmart) describes itself on Google like this: “Offers a range of AR15 parts and accessories like slings and uppers.”

See, Guns & Ammo is right. This commercial isn’t selling guns, it’s selling pink pro-automatic weapon ladies apparel. Tie it to your doorknob to scare away the home invaders with ugly shirts.

Watch the video, sound off below, or hit me up on Twitter and berate me for being un-American. Just don’t shoot me (I’ve got eight or nine more ugly NFL Christmas sweaters to knit).

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    So Sports Grid hates the 2nd Amendment? Nice to know. I guess you don’t need 100 million gun owners to visit your website, do you? Tell me something, commie, what about all those lives SAVED by guns? The Blog Guns Save Lives has thousands of documented events. John Lott, an economist, analyzed the date and showed guns save lives up to 3 million times a year. 90-99% of the time you don’t even have to shoot the gun, just brandishing the gun will scare most criminals. Whatever Sports Grid, following your logic, the NFL should not allow Burger King to advertise because obesity may kill, then they should reject Budweiser because alcoholism kills, by the time they’re done, who’s gonna advertise in your stupid games? Stop being a self-hating American! The 2nd Amendment was written to protect us, to allow us to defend ourselves as individuals. Gun ownership in the sports world is very common, it’s not that the NFL gorillahs don’t have the physical strength to defend themselves, it’s just that with a gun you’re almost guaranteed to win. Remember Hector “Macho” Camacho? The Boxer? He’s dead now, Mr. Macho didn’t have a gun, the man who robbed him did. See? No gun, no chance.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Hey Jake, we won’t shoot you, we’re law-abiding gun owners. It’s the criminals you have to worry about. Hopefully they will find you unarmed and defenseless.

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Fair point. We’re more on the side of the NFL as far as advertising for guns is concerned. Also, the article is trying to make the point that the commercial is obviously an ad for guns — not other things sold by Daniel Defense. No problem with the 2nd Amendment here, dude.

  • GulfPundit

    “…this ad is explicitly selling guns, which were responsible for 19,392 deaths in 2010.”

    Oh no! But NFL policy does allow automobile ads, even though they’re responsible for 30k+ deaths per year. And don’t even get me started on the NFL’s promotion of alcohol, which is claims hundreds of thousand s of lives every year. No, even an implied ad for a constitutionally protected activity is toxic on its face.

    No Jake, you’re not un-American. You’re a damn fool for accepting the NFL’s nonsensical anti-gun policy in the first place, and then acting like some hysterical scold looking for the end of civilization in a dumb commercial.

  • Your mom

    *to reiterate GulfPundit’s argument* How many deaths were caused by alcohol consumption in 2010 (which the NFL ubiquitously advertises)? “Totally different issue,” you say? If so, perhaps you are more concerned with how people die, rather than whether they die.

    Jake, are you a supporter of law enforcement using lethal force, but no one else? If so, why is it okay for them to shed blood, but not a citizen defending his or her family? Either way, lethal force is used, so in that scenario, are you concerned about the loss of life, or merely who is taking that life? If one is concerned about the loss of life by a person who is committing a violent act, then one should also be against law enforcement using lethal force.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Daniel Defense: An American company hiring American workers making American products for hard working Americans.

    Wal-Mart: An American company hiring Chinese workers making sub par Chinese products for hard working or not so hard working Americans.


  • Jake O’Donnell

    Great. Glad you hope I get attacked by criminals. Merry Christmas to you too!

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Automobiles = transportation

    Guns = weapons

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Alcohol = drinks

    Guns = weapons

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Can lazy Americans buy AR-15s from Daniel Defense? Because I’m interested — I just don’t want to get up off my couch…

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    By the way… those 19,392 deaths weren’t killed by guns. No gun ever jump off of a shelf and wilfully aimed itself at someone. It was a human being who did that.

    Why don’t you look into seeing how many of these firearms were legally owned or used illegally by thugs who never filled out background check paperwork? I’m certain you won’t do that because it doesn’t fit into your marxist narrative, does it?

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    I’ll bring popcorn and watch.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    In my house, the NFL is as done as last week’s turkey. I didn’t watch last year’s super bowl and I’ll doubt I’ll watch this years.

    When you put politics ahead of entertainment, you loose. Just look at Hollywood and their pathetic earnings.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    I was attacked by armed criminals in “gun-free Chicago,” you know, that lovely place where only the bad guys are allowed to have guns. I no longer live in Chicago, here in Chattanooga, you know, the real America, we don’t even need a license to carry a gun openly. That’s what freedom looks like. Learn to love it or move to Sweden.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Cars can be used as weapons.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Your hands equal weapons, let’s ban them.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    We’re called FREE Americans. The only lazy people I see are the liberal welfare queens living of food stamps.

