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For The Second Day In A Row, Marshawn Lynch Couldn’t Stand To Talk To The Media For Seven Minutes

marshawn lynch

Marshawn Lynch showed up for the Seattle Seahawks media availability session at the team’s hotel today, less than 24 hours after setting the Prudential Center and Twitter alight by not being able to stand speaking to reporters for more than 6 minutes and 21 seconds. He didn’t do much better today, lasting an unofficial time of 6 minutes and 47 seconds before leaving.

Lynch was described as “uncomfortable” throughout the extended session and apparently climbed over some chairs to get away from reporters when he finished getting grilled by teammate Michael Robinson:

Meanwhile, the Pro Football Writers of America released a statement today saying that they were “disappointed” in Marshawn’s lack of availability and that the NFL condoning his actions yesterday were an “affront.” Ugh. As if you’ll get anything substantial out of him if he sits in front of you for six minutes, six hours or six years.

The backlash against Lynch seems to be stronger today than it was yesterday, when his actions seemed cheeky rather than “an affront” to journalism:

(Regarding the last one: Does that sound fun to anybody?)

Lynch has another expected appearance tomorrow. Should be fun!

Photo via @CorkGaines

  • None

    How about you press people leave Lynch alone anyway! He just wants to play the game. That game not being part of your silly antics! He will speak on the field on Sunday.

  • JerseyShoreGiant

    Note to every alleged sports reporter/columnist Marshawn couldn’t care less what any of you think.

  • Steelcity

    Leave beastmode alone. These reporters looking for a story and he wont ablige. Good for him, I wish all the players would do the same thing. The media week is as bad as the pro bowl. Get rid of it and the bye week and play this game a week earlier. Go Hawks!

  • Steelcity

    These reporters are just vultures, if the questions were game related and not TMZ then there may be some substance.

  • Mark Osborn

    The man or Beast obviously has an anxiety problem with being surrounded and grilled by the bottom dwelling vultures we call the media. Why not put them in pads and see if they stay seven minutes on the field trying to tackle him.

  • Steelcity

    Great point my friend!

  • Russell Wilson

    But I don’t want to hear “boring, cliche answers”! If he doesn’t have anything interesting to say then press conferences are a waste of time. How many times do we have to listen to the same answers to the same dumb questions?

  • IdontGetWhatIWantSoILashOut

    You hope he gets fined??? Were are your ethics.

  • Sigh

    Making fun of his vocabulary. Offering condescending advice on how to do your job. Hurling insults.

    Are the media not, with every further action and cowardly tweet, proving exactly why he doesn’t want to talk?

  • hunger

    I think that Marshawn is terrified of public speaking, to the point of affecting him physically, like a phobia, and not secure with his speach and vocabulary.
    Not everyone can play the media game like Wilson or Manning. Fans like the media friendly players, and they also like the strong, quite Beast Mode. Do you media creeps really think players with his personality type should not be in the NFL?!?
    Leave him alone!

  • deywallkr

    Where does it even matter whether he ate breakfast or what time he wiped his ass after taking a shit. The bottom line is he is in the biggest game of his career. How dare you Satan news pushing pieces of shit try to create a issue about him when he’s about to be on the biggest stage in the world on Sunday.

  • EBemis509

    I’m glad these twitter accounts are posted here. I’m sure they’ll be hearing from the 12th man soon lol.

  • Eric

    Probably the same place your grammar is

  • InDiGoDaX

    I wouldn’t be there more than 7 minutes either. These “reporters” never ask more than 2-3 game related questions, they just reword it over and over and over. Once they’ve run out of ways to ask the same questions they start to dig into these players personal lives….WHICH IS NOT UP FOR SCRUTINY, no matter there past or anything they’ve been or are involved in!!!!! If you have a question about the game, ask it!!! If you have a question about anything other than the game than get your A** outta there!!!!! #pressscum

  • King Jesus

    Silence is golden…what is it so important to talk about ?
    Why y’all mad cause lynch won’t sell his soul to the media…?
    So now y’all want to take money from him…

  • Ted Tidwell

    Seattle fan needs to get a clue. Players on both teams for the last 48 Super Bowls have endured media days. I know you guys aren’t used to playing in the big game, but act like your team has been here once or twice, versus making excuses for your socially retarded players.

  • IdontGetWhatIWantSoILashOut

    I am a 12 and I agree with talking but when someone has an obvious phobia of some sort it is inhuman to force it upon him. I believe that everyone has something in their job description that they don’t Handle well.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Maybe his mom should write him a note. He does radio commercials so give me a break with this socially awkward around the media bs.

  • Patriot1

    Marshawn is a good man. The media are slime. The whole media feeding frenzy scene looks like something straight out of The Hunger Games.

