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Deadspin: Jets’ Mark Sanchez May Have Had Relationship With 17-Year-Old

According to a post on Deadspin on Friday, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, 24, may or may not have had a relationship with a 17-year old girl. The girl, who was referred to solely as E.K., reportedly sent photos to Deadspin that were taken from Sanchez’s bedroom after she spent the night with him. The extent of the relationship isn’t known at this point; Deadspin merely posted a letter they received from the girl’s lawyer, told its readers that there was more to the story, then told them to wait until Tuesday.

The age of consent in New York is 17, although it’s unclear where the relationship (if there was one) took place.

If, indeed, Sanchez did have a romantic relationship with a girl, it wouldn’t be the first time a famous person has wooed someone much younger. As Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock pointed out, Kobe Bryant met his wife when she was still 17 years old. Of course, Bryant, then 21, met his wife on the set of a video shoot for his rap album, and her mother chaperoned their first date.

The older guys-younger women dynamic also extends beyond the sports world. A 38-year-old Jerry Seinfeld dated 17-year-old Shoshanna Lonstein, a relationship that lasted four years.

Neither of these relationships were sinister, at least from what we can tell, and the details of Sanchez’s relationship (or if there even was one) with “E.K.” are still unclear.

This is not Sanchez’s first female-related controversy, but it will likely be the most publicized. Though many people seem to have forgotten, Sanchez was arrested (but not charged) for sexual assault when he was a 19-year-old backup at USC.

As of now, the lawyer for the young woman who was cited in the Deadspin article has said, “E.K. has not engaged in any improper conduct, has not committed any crime, and has not engaged in any conduct of legitimate concern to the public.”

  • Jrc11890

    E.K is Eliza Kruger..17 year old girl from Greenwich CT, went to the Northfield Mount Herman School before getting kicked out to now attend greenwich high school

  • Anonymous

    One thing we should mention: we’ll be deleting comments speculating on E.K.’s identity.

  • Sportsman34

    Her name’s Eliza Kruger

  • Sportsman34
  • Anonymous

    This, for the record, includes photos, screengrabs, etc.

  • Sportsman34


    I’m curious and mean no disrespect. But why is that not allowed? You’re posting up a story about this yet the alleged evidence (which is hardly anything) can’t be posted? Sounds unfair to me.

  • Anonymous


    The reasoning behind it is that we’re commenting on the Deadspin story, which doesn’t publish her full name. With that in mind, for now we don’t feel it’s our place to engage in (or host) speculation/evidence as to her identity. The story itself if worth talking about, but for us, the story itself and the young woman’s full name/identity are separate issues, and as of now, we don’t feel comfortable putting potential details about the latter out there.

  • Sportsman34


    So then you shouldn’t feel so comfortable tarnishing a young man’s image. You bloggers neglect the fact that this 17 year old was ‘old’ and ‘mature’ enough to send these pictures to Deadspin- which shows if this actually happened she knew exactly what she was doing. You want to report the drama Deadspin is spewing, yet leave out the weak evidence that clears this young man’s name. You want to be fair to the woman how about trying to be fair to the man. Wow. Good journalism has gone to hell.

  • Anonymous

    Re: the accusation that we’re “tarnishing [Sanchez'] image,” I’d direct one to this part of the above post, coming after the author talked about other well-publicized relationships with 17-year-olds:

    “Neither of these relationships were sinister, at least from what we can tell, and the details of Sanchez’s relationship (or if there even was one) with “E.K.” are still unclear.”

    I’d say that’s a pretty even-handed treatment of the whole “relationship with a 17-year-old” idea, and is also why, re: “the weak evidence that clears [Sanchez'] name,” frankly, this story isn’t at a point where his name NEEDS clearing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PTN6IS4C2O3PQSGBPXADXUTG7Y call me stupid

    a 17 yr old in an over 21 bar. just like the teen prostitute who admitted to servicing lawrence taylor, nothing is ever done to the skirt, but the men go down as pigs.

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