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The Broncos Are The Biggest Favorites In NFL History For Their Game Week 6

Peyton Manning

The Denver Broncos, the clear-cut best team in the NFL so far, are hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars, the clear-cut worst team in the NFL so far, two Sundays from now, in Week 6 “action.”

You’d probably guess the Broncos are favored by 1,300 points. You’re wrong!

(via Betonline.ag:)

They’re “only” 27-point favorites. That could change, since this is an early line, but it’s hard to see it going down much. And, no, I’m not betting on the Jaguars. This is tied for the largest recorded spread in NFL history, and it’s probably somewhat similar to what the point spread would be if Alabama played Jacksonville on a neutral field. (The Broncos would be favored by a lot more than 27, at home, over the Crimson Tide.) I doubt it will climb higher than 27.5, but, hey, we’ll see how the market reacts.

What are the odds of Jacksonville winning?

Using this chart and speculating a bit, we can guess that the Broncos moneyline will imply something like a more-than-96% chance of victory for Denver. In an NFL game.

So, yeah, pick Denver in your survivor pools.

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  • Rich

    you have your weeks mixed up.

  • Adam

    This is for Week 6. Thanks for scaring me into thinking I had my survivor pool picks all mixed up. I’m taking STL in Week 5, THEN Denver in Week 6…both against the Jags.

    The 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars…feel the excitement!

  • Anonymous

    yes i do. oops. thanks for noticing!

  • Anonymous

    haha, sorry about that. the rams have got to be the play this week.

  • Dave Forrester

    I hope the Broncos stay healthy. I’m not even a Denver fan. I just want to see what these guys can do in a full season.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Thanks Dave from a Bronco fan. It has been an unbelievable ride so far this season.
    As a broncosgab.com writer I viewed the first game with the Ravens from a suite in Ravens Stadium where I had just drafted a fantasy team in a Crown Royal CBS league for 16 of us sportswriters from across America. As I write about the Broncos it was strange but fitting that I watched them dismantle the SuperBowl champs from their stadium! Great way to kick off the season. Plus having Peyton, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas on my fantasy teams has been a lot of fun too! 17 straight regular season wins and counting. I can’t wait for Sunday to get here each week this season. The anticipation is huge. I can’t wait to see what they can do too!

  • Silvia Arredondo

    This game is just plain wrong and mean. I won’t be able to watch such a bad beat down. Really just unfair. I feel sad for the Jags and I’m not even being sarcastic or rude.

  • Jaron

    i do not think Jacksonville has a chance, and as a bronco fan i hope they don’t, but if they won, someone would get a buttload of money.

  • TruthBeTold

    Cool story bro, but the game was in Denver

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t say they were playing in Baltimore, he said he was in a suite at Raven’s stadium when he was watching the game. Teams often televise away games in the home stadium, especially big, important ones.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Duh. I watched it on tv from Ravens Stadium!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Thanks Shiser. It was really cool to watch the game from the lair of the foe!

  • Guest


  • Brock Osweiler

    What would the line be if Manning didn’t play?

  • Anonymous

    great question.

    usually one player doesn’t impact the line a ton, but obviously Manning’s absence would be HUGE. this is just a guess, but I’d say he’d be worth 7 points absolutely MINIMUM, and probably something closer to 10.5.

    just a guess — Broncos -14.5.

    no offense to you, though, Mr. Osweiler ;)

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