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One Packer Missed His Team’s White House Visit For An Infuriating Reason

Linebacker Desmond Bishop contributed plenty to the Packers’ Super Bowl win last season. He posted 103 regular-season tackles, and added 26 more (plus a sack and forced fumble) during Green Bay’s four postseason triumphs. But when the Packers made the customary-for-champions White House visit today, Bishop wasn’t there with them. The reason? He forgot to bring valid ID. Ouch. For missing out on a potential once-in-a-lifetime chance, though, he took it pretty well:

Just found some extra motivation tweeples. I forgot my id on plane so won’t get access to see @barackobama .. This time! But next year ;)

Tho dissapointed, i ll live vicariously thru my fellow Teammates.. Nap time.. As jack reacher wud say “sleep wen u can..”

Well, that’s the right attitude to have, we guess. If we missed out on one of the main perks of being a champion due to a simple mistake, and then decided we had nothing better to do but sleep while our teammates were all posing for photos at the White House, we’d probably be raging for a while. Of course, as Bishop himself said, that rage might make for some good motivation to win it all again.

As for the players who could make the trip, the president did the usual routine – praised the Packers for their achievement and their community involvement – with a twist. Obama, remember, is a Bears fan, so while he can respect the Packers’ achievement – and that they beat the Bears to get to the Super Bowl – he didn’t necessarily like it. (Also, he requested Aaron Rodgers be traded to the Bears, odd considering we figured Obama’s had just about enough of deals not getting him what he wants.)

One plus side for the president: the publicly-owned Packers gave him some shares in the team. Rodgers, though, is going nowhere. And with a quarterback that good running the show (and players like Bishop on defense, for that matter), the Packers are going to be a major threat to win another title for the foreseeable future. Bishop might get his White House visit yet.


AP photo (Matt Ludtke), via

  • Dennis

    Knowing Dez, he probably doesn’t care that much

  • Anonymous

    Obama says you need a picture ID to see me but not to vote
    for me.   LOL


    Obama’s ACORN roots!   

  • Werlzfans

    This story is just way to stupid to be a news story!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How do ya leave your ID on the plane?

  • vanessa solomon

    seems to me you had enjoyment travel. if this is your first time {not a foot ball blayer) you should have know what was need for you. I am a black woman and you are black. you need to still look at the functions that to keep your rep. you need to change habits.

    things have changed.

    i am with no job for the last 7 months. make a positive infulence all plus me (I am 55 years old)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBE3S464LLUNEO3DXQTIQMPSNY Mark R

    Visiting the White House should be the inalienable right of any American citizen and should not require “papers”.

    Seriously, why is ID required?  The White House is probably one of the most secure locations in the world, and the Secret Service is as fully prepared as any organization can possibly be to handle any disturbance that might occur.  

    Yet a piece of plastic or cardboard with your name on it is what determines whether or not you can enter?  Everybody within 100 feet of the President is being watched by security.  ID papers accomplish *nothing*.

    Come on, Mr. President.  If your predecessor instituted this policy, be progressive and overturn it.  If it was you, shame on you for making your office less accessible to the people whom you serve.

  • Chuck Roast

    So if you be a pro ball player make an exception.  Markee, why don’t you try to see the “The All Powerful-All Knowing -Anointed One” without your Id.  Gives a tweet about it worked out for you. 

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