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Ya, and guns can be used as transportation…

  • Jake O’Donnell

    No nuclear weapon ever jumped out of a missile silo and blew up a city, but we don’t allow those

  • Patrick

    This ad isn’t selling guns. I can buy a gun from a lot of different stores. All it is selling is the company, which doesn’t violate the NFL’s rules. It also meets the exemption criteria, so there isn’t a good reason for the NFL to deny it. They sell items other than guns, and make no mention of specifically advertising their firearms. All the advertisement mentions is the company, Daniel Defense, which does not infringe on the NFL’s rules.
    Also, sure beer is a drink, but its not a normal drink. It has depressive actions on the brain. It throws out logical thinking, and makes a person impulsive. I don’t know about you, but thats more dangerous than a gun to me.
    Guns also require a person to pull the trigger, so if you’d let me know how they killed 19k people on their own, that would be appreciated.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Yeah… We just send John Kerry to Geneva Switzerland and pretty much give the Iranians the green light to build nukes. But, hey… that’s not part of “the narrative” either, is it?

  • Patrick

    The U.S. still has nukes. We don’t allow other people to have nukes.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Sure, Jake. This still is America for the time being. You can be lazy growing roots into your couch AND own a firearm. Or you can choose to be a responsible, energetic, and intelligent individual who owns a firearm.

    But I see you’re going with this and it’s showing more about your mindset than anything else. The funny thing is, you’re proud of that.

    Enjoy those redeeming Dorito commercials, Jake.



  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Irresponsible behavior + Alcohol = DUI/fatal car accidents/trip to the hospial/jail time.

    Irresponsible behavior + firearms = felony charges/arrest/jail time.

    Irresponsible behavior + fast cars = Dead movie stars/trip to the hospital/ higher insurance premiums/jail time.

    Are you seeing a pattern here, Jake?

  • Mike

    You wrote: “It doesn’t matter what your logo is or what you don’t picture in your commercial — this ad is explicitly selling guns, which were responsible for 19,392 deaths in 2010.”

    Based on this logic, no car commercials are allowed, since cars killed 34,080 people in 2012. Nor alochol, since that averages 80,000 deaths a year.

    If they have a policy of no guns, fine. But don’t trump it up with one-sided stupidity.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    What’s with the “Last Boyscout” clip, Jake?

    How does that image have anything to do with Daniel Defense?

    Does Warner Brothers studios know you’re using it without credit?

    What would Daniel Defense think about being linked to that image on a news site/blog?

    I guess we’ll have to see.

    Snag-it is such a wonderful tool.

    Have a great day, Jake.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Here gun hater, while you were bitching about guns, a jewelry owner stopped robbers from robbing him. This was reported 16 minutes ago. Yeah, I’m newsjacking, so what?

  • DavidK

    Whoooa, Jake! No gun can be held responsible for any deaths, any more than a car or a missile can! It’s the bad guy you need to be careful of, and defend yourself against. Keep the weapons out of the hands of the bad guys, and let the good guys defend themselves to the hilt

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Damn! I’ll have to revise my Christmas wish list now.

  • Jake Douche

    I love how Jake tries to use nonsensical humor in his responses to distract away from his lack of common sense.

  • Jake Douche

    Jake = “Guns = Weapons”

  • Anonymous


  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    They’re the equivalent of meat blog run by PETA. Guns are part of the sports world, marksmanship competitions are featured in the Olympics, even the reality show Top Shot is quite popular. You’d think Sports Grid would understand that, but instead, they hire Jake the Liberal to write about sports. What a waste.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    That’s what I should have said. Well done. Jake probably lives in New York where only Bloomberg and his 17 gang of gun-tootin’ bodyguards are allowed to pack heat.

  • matthew

    According to the CDC, there are 80,000 deaths per year that can be attributed to alcohol. Are you, Jake, going to call for a ban on the NFL advertising alcohol? How many deaths have happened this year inside and around sports venues this year? How many were attributed to alcohol? I personally witnessed, from 6 seats away, as a drunk fan fell to his death in the Georgia Dome last year at the Tennessee/NC State game. The NFL (and other leagues) gladly allow their fans to drink to excess at their events. I’d love to see a statistic on the rate of DUIs immediately following a game in the host city.
    Nah, you’d rather just get upset that a company would have the audacity to advertise home defense. Yep, that makes sense.

  • Matthew Disher

    Really? Terrifying? Good try on your BS media bias attempt SportsGrid. Guess I can’t read your apparently inflated and falsely dramatized garbage anymore.

  • Matthew Disher

    Gregory, you can’t reason with them. NO.MATTER.WHAT. If they haven’t been a victim of it or exposed to it, they don’t understand why they may need the means of protection, they will never get it no matter what you say.

  • Matthew Disher

    I use mine for target practice, and (hopefully never, self defense). And plenty of people use their cars as weapons too.

  • Matthew Disher

    Not a valid argument. This is known as a logical fallicy. You are comparing apples to oranges.
    Guns were designed to hunt (gather food), to compete in target shooting, and to defend/fight, among other things. You have an adversity to guns because you think they are strictly designed/used for what you interpret as “bad”. Thus you associate anyone who wishes to keep and maintain a gun as “bad”, therefore you will disagree with their argument to keep said gun, no matter what. I would venture to say that most of your disagreement is fueled by learned media bias (such as this article), falsified or exaggerated media information about violence, or a lack of fully understanding the difference between a law abiding citizen who does good, and a criminal who does bad.

