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Guy Writes Hilarious Letter On Why He’s Quitting Rooting For The Lions, Also Happens To Be An Idiot

I hate criticizing passionate fans for being pissed off when their teams suck. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. But this Detroit Lions fan, while understandably pissed off because he’s a Detroit Lions fan, is a moron. Read his angry letter to the Lions’ front office.

I won’t get into this too much, because the dude probably wrote this immediately after the Lions got embarrassed by the Ravens, in a delirious rage. I presented this to you mainly for comedic value. I’ll cut him slack. But there are many flaws in his attack.

1. You’re quitting being a fan… now?

I never support ceasing to root for your team. But even if I let that go… you’re doing it now? When the Lions have a pretty damn good chance at making the playoffs? In a season where they can go 9-7?

You’ve been a Lions fan for 25 years… and one fairly-bad loss to the defending Super Bowl Champions, on a miracle field goal is what pushes you over the edge?

Really: You talk about enduring the Matt Millen era, yet then you claim to want to quit, now. I don’t understand.

2. Loyalty? What are you talking about?

You talk about how if you underperformed at your job, you’d be fired. Ignoring the obvious inconsistencies in your analogy… who exactly do you want fired or cut? Jim Schwartz will likely be fired if the Lions don’t make the playoffs. He should. If he isn’t, then sure, complain. But what are they supposed to do, fire him in the middle of the playoff hunt?

Do you want to cut Calvin Johnson because he had a bad game? Or Matthew Stafford because he’s had two bad games in a row in an otherwise successful year? Your timing is weird, man. You’re not making sense. Who are you even talking about?

3. You want reimbursement?

I hope this is a joke. You also talked about how great it was being at the Lions first win in 23 games with your daughter. That does sound great. Why do you want your money back, again?

4. I hope you either realize how dumb and unacceptable this is, or the Lions win the Super Bowl, which, by the way, could still happen this year, and then you reailze how dumb you are.

Merry Christmas!


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