  • JC

    Go Lynch! Go Hawks! We Love you Boss!

  • ArodDidIt.

    Bitch, we have been here”ONCE OR TWICE” Fuck face

  • Jo’

    “All of those who have nothing to say, the most enjoyable are those who are silent”

    Lynch is franc, he doesn’t have anything to say, give him a break.
    He express himself on the field, and this is the only that matter ;)

  • Mike

    Good for Lynch. These people are not JOURNALISTS. They are ‘Thugs’ with voice recorders pretending to be journalists.

  • Mike

    wow. if i even think about posting something this bad i get the ‘moderator’ message.

  • Mike

    Darned SF fans still hating. go back to 1995 so you can enjoy your life!

  • hunger

    Reading a script in a sound booth is a lot different than being surrounded by vulture style reporting to someone with anxiety issues. I actually think he is doing fine considering his situation. I don’t need every player to go on for a half hour. It’s nice to have a variety of personalities.

  • stephen keith

    Yea keep it up challenge Marshawn Lynch on his vocabulary call him a Childish Jerk pile it on . But Beware there is and old saying about poking the Bear I am sure that applies to the Beast to. So Piss him off come Sunday he will make you pay. GO BEAST MODE GO SEAHAWKS

  • Ted Tidwell

    This is how myopic seahawk fans are, they think only SF fans think they are a group of bandwagon posers. Don’t remember this bravado when Denver was beating their ass twice a year in the AFC West.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Yeah I remember you lost right?

  • Ted Tidwell

    He usually needs a couple of drinks in him before he invokes his right to remain silent.

  • Swate55

    In disbelief of these media “professionals” calling Marshawn a childish jerk, making fun of his vocabulary. I wouldn’t talk to any of you pathetic vulture reporters either. He’s a respectable guy, this media week is a useless joke and WHO CARES? Bart Hubbach? You don’t matter. Taylor “gingerface”? HA, I don’t have to ask around to know you don’t matter. Let the NFL running back play in the biggest game of his life without you boneheads hassling him with this stupidity. Enough’s enough already. Anyone who matters has your back Marshawn, keep your head down to the media’s ignorance and your head up on the field.

  • Anonymous

    The press is ever vigilant and stupid.

  • tomasshawkfan

    some people just dont like that kind of crap, get over it and let him focus on bringing home a ring !!!

  • Ted Tidwell

    Shit, if he doesn’t want to talk to the media he can write a check.

  • Koudoes

    Same reporters who ask dumb a$$ questions then take answers out of context to make a story

  • memode

    They get paid for doing this…that’s like when people get passed about the police aare sting people….they are cops they get paid to do it.

  • Tristian Shelley

    I wouldn’t want to talk to the media either. The majority of them have never even come close to playing sports even at the college level; nonetheless pro level. Answering their questions serves litte or no purpose. It doesn’t get us closer to them or anything like that. Im a niner fan and the only thing I watched last year on media day that I wanted to was alex Smith’s interview. The rest is/was complete garbage. I can’t stand the media and I support Lynch because he said it yesterday:”Talking hasn’t ever won any games,”and its true. Why did Lynch talk to Deion? Probably cause he played and knows what its like and hes real. Respect the hexk outta Lynch and the seahawks as a team. They gonna shock the world come Sunday

  • Pissed off

    What a little baby. This IS part of his JOB. Don’t wanna talk to reporters, go work at wal mart. Fkn rich people. They want all the credit and limelight but heaven forbid the are told they must answer a few questions. Great role model!

  • SirPharaoh Russ

    I hate u BITCH ASS Reporters. Y’all are really some evil demons i hope you all burn for for harassing this man. If he doesn’t want speak just let the man PLAY FOOTBALL! WTF is so difficult to understand about someone disliking media attention.

  • You Mad Bro Jackson

    I’m not saying BEASTMODE has anxiety or a phobia, what I am saying is if he does…you blood sucks should leave him alone. Has it ever occurred to the NFL big wigs that maybe just maybe before anymore damage is done to see if he does have an anxiety. Anxiety just in case you don’t know :a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. OR IS THIS THE WAY THE NFL IS GOING TO TRY TO THROW THE GAME FOR THE SEAHAWKS. The Hawks have defied all odds and broken multiple records, no other NFC or AFC team has been able to stop team. AND NEITHER WILL YOU!! GO HAWKS!!! IT OUR TIME!!! #SB48

  • You Mad Bro Jackson

    Hey pissed off, do you know what Lynch does with his money? No okay, well go find out. K. Beastmode SEAHAWKS #12

  • Football Fan

    @ Ted maybe you miss Terrell Owens!! !!

  • Ted Tidwell

    Bronco fan dude. Remember that team that crushed the Seahawks twice a year, before Seattle tapped and said please move us to the NFC?