    Most shootings and violent use of guns are NOT justified self defense or by legal gun owners. MOST are over drugs and gang related activity.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Yeah this is kinda rude.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Well, Jake is rude to our 2nd Amendment.

  • Chris Borgman

    Sports Grid = Pussies

  • Anonymous

    I guess, along with the NFL, I will have to quit my infrequent visits to Sportsgrid. Sorry, it has been fun. But our rights will not be infringed by either of you. And I would be there are ten times the number of deaths by alcohol related car crashes. #Thinkaboutit

  • bbbb

    Yes good point, and when you read new york gubbbbn laws, you find that while they are strict, their strictness is largely based on licensure fees. If you have 10000 dollars to spend in new york and can demonstrate a need then you to can legally carry a gun in new york. This often involves a rich person with political influence buying a license for someone to defend them…

  • Jake Douche

    I approve of this message.

  • A. Nonymous

    Do you think the NFL will allow ads for movies and video games that heavily promote violence, mayhem and murder?

    Most of what Daniel Defense sells is related to AR-style rifles. That’s their specialty.

    Of the 12,664 murders commited in the U.S. in 2011 (the number was 12,996 in 2010, according to the FBI), 8583 were committed with firearms. Of those, 679 were attribued to “long guns”… 323 to rifles, 356 to the shotguns that Joe Biden has encouraged us all to buy and use. What the FBI crime statistics don’t show is the estimated 2 million or more crimes averted, including lives saved each year through the defensive and lawful use of firearms.

    In fact, of those 12,644 murders in 2011, 1694 were attributed to knives and other cutting instruments and another 724 to hands, fists, feet, tripping, pushing, etc. Will the NFL be declining ads showing people using sharp implements or their hands or their feet? Will NFL players be banned from using their hands, feet, from shoving or tripping on the field? In 2011 “other weapons” that were used to commit 1659 murders would include automobiles (not to mention another 32,367 fatalities in motor vehicle accidents that year alone). Will the NFL be declining to air car ads? Finally, in 2011 the CDC reported 25,692 alcohol-related deaths (liver disease and other illness), not including accidents and homicide. Will there be any beer and alcoholic beverages advertised during the Super Bowl?

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    True, yet even John Stossel, who is a celebrity and is far from poor, had to wait 9 months to get his gun. I was a red tape ordeal, his mistake was not being friends with a politician. Watch the video, a real eye opener.

  • joe

    I hope you intend to rip the NFL for putting up beer commercials too since alcohol is estimated to kill around 75k americans a year, or roughly 4 times as many as guns.

  • Wally

    And what if the good guys become the bad guys? We all know and the Bible does teach us, power corrupts.

  • Smithers Greggory

    Why do you own a gun? To defend myself. Oh, okay. From what? Well, from the people who want to attack me with their gun. Why did they get their gun? They wanted to defend themselves. From what? The people that want to attack them with their gun. Why did they get their gun? They wanted to defend themselves. From what? The people that want to attack them with their gun.

  • Real American

    It makes me feel warm and fuzzy reading these comments. I am so proud of my fellow 2nd amendment supporters here who speak the truth. I hope this douchebag gets sued and loses his job. He deserves it for twisting the truth and spewing the lies of the far left IDIOTS… Oh, by the way Jakeoff, no matter what you or your political party wish, REAL americans like these folks will NEVER relinquish their guns, no matter what draconian unconstitutional “laws” the members of your party try to impose. UP YOURS!

  • Anonymous

    “…guns, which were responsible for 19,392 deaths in 2010.”
    According to the CDC, Alcohol was responsible for 51,910 deaths in 2010, but the NFL has no problems plastering up those sponsorships and ads every two to five minutes, do they?

  • Lil’ Lady with big gun

    Noooo, I don’t think so. It goes like this: Why do you own a gun? 1st and foremost, because that is a constitutional freedom that every American has, so I choose to own many. I pray it never happens, but if I have to defend myself from anyone who might want to attack me, rob me, rape me, etc., I will be glad I have that freedom. The 2nd is the great equalizer, it matters not how mean, nasty, thug or gangsta you are.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Grow the hell up and grow some thicker skin, crybaby.

  • Anonymous

    You are one stupid human being.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what I like best about your stupid, gun fetishist blog:

    “Join 3 other subscribers”

  • Anonymous

    Holy sh*t. You can’t be serious.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Statistics you’ll never hear Bob Costas or Jake O’Donnell utter.

    - Thanks for posting, Nonymous -

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Where do the drug dealers and gangs fit into your equation?

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    That’s probably the best comment in this forum.

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Molon Labe.

    Morte ad tyrannos.

  • E Pluribus Chaos


    Where are you? Did you run away with you tail between your legs?

    Just wanted to give you an update. Daniel Defense was really interested in those screen grabs I sent them. Please let us know how that goes. Haven’t heard back from Warner Bros yet. It’s a big organization but the nice lady gave me the contact info to their copy right infringement/ piracy division. I’ll let you know when back from them tomorrow.

    Have a good evening, Jake.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Aw, that’s how liberals debate, with one word just like grunting little monkeys.

