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A Broncos Linebacker Prematurely Ejaculated Celebrated On A Pick-Six, Dropped The Ball At The One And Turned It Over

The Broncos destroyed the Ravens in the NFL season opener last night, 49-27, but Denver had a very embarrassing moment, even if it ultimately meant nothing. Linebacker Danny Trevathan intercepted a Joe Flacco pass, and pulled a Desean Jackson.

It’s best-consumed in GIF form.

Danny Trevathan Interception

But here’s video, if you’re that type of bro/brah.

And now Danny Trevathan will probably go to the grave, touchdownless in the NFL. Sorry, Danny Trevathan.

h/t Boddenberg

  • Ted Tidwell

    Nothing about the fact Denver beat the crap out of the defending Superbowl Champions, or the fact that Manning tied a record that hasn’t been sniffed since the NFL and AFL merged. Guess you couldn’t find a .gif of Mannings 7 touchdown passes to build your story around.

  • big Steve

    Incoherent headline

  • Anonymous

    “The Broncos destroyed the Ravens in the NFL season opener last night, 49-27,”

  • Lee Tanner

    A dumb ass move always needs to be pointed out–especially when it kept Baltimore in the game instead of knocking them out.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Yeah the game went from 42-17 to, 42-24 with around 6:00 left in the game, because of this fumble. Baltimore was totally in it. I get it, the snark factor is an overriding narrative, schadenfreude of a single moment is easier to encapsulate. Why isn’t anyone talking about Harbaugh’s non challenge of the Welker incompletion? Hell, the Raven’s were up, and it was 3rd and 9, the Ravens would have got the ball back…after that non-challenge the Bronco’s rolled of three straight TDs

  • Seahawk

    That was the narrative in my mind.

  • Ted Tidwell

    In my mind, throwing the flag could have done more for the Raven’s cause than some garbage time touchdown they scored off of some bonehead’s premature celebration. But hey, that guy probably unseated the butt fumble from SC worst of the worst, so, obviously this is a red letter day.. Gotta check out Buzzfeed next…probably a top ten most embarrassing plays in the history of the NFL list going, based on this play.

  • Anonymous

    The point is you finsh the play / play until the whistle blows – period – end of discussion. All this foolishness of the ego tripping in the end zone is secondary.

  • axis

    I am old school from Las Vegas….I have been betting these games for the past 40 years. Frankly I am amazed that Denver, I.E. Peyton Manning was able to maintain their composure and re take control of the game. That was a 14 point swing with plenty of time left for the Ravens to mount a charge and get close enough to at least cover the spread, which I had at 7.5………The line opened at 9 and was bet down to 7 &1/2. That means a lot, and I mean a lot of money went on the Ravens. The smart money (Me) went on Denver and over. I’m sure the bookies got a little nervous for a second when that play happened. Fortunately for Me and the bookies Manning was on fire and never gave the Ravens the chance. Think about it. How many times have you seen it? You’ve got the game locked up and then something stupid happens and you end up losing. Thanks Peyton.

    When the Broncos got the ball back with 2 minutes left I wish Elway would have told Peyton to go out and get another one and lock the record in at Denver with 8 T.D.’s thrown in one game. A record that would stand for a long long time. After all it was Baltimore who got lucky last year and knocked the Broncos out of a run for the Super Bowl. At 49 to 24 with 2 minutes left they had nothing to lose. They could have really humiliated the Ravens. This probably sounds pretty stupid coming out of the mouth of one who bets on these games but every once in a while………..I would have liked to have seen that….I mean, how many opportunities do these guys (Even Peyton Manning) get to throw 7 in one game. Much less 8? Once in a life time if they are lucky. Most Q.B.s in the NFL will never have the chance. I’ll bet my bottom dollar every Bronco fan would have liked to see it too. Football is huge in Denver!


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