  • Carnage11B

    Speaking of bandwagon looks like only 200 of your fellow bronco fans bothered to show up to watch and show support to the Broncos as they left for the SB I’ll take 30k Seahawk “BANDWAGON” fans over 200 bronco fans any day

  • Ted Tidwell

    Dude Broncos have sold out every game for 50+ years. Our season ticket wait list is 10-15 years, so spare me the 12th man garbage, you guys didn’t invent it. We have been to 6 Superbowls, even have one a couple, so we know what its all about. We celebrate the victory, not the appearance. But hey, hope you took pictures of the Seahawk buses leaving for the airport.

  • Rob

    Leave beastmode alone. The guy don’t like to talk, he’s not trying to make money talking. Is that weird? No. I wish more players were just all about Sunday, less talk more action!

  • Boomer2

    Leave the guy alone! He’s a great player and gives his “ALL” every game . His discomfort talking to the media may be more than simply a bad attitude.

  • Carnage11B

    I see so you only support them when they win? Makes sense :D

  • Dwight Yoder

    Good for Marshawn. We, the 12th Man are behind our guy, and could care less what the media thinks. Like he ssys, “talk never got anything done”. He’ll do his talking on the field.

  • Ted Tidwell

    Dude you have no clue.

  • Carnage11B

    Ted Tidwell: “We celebrate the victory” doesn’t say we celebrate and support our team win or lose it just says we celebrate victory what else am i to assume?

  • Ted Tidwell

    Yeah you guys were the 12th man in spirit until that new stadium was built in 2003. 50 years, win, lose and in shitty outdated stadium we have been here dude. Its easy now man, we’ll see when your franchise is down how great you are as fans. Keep assuming, because frankly you are ignorant to the history of your own franchise.

  • beast mode mute

    Its not like he brings anything to the table in an interview anyway

  • adam

    Why should. He have to take an interview. I would get pretty angry if people kept following me around

  • Curtis Blodgett

    @ Bart Hubbuch ranting about someone on twitter is childish and unprofessional! leave the guy alone if he doesn’t want to talk and just play let him there are plenty of players who would love the attention but you dont even think about them! (Doug Baldwin, Bobby Wagner, Max Unger)

  • You suck

    Journalism is as important and building sandcastle. Not necessary and typically fun for 5 seconds. You people ask stupid questions, as seen with Richard Sherman’s media day. Quit wasting our time and the players’.

  • ike

    Whoaaa are these tweets for real? Bart hubbuch you better watch your mouth cause you don’t wanna get ran over by lynch

  • Marcus Du

    Even if they were game related Lynch wouldn’t say anything. If he does he might give away things Seattle will do.

  • Charli Morgan

    Someone Kindly email, tweet, instatgram, snail mail, or wire Lynch’s agent or Pete Carrol and ask them to do something to help the man out. Think back after Marshawn’s epic run in N.O. he did a video about the experience and talked far more than 7 minutes. (YouTube the video), and Marshawn was talking in the Real Rob report at least in the first episode then inexplicability he clammed up which I believe is due to his agent. His agent needs to get him straight.

  • Matt

    Where are your manners?

  • Matt

    Go broncos

  • Matt

    I hate the media, but the NFL is not trying to throw the game buddy. Stop playing underdog if the seahawks are so good. Good luck on SB #1.

  • Matt

    No clue. Media and the “rights” they have = Insanity.

  • Matt

    WE give players too much money, so its everyone’s fault for paying them so much for OUR entertainment. If I was that good I wouldn’t give the media the light of day.

  • BM24

    I think that’s the exact point the reporter is trying to get across. If Marshawn were to give those shitty canned responses they wouldn’t want to talk to him, meaning no more interviews. I think it was meant to be advice on how to avoid the media while still playing their stupid “game” and avoid getting fined.

  • BM24

    Your grammatical skills need some improvement as well. Ending a sentence with the word “is” is for Yoda.

  • BM24

    Naw, it’s because of something that he would never dare tell the media. I’ll give you a hint…. He’s not low.

  • Dougo’s

    The media fucking sucks, first you thrash Sherman as a thug because he truly speaks his mind then you hang lynch because he dies not wNt to fuck with you superficial, society destroying, shallow, and illumanitta directed assholes.

  • http://voice4america.com/author/markbear#axzz2UlmFeFy1 Dr. Mark Bear

    I can see the tension from both sides of this controversy, if you really want to call it that. First, this isn’t the media’s fault at all. The NFL makes it a requirement as part of a player’s contract to be available to media for interviews, during any given week of play, and I should think the Super Bowl, happens to be one such week!

    Second, I can also understand a guy who simply does not want to be interviewed by media, sort of wanting to be left alone, if you will, but once again: He has a contractual obligation to be available.