  • DaveMed


  • Sean Christner

    This is my first time and now my last time on this website. This article is so blatantly anti-2nd amendment. I have never heard of someone being killed by an irresponsible gun. An irresponsible gun owner, yes. The NFL airs tons of alcohol commercials, what about all the people who are killed by drunk drivers? Why don’t you blame the alcohol or the car for those killings? Or does logic evade the things you don’t like? Or is it just that the NFL can’t show commercials that you, alone, don’t agree with? Do us all a favor, educate yourself, both about the Constitution and guns before you open your mouth again and make yourself look like a fool.

  • Sean Christner

    Funny, I’ve fired thousands of rounds from my guns and yet, never used them to kill a single human being.

  • http://www.massmurdermedia.tv/ MASSMURDERMEDIA

    so the NFL finds it offensive that a man would want to defend his family, but they’re totally cool with half-naked cheerleaders slobbering over their official beer and truck sponsors at events that often feature military pageantry and flyovers… each week they send stadiums full of drunkards home in their official cars having consumed mass quantities of their official beverages… if they make it home alive they can play an official violent video game…

  • Lee

    This is one of the most parochial and prepubescent opinions I’ve read. What an ill informed navel-gazer…who if someone was about to forcefully rape his daughter and he could stop it if he had a gun would wish he did. A sad giggler, this guy.

  • Marcus

    SO you people actually think that Daniel Defense
    could pay the 2-7 million dollars it would cost to run a 1 minute ad
    during the super bowl. Riiiaaaggghhhtt…….

  • http://www.massmurdermedia.tv/ MASSMURDERMEDIA

    based on their revenue it is rather steep, but i’m not privy to their books so who’s to say it’s not doable?… you?… right…

  • Lee

    This is one of the most parochial and prepubescent opinions I’ve read. What an ill informed navel-gazer…who if someone was about to forcefully rape his daughter and he could stop it if he had a gun would wish he did. Sad.

  • Wyatt Atterbury

    Actually this is more a sound argument against advertising alcohol (which honestly should happen) than for promoting gun ownership (which I approve of, but we should move to Iceland’s model).

  • T-Biskit

    I just wish you guys would debate the 2nd amendment on its merits and quit turning it into liberal vs. conservative. I’m a Libertarian, politically speaking, which means that most of you will label me as a liberal. I don’t get offended by this, just understand that I am also a gun owner. I actually own a Daniel Defense DDM4 V1, among others. I try to stand with conservatives on gun issues, but it’s hard to do this when you guys are always going off issue to attack those with different views. I like this commercial, but Daniel Defense is definitely selling guns here. If the NFL has a policy against that, that’s their business. If they want to appear to care about people then they should start by protecting the players that generate all that cash flow. Families of former players who died or are disabled because of this violent sport could use a little compassion from the NFL also. The NFL also needs to think about their lifelong association with alcohol dealers. Alcohol kills way more people than guns. It destroys lives, families, and careers even when it doesn’t kill. I don’t know why alcohol is so accepted while guns are vilified. I think it probably has to do with the poisonous dialogue. Just cut it out and let the 2nd amendment speak for itself. The NRA doesn’t speak for me, and I’m not a member because I don’t agree with the current tone and leadership of that organization. I love shooting guns, and I enjoy watching a good football game. If one of those changes in the future, I guarantee it won’t be the guns.

  • Jon Combs

    Most of you people don’t realize nobody wants to take a law abiding citizens guns away. There is just no reason to glamorize them. And this whole story is fake anyway to promote this idiots website(free of charge…) and you guys are falling for it(happens every year). Nobody is telling any law abiding citizen what they can do to protect their family. Nor are they declaring a war on christmas. Nor are they having death panels. Do any of you read?

  • Jon Combs

    Sad a persons lifes goal and objective has become just being obsessed with guns like Gregorys. When you start your profile to describe yourself with ‘gun owner”…you have a problem.

  • dave

    oh no jake! its a guy who loves and wants to protect his family!! thats so offensive because guns are illegal in america?! only wholesome commercials with drunks and half dressed women are allowed along with violent shoot em up video games…….

    btw, just about every nfl player and owners and coaches, etc. etc. etc. OWN GUNS

  • commonsense

    Have you ever seen the mega wealthy who own the football teams….all surrounded by their mega wealthy private planes and their ultra rich communities all equipped with the best security….
    Just because they have money doesn’t mean they have brains or care about anyone but themselves.

    The players are just their mindless puppet money-making machines they are using to try to destroy our rights to protect ourselves. When you are sitting; watching the NFL: ‘National Felons League’ Just remember it is your sisters, your mothers, your wives, and your girlfriends they are trying to leave defenseless in their homes and in their cars who don’t stand a chance in hand to hand combat against a man.

  • Ted

    Being responsible for yourself and your family is reality. Debating the effects of shoetring legnth on an athletes performance is useless bs. Stick to your made-up stats and don’t comment on what you clearly don’t understand.

