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ESPN Just Hired Tim Tebow. He Will Be On Your Television Next Monday Night. (UPDATE: The Tebow Has Tweeted About It)

Tim Tebow TVAccording to ESPN, ESPN has hired Tim Tebow. They don’t have an NFL football team. They don’t need a quarterback. He was hired as an analyst for their upcoming SEC Network. He makes his debut, next Monday night, for the BCS National Championship game, pitting Florida State against Auburn.

This does not necessarily mean Tim Tebow will never play again in the NFL, but aside from Josh McDaniels getting a head coaching job, it doesn’t look likely.

Sound off in the comments. I’m sure you all have opinions on this man.


Pretty cool. This will be interesting. Until his analysis is incessantly overanalyzed.

  • Lee Tanner

    Skip Bayless just had his fourth orgasm of the day.

  • G. Michael Williams

    LOL, Mr. Tebow, time to wake up.

  • mezeus

    Why doesn’t
    some team convert Tebow to a running back. He is big, strong and had a great running background while winning the National championship for Florida.

  • mezeus

    Your are correct G. Michael Williams Tim is no Micheal Vick. Tim would never, ever, consider torturing defenseless animals to death. And It’s a pretty good vet that Tim will never be a convicted criminal. Or server time in prison.

  • King Pin

    Really don’t understand why nobody doesn’t sign him up as their starting QB. I think its because is so vocal about his religious belief.

  • Nancy

    I love watching this man play football. I have all his jerseys. I feel he too young to quit now. I hope to see he come back

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