    Third, for whatever its worth, as the Pro Football Writer’s Association has stated: THIS is how they make their living! They write stories regarding what these players have to say. This is how they put food on their table, feed their kids, send their kids to college. Simply put: In my estimation, Lynch is disrespecting the manner in which these people, who by the way, the NFL wants to interview their players, earn their respective livings.

    Lynch, I am sure, expects fans to observe and watch his performance in the Super Bowl, and rightfully so. He has earned a place in the most prestigious game of the year. In the end, he very well may not be amenable to interviews, but it comes with the turf. Imagine if every single viewer turned the television off as soon as he became involved in a play. That is precisely analogous to what he has done here. This was a non-story, and would have remained so, had he not made such a big deal about the matter. As stated, I fully understand his being camera shy, but if he really takes issue on this level, he needs to talk to the NFL and tell them of his unwillingness to participate; not the media. Why? He comes across as being like a child, arrogant, and not one to play along with the rest. Each of his team mates ponied up; he should do the same!

  • WhoDat

    He should hang in there for the hour and just say “repeat that” after every question.

  • Bryan Jamieson

    The media are parasites. What a scumbag profession.

  • Anonymous

    hey media……………..he owes you nothing. I’m tired of hearing athletes talk. Let them express them selves on the field.

  • Derek

    Word to the media: fans don’t need you, most players despise you. Interview the players that want to speak to you and stop being little b*tches and annoying the ones that don’t. Nobody can say what they really want to say so all you reporters are making tabloids and fake stuff anyways. Your jobs are meaningless the way they are.

    Maybe if people were allowed to speak their minds and not be judged and ridiculed then you could get something worth writing about from players that want to let their words be heard.

    I love how much lynch’s silence makes you all cry like a 5 year old not getting their way. “Moooommmm marshawn isn’t talking to us!” And then you call HIM childish. Take a poll, see what the fans think about all you pushy media folk. Sorry that lynches job doesn’t provide him with his right to free speech (fined for speaking your mind) or his right to remain silent (signed for not speaking)… Reporters don’t believe in American rights, I guess, they just want players to lie and be fake. Which really makes their jobs complete garbage, worthless, and embarassing.

  • Steven Ketza

    Grillem! More mind games to help out the Broncos!

  • Kraven

    I think that he should bring a book with him and when they ask him a question he does not want to answer hew should just read a paragraph from that book to them

  • Kraven

    Maybe a good book would be that one from South Park The Poop that took a pee.. LOL he can have everybody Barfing.. Now that would be funny!!!

  • Kraven

    They are Not told that they have to answer questions only that they have to show up for media day. Its like I said before just read a book back at them and they will stop asking. Make it the Bible and I am sure that all the liberal ones will stop asking questions.

  • love

    Guess what??? Marshawn gets to do whatever the hell HE wants! YOU do not get to tell him what he should and shouldn’t do. He’s a grown man, and you have no right telling him that he deserves a fine, or needs to talk more! Whjo the F**k do you peol think you are anyway?!! You are not his boss, nor are you his mother or father. The MAN is going to do as he pleases. Just because he doesn’t give you what YOU want to hear, or see, doesn’t give the right to put a label on him. Shut the hell up and go back to work on yourself, while he making millions, “doing his job”!

  • love

    Thank you! I absolutely agree!

  • Bobby Bennett

    This argument is dumb…Media….He doesn’t want to talk to the media, he wants to do his talking on the field..Ok, so go for it. Leave dude alone

  • afdasdgfa

    I don’t see why he cant just answer a few questions, he needs to man up and use his big boy words every once in a while. If they start acting like a bunch of pricks you can just do it how Sherman does in that Dre beats commercial and shut it down. Making such a big deal out of nothing LMAO.

  • wally

    I don’t blame Lynch the Press ask the same Dumb questions over and over like (how did you catch the ball,or were you tired after running the ball 25 times?) and just because He dose not talk to the press they wish that he gets fined; they should get fined for asking Dumb Questions!!

  • Hawksrbad

    Lol Lynch has the mental maturity of a 13 year old, kinda like seahawk fans.

  • P

    Football is football! So what if he doesn’t want to speak to clown ass reporters who will probably twist his words around anyway. Football is played on the field not in front of a microphone. If the guy wants nothing to do with reporters then let him be. I love the reporters that are getting on him now because he doesn’t want to waste his time speaking to any of these irrelevant pricks. He didn’t train and practice his whole life to speak to reporters. Let the man play football. I personally don’t enjoy the sport to watch athletes speak to reporters, I enjoy it because I like the competition. I would try my best to avoid them too!

  • GoHawks!

    Get over it losers! Why not interview the other 105 players?

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