  • Ted

    Shoestring length

  • Joe Spennato

    hey author if you dont like the 2nd amendment, dont buy a gun. Or just go to China, where private gun ownership is banned. marxist douche

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Yeah, and guns can be used to hunt, vehicles can’t – what’s your point? It is the person who is wielding the object that decides what its use will be. Guns can be used a lot of different ways just as vehicles can. America was founded on the individuals rights, far be it for me to decide that you can no longer drive your vehicle to work because a couple bad apples get behind the wheel drunk, or go on a rampage mowing down a mass of people with it. It annoys me that others, such as yourself, think they can step on the right of other Americans with logic like this. If you don’t like gun laws here then move to the authoritarian regime of China or the “elective” dictatorship of the United Kingdom, or maybe North Korea will better suit you. Nah, I didn’t think so.

  • http://www.massmurdermedia.tv/ MASSMURDERMEDIA

    protecting your family is glamorous?…

    you have senator feinstein saying to mr and mrs america “turn them all in” and if she could have gotten 51 votes for an outright ban picking up every so called assault rifle she would have done it…

    do any of us read?… evidently you don’t, because in new york they’ve enacted laws limiting magazines to 7 rounds, including those for home defense, an outright ban on magazines holding over 10 rounds, and a requirement to register (yet again) your gun in order to keep you from being publicly identified… perhaps you’d be more comfortable in a society where only the police, military and criminals have firearms…

  • Brian the redneck beer snob

    I won’t even begin to argue that the intent of the ad isn’t to sell firearms. It is. However, why does the NFL have an issue with them? Is it because of those all those poor people who’s death were the responsibility of a firearm (not the weapon USING the firearm)? If that is their stance, then why do they allow so many beer and other alcohol commercials? According to the CDC for that same year (2010) as the author quotes firearms were responsible for 19,392 deaths, the number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 25,692. That doesn’t include things like drunk driving deaths either… so which one is more dangerous? Yea, the one the NFL allows ALL OVER their stadiums, and has no problem taking their money to display their ad’s during the Superbowl.

    Personally, I don’t blame the firearm or the alcohol for any of those death’s. The responsibility lies SOLELY on the humans that are holding either the firearm or the bottle.

  • Malchik

    The NFL has become nothing more than a political propaganda tool just like the gladiatorial games of Ancient Rome. Sad to see our society reverting back to its barbaric past!

  • Justsomeguy

    I’d say they did an excellent job of marketing their product. Lots of people are talking about them and it cost little or nothing to generate the conversation. The ad likely wouldn’t have done as well. As for the NFL, others may be concerned about their opinion, but I’m certainly not.

    I’m glad people are talking about a company that makes a good high quality product.


  • Eduardo Blanco

    It’s bigger than guns, it’s rights. I want to have the same rights my government enjoys. What’s so hard to understand about that?

  • Eduardo Blanco

    I use my gun to punch holes in paper. Does that make it a hole punch?

  • Eduardo Blanco

    HAHA, you know what. My gun hasn’t killed anyone either? Maybe it’s broken?

  • Eduardo Blanco

    Wow, you managed 5 hole letters to make a point. That’s one IQ point per letter. Not bad for a grabber.

  • Eduardo Blanco

    Jakes gone full retard.. You never go full retard…

  • Claire

    Bravo NFL… thank you for standing up against those who make money off the weak minded

  • Claire

    Also… thank you for standing up for the actual second amendment, which does not say that everyone can own any weapon they want. It clearly says as part of a WELL REGULATED militia

  • so what

    Of course the ad is meant to sell guns. What’s so bad about that? It’s a gun ad, dummy! You know, that thing we have every right to own according to the Constitution of the United States? What? It doesn’t fit your commie, anti-family, anti-American agenda? TOO BAD. I support Daniel Defense and their wholesome, all-American commercial. The NFL can go to hell.

  • Carson from Canada

    So Jake, how many people die in drunk driving accidents? What percentage of the ads in the Super Bowl are for alcohol? Your argument lacks moral standing. Also, the rules state that no ads are allowed for firearms companies, with the exception of companies that sell other outdoor items besides firearms and ammunition. So you also lack an informed opinion. How do you answer for you poor argument?

  • anti bullshit man

    dude ur a fuckin idiot people were responsible for those deaths HEY heres a thought list the number of deaths in 2010 that knifes were responsible for or better yet fists or maybe cross reference that data with were those murders took place and do proper data analysis instead of ur biased misinformative crap

  • anti bull shit

    truely honestly ur basing ur views on what u feel rather than wat the facts show… ur like a creationist of the 2nd ammendment

  • anti bull shit

    instead of insulting some one present ur case and defend it… unless ur incapable of doing that in which case insult is probably ur best way to go

  • use ur frontal lobe

    tahts a comlete logical fallacy nuclear weapons kill everyone within an extemely large radius that is in no way similer to owning a gun if a civilian were to use a nuclear weapon everyone INCLUDING them would die that is in no way whatsoever effective at self protection vursus a gun where only the target dies

  • using science and reason

    jake will never be able to throw off his fear of guns as much as a fundamentalist christian would be able to throw off their religion. he has an emotional response to the subject that overrides any facts or rationality he might be presented with

  • BlackNproud

    Jake! You’re a coward punk writer.. shut the F up you slave!!

