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Eagles WR Riley Cooper: ‘I Will Fight Every N****R Here’ [Update: He's Sorry]

Riley Cooper is a wide receiver on the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that has quite a few African-Americans on it. So it probably isn’t smart that he was caught on video dropping an N-bomb at a Kenny Chesney concert.

See for yourself (NSFW):

There is absolutely no context for the video, but you don’t really need any context. Cooper used the most racially insensitive word in the world and there’s no context in which using it would be even remotely acceptable.

It might be a little awkward the next time he walks into the locker room now that this got out.

Photos via Getty Images

[Update: He's really sorry.]

  • Bon

    Yelp I’m back and SportsGrind is wrong again. What’s new?
    Black people need to get over themselves, seriously, if you’re gonna use “nigger” with your friends and in public with each other then don’t get butthurt when somebody else says it. I mean, saying Kraut use to be dorogatory toward Germans, now if you say it you won’t hear any Germans, as I am myself, getting angry or protesting in the streets because somebody says it. What a huge over reaction. If Deshane Jackson said he could beat any “cracker” at a concert nobody would even care… Black people aren’t racist right?

  • Zach Berger

    They don’t use it with their friends in public. They use a variation of it. And even that variation would be offensive for a white person to use to a black person despite not being the same word entirely. I’m not black, so I can’t speak on their behalf. But I’m pretty sure that getting upset over the use of a word that was a derogatory term for slaves is completely warranted. And you telling them to “get over themselves” is almost as insensitive as Cooper was by saying it.

    Also, the website is named SportsGrid.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Anonymous

    I was raised in the deep south and the word was used to describe white people too…It,s meaning was that your lazy no good trash…All the older whites when I was kid called other whites nigger’s too…How it only refers to black folks now adays show’s how foolish it is too let words hurt you…When I was called names my Mother told to tell um back…(.Stick’s and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me)….We got a lot more problems in this old world then sitting around moaning over a word…How about some jobs…lower taxes…We need to bring our kids up in Gods house not Satan’s house…Right now that old devil is rapping cuss words in the music degrading women and taking Gods name in vain..How about anybody that use,s the G WORD and lets cost them there job,,,splatter there name on TV and the Internet..Let them tweet I,m so sorry for taking Gods name in vain 100 times…

  • Jerry

    Boy he really went out on a limb here…how many African Americans go to see Kenny Chesney ??>? The security guard was probably the only one at the concert

  • Jerry

    Trailer trash !!!!

  • JimmyJ

    The reason those white people used that word to refer to other white people is that they were equating being “lazy no good trash” with being black. The word is clearly a bastardization of the Latin/Romance word for “black.” Even the slightest knowledge of the history of your Deep South homeland would tell you that this word comes from a completely racist place. Your pal God doesn’t seem to be very oppressed to me, while African Americans have faced generations trying to dig out of systemic poverty, disadvantage and racism. Your ignorance is truly astonishing. And sad.

  • BON is RIGHT!

    yea man, black people just need to get over this shit. Even though I’m white, I know EXACTLY how black people feel when they are called the N-word. Plus slavery was over like 200 years ago.. Seriously, like just let that shit go??

    I totally agree with BON, black are stupid and need to get over racism. It doesn’t even exist anymore?

  • The Forrest Robber

    I also agree with BON, everyone should be allowed to say nigger. Its black people’s own fault anyways.

    Bon is completely right, they did it to themselves and now they have to accept the consequences. Glad to hear another brother not afraid to speak out for whats right. We still got our own BON, we stick together no matter what.


  • Anonymous

    Ignorance you say…Jimmy your comment of MY PAL GOD is more offensive than the word nigger…The Rapper’s love to talk about cracker’s ,,the sing about there HOE’S and used ever other degrading lyric but your justified some how….The south is completely racist place you say…Then I guss the beating’s of people to death in the north and yelling this is for trayvon is Justice…??…Africa Americans sold there own people into slavery if you take time to educate your self on the subject….In case you have not notice our President is a black man…How can that happen in America if were all racist??…Your taking your talking points from Al Sharpton who gets rich off of yelling race race race every time he does not get he’s way…Your ignorance is sad when you still blame the white race for all your problems…Yet I,m not astonished by your word’s or dislike for my God….Don’t blame me because African American men leave 80 per cent of the African Women a lone at home to raise there kids…Clean up your own back yard.

  • JimmyJ

    Dude, you’re the one who brought god into a debate where the topic was completely irrelevant. I’m done rolling in the mud with you.

  • big d

    So blacks are the only ones that have grown up in poverty? Get over it, if i don’t want my kid to cuss or use drugs, then I shouldn’t cuss or do drugs, especially in front of him. Lead by example.

  • big d

    I guess its OK for Marcus Vick to put a $1000 bounty on riley cooper for any safety to injure him

  • JimmyJ

    Sorry, I must have missed the part where I said that. But it’s fun to knock down those straw men, isn’t it?

  • JimmyJ

    Defending the use of the N-word sure seems like exemplary behaviour to me. You have a lucky kid.

  • wave

    see this is the deal. people true nature come out when their team mates are not around. truth is he is a bigot now the world knows. riley pack your bags buddy. next time if you want to kick every nigger ass thats around keep your face covered

  • Anonymous

    Your average MSNBC kool- Aid drinker….And GOD is not irrelevant….but you are…

  • Wu Tang

    Awesome, need more like him.

  • big d

    Not defending the n word. My point is a lot of aAfrican Americans (not all) throw the n word around very loosely. If tthe n word is so bad and offensive, then just maybe the African Americans that use it pprobably shouldn’t. It’s hypocritical. That’s all I’m saying.

  • vivaelgato

    I’m so glad our schools are doing their job. Most people apparently think that the word “nigger” is a derogatory remark or racial slur, equivalent to “kraut” or “wop”. However, the etymology is a bit more complex than that. The word originated from the Spanish “negro”, which means black. Once the Spanish starting importing African slaves to the Americas, “negro” came to mean “black slave”. Over time, white northern Americans corrupted the pronunciation of the word into “nigger”. However, it still meant “black slave”. In the US specifically, being a black slave meant several things: 1) you were not equal to white men, 2) you were only 3/5ths of a person, 3) you were beholden to white men (i.e., a slave). So, when a white man uses that word, they are essentially calling black people their slave and implying that they are less than human. Additionally, when black people say it to one another, they are implying that the other person is still beholden to the white man and that they need to wake up and realize they are no longer a slave. So, white man saying it to black man, extremely offensive (always). Black man saying it to black man, usually not offensive because they were able to redefine the meaning for themselves and take back a word that is synonymous with years of oppression and forced inferiority.

    So please stop being idiots and read about the facts before you open your idiot mouth about words and concepts which you do not understand. Idiots.

  • Bon

    Come on you live in New York and you’re telling me you’ve never hear the n-word… Don’t joke. Also, have you ever owned a slave? I know I haven’t. Therefore I feel no “white mans quilt” over slavery. It’s time to move on.

  • FinetalPies

    “Even though I’m white, I know EXACTLY how black people feel when they are called the N-word.”

    You’re being sarcastic, right? Cause if not…how and why would a white person know of current racism?

  • FinetalPies

    The president doesn’t need 100% of the vote to win. And just who did you vote for? (Racist)

  • Anonymous

    Get over the race card dud,..,You talking to a brother..One that got off the Plantation and thinks for my self…Got a problem call Rev A..thats your hero..

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