Football As Football’s Latest NFL Logos Redesigned As European Soccer Badges

  • Jake O'Donnell

A while back, the sports-internet converged on one small group of designers based in Minneapolis, who set out to re-design every NFL team logo in the style of European club badges from the four major soccer nations: Italy, England, Germany, and Spain. Ambitious, yes. Awesome? Totally. They’ve just released a new batch of 32 (each NFL team, though not necessarily all one country), which means Alec, Bill, Eric, Garrick, Josh, and Nicole are 75% done with their project.

To see their entire collection, you can visit their beautifully designed website here. Hey Roger Goodell — take a break out of your busy day and check out for ideas on how to brand that London NFL franchise you’ve had you’re heart set on.

Below is a slideshow of some of there best work, including a few NBA logos that have been given the same treatment by Serbian graphic artist Milan Vučković (we urge you to visit his site for the full experience).

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