  • StillBLACKnProud

    You’re a hypocrite just like I thought. I purposely swore on these comments just to prove my theory and you banned my words.. fortunately I was able to take SNAP SHOTS ..duh! You’re the same *slave* that wrote about XBOX kinect banning foul languages??? lol Yeah right moron!!

  • Eduardo Blanco

    Actually the SCOTUS has already re-confirmed that the right to bear arms is and individual right, not dependent on service in a militia.

    See Heller v DC.

  • Allison

    This doesn’t seem to me to be a liberal or conservative issue. The NFL doesn’t allow advertisements for firearms and this ad was clearly just that. It wasn’t an ad advocating the Second Amendment. It was advertisement promoting a business that sales firearms. Ok… well obviously that is against NFL commercial policy. Everything doesn’t have to be about politics and liberals being “anti-Constitution” and “anti-American” (which they aren’t any more than conservatives are “anit-women”).

  • Allison


  • Guy S

    Someone is a little butt hurt because they can’t justify giving everyone guns. The NFL has a policy of not advertising guns, their choice, simple as that. They aren’t some tyrannical government taking your guns, it’s an organization choosing what it wishes to affiliate itself with. Hop off you fucking idiots.

  • BarfORama

    I honestly wonder what the response would be in the family depicted was African-American (Black). No seriously… I truly believe a lot of you would be singing a different song, as would the media. I think this commercial is innocuous, (look the word up libtards), look at the commercial of the woman shampooing her hair and having an orgasm, or the one of the almost naked chick eating a burger like it’s a sex act… on afternoon TV when kids are watching. How many times have we seen an ad for Viagra during a baseball game? And some libtard is worried about ‘this’ commercial? Let’s put a minority family in the commercial and see what happens. I’m just giving this a different slant. Take the gun out at the end and put in the American Flag. See if anyone salutes.

  • John

    I would take a guess that you and I have very different political views, but you are spot on with this. They saved a boatload of money and probably reached far more sheeple than if they had just aired it during the NFL. I am also a sheep and that is why I saw this story :/

  • E Pluribus Chaos

    It’s hard to reply to a comment from a person who’s not addressing the point of my comment. What’s your point other than demonstrating that your comments make you sound like an incoherent blathering idiot… or an owebama voter

  • Anonymous

    Society is in decline. we must not fight it but hasten it along.
    There is no reasoning with either side.
    Compromise is defeat. When you compromise you must reduce your moral standards to do so. Every time you compromise you do nothing but take one step closer to the devil himself.

    Until Darwin’s Theory is restored the decline of civilization will continue….
    All hail the coming chaos, for out of chaos will come order…
    Remember this, “I am a free man, your rights are not greater than mine nor mine greater than yours. I have no right to demand anything of you nor you of me. I have granted you no right to take what I have worked to produce.”

    All men are created equal does not mean they will remain equal forever, their choices will decide their fate.
    Remember whenever you hear that the income disparity is a problem, income redistribution is the next step.
    When the minimum wage is raised you have lowered the value of what I have sacrificed so hard to achieve.
    The problem is not me, When you cannot raise a family on what you make you can only look inside of yourself and ask,”Why did I produce a family that I can not afford to take care of?” “Why am I working at a minimum wage job in the middle of my life? What did I NOT do in school when others were struggling to learn?” You are where you are because of the choices you have made. “You are a single parent because you were not willing to put the effort into a relationship that your parents were.”

    Now that we have seen that the LAW does NOT apply to those that govern us, let us remember that the LAW no longer applies to those who are governed either….
    We are closer now to a revolution than ever before in history.
    All hail the coming chaos, for out of chaos will come order…….

  • Former Sports Grid Fan

    I watched the opening of the last Ravens game and during the opening ceremony, they paraded a bunch of kids onto the field promoting the play 60 program to stand behind the singer for the national anthem. The kids stood there like morons smiling away like they had no idea why they were standing there.
    Couldn’t someone have at least coached the kids on proper etiquette during the anthem.
    Only one smart little boy stood there with his hand over his heart…….. it was actually sad to watch something televised on national tv showing how illiterate our children have become….
    But no worries, the NFL is getting them to play 60 minutes a day!!!!

    That is what happens when you don’t teach respect and honor in schools anymore.
    Like the last guy said, eventually out of chaos will come order……

  • chicken little

    I need to check out a Daniel Defense catalog.

  • wrapture

    Your chain’s being yanked, fellas.

    Daniel Defense had no intent to ever see this ad hit
    SuperBowl airtime. Run the numbers. Their total yearly revenues were 28
    million, but they made a ONE MINUTE long ad and they’re going to buy
    airtime that costs 3.5 million per 30 SECONDS? As if they’re going to
    spend one-fourth of their total revenues (not profit, mind you –
    revenues!) on this ad. Not a chance.

    These guys just know how to sucker a gullible audience into running a viral video campaign for them. Works every time with this gang.

