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And Now, A Football Player Wards Off Gay Rumors By Saying He Fathered Kim Kardashian’s Baby

kerry rhodesThis should end well:

Former Jets and Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes has spent way too much time (read: more than 10 seconds) adamantly denying rumors that he is gay. Rhodes sexuality — which should be of interest to exactly zero people outside of Rhodes and whoever he’s sleeping with — was called into question when a former assistant began posting photos and videos of the two “hanging out” together. Also, he was in a Lady Gaga music video as a police officer.

What’s the best way to convince the public that you aren’t gay? How about by starting a rumor that you’re the father of pop culture’s most famous baby (of the moment)? Kim Kardashian just had a daughter with boyfriend/Rex Ryan doppelganger Kanye West, and Rhodes allegedly texted friends that the girl could be his:

“Man this could be my baby!! I was fu**ing her the same time as K.West was lol!!!”

As totally believable as this concept is — Kim does love ball players (but we all know Ray J hit it first) — “friends” of Rhodes spoke to Bossip and painted a different story. They sound like really good “friends.”

“Kerry wants everyone to think he’s straight. He is so desperate that he will drag Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into this drama just so people can associate him with a woman instead of a man. It’s just sad at this point because everyone knows he’s gay…”

His “friends” say that this alleged lie is “sad.” But is it as sad as a man feeling the need to hide his true self from the world? How about if he isn’t gay — is it as sad as a man going to these lengths to “prove” himself? Is it as sad as his alleged jilted lover posting pictures of them online to convince him to own up? It’s hard to say. NOW LET’S ALL GO LISTEN TO “YEEZUS” AND COMPLAIN THAT IT DOESN’T HAVE MORE HOOKS.

Photo via Getty

  • Drac464

    The man could be bi n nobody would put this past Kim

  • Brett Wicks

    “His “friends” say that this alleged lie is “sad.”

    BS, if they were his friends they wouldn’t even be talking. I think Goldschein is a flat out liar (just my opinion). He uses “anonymous sources or “friends” to bolster his article which was clearly written in a state of panic – a deadline due and with absolutely no ideas at all, he chose this ridiculous drivel.

  • hmmmm

    How can whether he is a flat out liar be your “opinion”? He either is or isnt, and that’s a pretty serious charge to level. Based on the fact that he cites another report, I dont know how you came to that conclusion. …Kerry, is that you?

  • Meg Larson

    Ray J did NOT hit that POS first. He was probably number 50-something.

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