  • Mitch Wanner

    Do you not get the concept of “No guns” policy? And ooooohhhh, I must be a downright waste too because I hadn’t the damnedest clue the commercial was specifically representative of the sports world. Come on guy, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one. What’s stopping you gun nuts from airing the commercial on Jerry Springer or whatever shit you watch? I’m all about citizens rights and being able to own a firearm. I own several. I respect those rights that many men greater than I have fought and died for. The thing is though, I just can’t wrap my head around how much conservatives like you, whine when you’re told no when specific rules are already set in the NFL . Arm yourself, go for it! Just stop being fuck boys. I watch the game to see some football like a normal person. You should settle down and step off that gun praisin, Obama hatin, pedestal you’re on and try too.

  • http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/ Gregory Smith

    Sure, my father also understands the concept of “No Blacks, No Jews, No Dogs,” but he didn’t approve of it and neither do I. I’m a libertarian, by the way, but I understand you confusing me with conservatives since our views on the 2nd Amendment are identical.

    Here’s how freedom works. When you liberals didn’t want Dr. Laura on TV, you created StopDrLaura.com, made a lot of noise, and won.

    When the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks offended patriotic Americans, we made noise, and got those bitches out of country music.

    Freedom doesn’t mean you speak, I shut up. It doesn’t mean “freedom from consequences.”

    Look, the NFL has a choice, they can respect us or they can insult us. If they choose to insult us by rejecting a harmless ad from a gun company while allowing all kinds of filthy ads from others, then we’re gonna choose to react.

    Either way, why are you bitching at me? How am I hurting you? The NFL needs to remove head from ass, being anti-gun is bad for business, we’re not slaves of the NFL, they either do what we want or maybe we won’t watch football.

  • podcast13

    This lays it out better with some stats. http://youtu.be/A3RfMgwlZ9c

  • Correcting liberals

    Alcohol kills more people each year in america than guns. So Why don’t we ban the beer commercials?

  • Anonymous

    They din’t have a problem running Bloomberg’s anti-gun ads during the Superbowl that past two years. They run ads for automobile manufacturers and cars kill more people than guns. Ads for alcoholic beverages are fine, too. Jake O’Donnel, your logic is just ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    If you believe in further restriction of the kinds of weapons one can own for personal defense beyond those set by the National Firearms Act, that’s your right. However, you have misrepresented the facts by claiming Daniel Defense is “selling pink pro-automatic weapon ladies apparel.” The rifle depicted is an AR-15 which is SEMI automatic rifle. Semi automatic weapons fire once per pull of the trigger, many pistols, revolvers, and shotguns also do this. Rifles, including AR-15s, are used in muders 18 times less often than handguns. In recent years, rifles have killed slightly less people than shotguns according to FBI Homicide Data. Again, these are statistics for all rifles, not just AR-15s.

  • Danny Schmidgall

    How many IQ points are needed to understand the difference between whole and hole?

  • Danny Schmidgall

    Aren’t pro-gun people typically pro-freedom people? The NFL is free to accept or reject whatever ads they want. How is that a bad thing? Don’t like it, don’t watch the NFL.

  • Eduardo Blanco

    HAH, I deserved that.

  • Justin

    I wish I could up vote you more than once…

  • Anonymous

    Funny because I’ve been to multiple NFL football games, been “patted down” and ” wanded” and I’ve carried in every game I’ve attended. I guess they need to better educate their security on how to detect weapons. I am licensed to carry so all they can do is ask me to leave and come back without a weapon.

    Also, if they are so against weapons, similar to Britain, then why do they have armed police officers in the stadium? IF they had proper security at the gates, then they wouldn’t require armed security INSIDE the stadium. What is a police officer going to do anyway? He can’t start firing inside a crowded stadium. It would be better to have more tasers than it would to have real firearms.

    Until they give up their guns, and criminals give them up, then I will ungladly (but willingly) give mine up :) Still enjoy the sport and the range so I’d have to find another hobby that is produced and manufactured in America.:) All these computers, chips, towers, cell phones etc are all produced overseas and shipped here.

  • Anonymous

    So because you love guns the nfl has to they must show any ad you wish them too what about there constitutional rights to air what they choose and send any message out that they want..You guys fall back on the second amendment for everything its a ad there not taking your guns away it has no bearing on the second amendment.I’m a gun owner and could give a rats ass what the nfl choose to air or not its a football game.

  • Guest

    Its an ad its a football game no bearing at all on the second amendment.I read a headline that says liberals are in an uproar get ad banned.I’m not liberal but the only people upset are conservatives bitching that they must show this.I’m not liberal and own guns,also for gun rights but you guys take things to far its a ad for a company that has no say on if they ban guns nation wide or not calm down.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not liberal but seen a headline that says liberal upset get ad banned but its my conservative brothers making a fool claiming second amendment rights on a ad.This is a football game and a ad the nfl can’t ban guns nation wide and can choose to run any ad they want.I own guns and for gun right’s I also love football but could give a rats ass what they choose to run it has no bearing on anything.

  • Justin

    libs coveniently leave out the parts of the truth that suit them:

    The NFL’s official guidelines for submitting an advertisement reads, “Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunitions (e.g. outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

  • Justin

    That has nothing to do with the argument. The gun owners of the US do not deserve the prejudicial emotions of the left. it’s like racism really. i, as a law abiding citizen with no record, should not have prior restraint to my choice to own guns. neither should my way of life be forced into the shadows. what if pro-gay ads got banned? there would be an uproar. dont start with “but, but, but people die from guns” yea, and cars kill more people each year than guns. “but they’re for a legal purpose: transportation.” yea, and i can legally defend myself in my home. but u libs are slick too. if i kill an intruder who is crazy and wants to kill my child, the news will tout the headline the next day: MAN KILLED BY GUN and it gets added to the statistic of thousands killed by guns that is used to scare the unknowing public into voting more gun control laws. you deceitful sons of bitches make me sick

  • Jamey Bantner

    Why is this zeta male trying to write a sports blog?

  • Happy Anvil Studio

    Thanks for this. I have found, sadly, that this applies to too many bloggers/posters of all pursuasions. They are too fraking lazy to research source back to the source and/or they misrepresent the facts that disagree with their personal agenda. It appalls me that people get paid to write for high profile websites and magazines, and their editors don’t demand more from them. Some people just need to go back to school to learn to research a proper essay.

    Of course, the NFL has the right to refuse to air any commercial they choose to refuse, and in the grand scheme of things, it is still just a football program. I can even understand why they did not want to air it, since there are obviously so many people who feel strongly on both sides of the 2A issue. But regardless of that, I also still believe that it is hypocritical to refuse this and not refuse other content that is arguably more inappropriate for a sports program that is frequently watched by families that include children. So I will also exercise my right to change the channel when an NFL program comes on.

    And the “Terrifying Super Bowl Commercial” part of the headline here borders on the inane. The only people who would find it “terrifying” are those who are trying to suppress the idea of a person’s right to self defense. (Though, on second thought, I suppose there are some people who are terrified of babies…)

  • FreeAmerica

    The NFL sure does not seem to have a problem promoting beer. Alcohol related deaths attribute to more than 2.5 million deaths annually according to you Libtards. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/11/alcohol-related-deaths-_n_821900.html Hypocrites! Looks like I will not be watching the Superbowl this year. I will spend that time cleaning my guns!

  • Dave

    Statistically, the headline is much more likely to be CHILD ACCIDENTALLY KILLS SELF/FRIEND WITH FAMILY GUN. You get maybe one or two windows of opportunity in an entire lifetime for a gun to be used for a valid castle defense situation, and very rarely do the stars align where the potential defensee is home, can quickly assess the threat in the heat of the moment, get their gun out of the properly-secured location they definitely keep it in as a responsible parent, and is able to make a clean threat neutralization.

    Your kids poking around and getting into things they shouldn’t? That’ll be a constantly present threat spanning years upon years.

    I appreciate the spirit of having a gun around for a potential home invasion, but time comes when you’ve gotta play the percentages. I know every gun owner swears they lock it up right 100% of the time and that could NEVER happen to their kids, but… that’s what the folks now missing their kid said beforehand, too.

    I don’t mean to damn the many for the sins of the few, though. Have your guns, just be goddamn sure you’re thorough in your responsibility if kids are around. Don’t take shortcuts with securing them because “Well, what if I gotta get it quick?” That’ll rarely, if ever, come to pass. Your kids getting into trouble, that’ll happen a million times. Act accordingly.

  • Bob

    Guns aren’t responsible for killing 19k people in 2010. No more than spoons are responsible for making you fat. Alcohol is far more dangerous to our society as a whole. From the CDC Facts Sheet Website… “There are approximately 88,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States.”

  • Frank T. Lofaro Jr.

    People just go ahead and carry unlicensed then. And hope they don’t get caught. The criminals sure don’t care, murder + gun possesion charge isn’t really worse than murder by itself.

  • Frank T. Lofaro Jr.

    People just go ahead and carry unlicensed then. And hope they don’t get caught. The criminals sure don’t care, murder + gun possesion charge isn’t really worse than murder by itself.

  • Frank T. Lofaro Jr.

    People just go ahead and carry unlicensed then. And hope they don’t get caught. The criminals sure don’t care, murder + gun possesion charge isn’t really worse than murder by itself.

  • http://www.labikes.blogspot.com Khal Spencer

    That ad is so mild mannered it makes me laugh and the duplicitous double standard is amazing. Compare that ad to some of the TV ads that are run for car companies and accepted by the same NFL that show socially reprehensible conduct. Its not surprising that even more people are killed by automobile in the U.S. than by guns, given that we advertise and promote cars as ego, sexual fantasy, recklessness, but never as transportation.

    Imagine a TV ad about guns along these lines. “Closed range. Simulated small children. Professional shooter. Don’t try this at home.”


  • Ken Wright

    I loved the the Commercial personally. Shame on the Media and the NFL that profits from us gun toting Americans to only push away a commercial that helps people get better defense for their family!

  • Brian

    The NFL. Can go suck one. The hate our first amendment by kicking Hank Williams off the air, and now our second amendment. Americans are stupid for watching the NFL.

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